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2003 Xmas letter

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Once again we reach the end of another year, our 7th on the road.  We are both very well and still love our travelling lifestyle.  Surprisingly we are not fed up of the sun and most days still feel like a holiday.  Australia is our favourite all round country and that is why we try to spend 6 months of the year down under.


We ended 2002 at a nudist resort in New South Wales AUSTRALIA where we spent Christmas and New Year before hitting the road again. We continued our journey inland towards Adelaide and struggled a bit when temperatures reached 46C at Lake Bonney. 


In February Mum & John arrived in Adelaide and joined us staying with George & Nicole.  John had health problems but we still managed to show them many sights in our week en route to Melbourne. They both loved Australia and Mum now understands why we return so often.  Bev & Norm hosted us all until they returned.   


In March we flew over to NEW ZEALAND in time for Malcolm & Barbara’s wedding after which we went to Auckland.  Jenny & Ron kindly lent us their motorhome to do some touring giving us chance to catch up with many friends.


April found us in VIETNAM where we had a fantastic month back packing around the southern part of the country.  We found everything very cheap, the accommodation of a high standard and the food very tasty.   


In May we made our way through the Meekong Delta and up the river by boat into CAMBODIA.  Phnom Penh was interesting but the highlight had to be the magnificent jungle temples at Angkor Wat.  We travelled overland to Bangkok   THAILAND then onward to see the Bridge over the River Kwai.  For rest and relaxation we spent time on the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phan Ang. 


Arrived back in ENGLAND in June and having been away for a year we noticed many changes especially in our grandchildren Daniel and Natasha.  We were surprised at the good weather and the way it continued until September.


Bev & Norm our Australian friends arrived at the beginning of July to travel with us in our motorhome.  Auntie Pamela & Uncle Denis had a party for their Golden Wedding Anniversary and it was lovely to meet up with all our relatives again.  We began our Swatour of the British Isles with some lovely walks in Yorkshire before heading up the east coast towards SCOTLAND.  The fantastic weather really showed everything at it’s best and we were all impressed with the scenery in Scotland.  We went as far as Gretna Green and even took a day trip to The Orkneys before returning down the west coast.  With lots of detours we made it back to ENGLAND and were in the Midlands by August. Niece Lauren’s 21st party was another good family get together.  After helping Netty move house Bev & Norm set off for 1 weeks holiday in Malta followed by a few days in London.  Whilst they were away we became Junior Swatours and had our nephew Nick and grandson Daniel with us for almost 2 weeks.  Received the sad news that Auntie Joan in Canada had died. 


At the end of August we managed to get the tenants out of our Keighley house.  They had not paid rent since last November but knew the English law (which favours the tenants) and stretched everything to the limit.  The house was left in a mess but with help from Bev & Norm we completely redecorated and had it looking good in less than a week. 


September and it was on to WALES where we even fitted in a day trip to IRELAND to visit Dublin.  At about this time the weather changed and after 4 days of wind and rain we were all ready for off. 


Arrived in Brisbane AUSTRALIA late September to be reunited with Billy our camper.  We headed quickly north and made it to Cape Tribulation on Cape York before the rainy season started.  The weather was glorious and as usual we were often delayed when visiting friends old and new. 


Throughout October we took 3 cruises – the Great Barrier Reef, Magnetic Island and round the Keppel Islands.  Sadly Mum’s friend John lost his battle against cancer.


November found us house sitting for 2 weeks in a luxury unit on the Sunshine Coast complete with swimming pools, spa and sauna. 


 We should return to England from Melbourne at the end of March.  Prior to that we plan to house sit for friends in Mildura over Christmas and New Year.  We would love to hear all your news and you can write to us there: -c/o Mr G Swinburn.  PO Box 879. Irymple. Victoria 3498. Australia.  Telephone 0061 3 5024 6138.


As always I shall start a new E-mail contact list for 2004 so please let me know if you want to receive brief regular updates of our travels and/or the full blown “Gold Club Membership” diary!


Love and best wishes from

Steve and Glen





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