Posted by: glenswatman | April 11, 2007

200306 England

SUNDAY 1 JUNE 2003  – Our flight takes off on time and it’s a great plane with seatback televisions showing a selection of movies as well as computer games.  We’re given a late night snack bag, which includes biscuits and a Mars Bar so I’m well pleased.  The time flies quickly and at 6am we land at Heathrow airport in ENGLAND.  Connect with a flight to Manchester, which arrives at 11.30am.  Claire is picking us up so it’s a lovely surprise to find David has come to meet us as well.  Claire takes us to collect Charlie who has stored well with the exception of the woodwork.  I coated it all in olive oil to stop the wood drying out, unfortunately the oil has stayed on the surface and now has mold growing on it.  Return to Haworth where Daniel and Natasha bound up the street to greet us.  It’s a nice warm day so we spend a lot of time playing outside with them.



MONDAY 2 JUNE  – First we take Charlie for the MOT £37.50 which he passes with ease.  Next stop is the property agent.  Arrive to find Daz and Daniel waiting outside. There’s been a hic-cup with childcare arrangements so we get Daniel for the rest of the day, which is nice.   The agents tell us that everything that can be done is being done to get the tenants out of our property.  They have not paid any rent since last November and have definitely overstayed their welcome.  Afternoon and evening back at Claire’s.



TUESDAY 3 JUNE   – Shopping and odd jobs around Keighley before re locating to Sandra’s.  Join Sandra and Keith for an evening meal.



WEDNESDAY 4 JUNE   We make another visit to the property agents to see the boss who has been away on holiday.  Even with a solicitor acting on our behalf everything takes time and anything sent out to the tenants allows them 14 days to respond.  Drive over to Baildon to visit Mom and Dad.  Another nice day so we stroll around the caravan park in the afternoon.



THURSDAY 5 JUNE   Check out a few computer stores in Bradford.  My laptop has died and we’ve decided to go the whole hog and buy a brand new one with DVD and CD re-writer.  There are a few models that meet our needs but you never seem to see the same model in more than one store to compare prices etc.  In Stoke on Trent we pick up a new inverter £29.99 to replace the one, which has died whilst we have been away.  We park by the swimming baths in Market Drayton to visit Mum.  John has been staying with her since he broke his leg about 6 weeks ago.  He’s mobile but still in pain and having problems.  Mum is coping but pleased to see us.  Make a start on the list of jobs she has been saving for us.  David drops our nephews Bobby & Nick off so we get to spend time with them before Netty comes to collect them.  Since we left last year she has split up from her husband, moved house and started a new career as a prison office, which she is really enjoying.



FRIDAY 6 JUNE   Whilst Mum goes up town Steve and I set too with some of the jobs and make good progress.  I take on the roll of cook and try to give Mum a break.



SATURDAY 7 JUNE  – Over to Shrewsbury where we check out more computer stores before parking at the Albright Hussy.  Paul & Elaine’s daughter Vicki is getting married here today.  The weather is just perfect.  Pete & Carol join us in the van before we head into the Hotel for the wedding.  Vicki looks very sophisticated and in a slim silk dress trimmed with beads and her hair swept up.  She has been with John for about 8 years and lived with him for many of them.  About 50 of us gather in a small room in the old part of the hotel.  After the ceremony we all go outside for the photographs.  Back inside for the meal and formalities.  The food is good and the speeches entertaining.  After a small lull in the proceeding the evening function begins with more people arriving.  Claire and David have come along as well as Rob & Verity.  We’re all amazed at how our children have grown up.  They all still get on very well and throughout the evening we all seem to get a dance with all the children.  We have a brilliant time and all thoroughly enjoy ourselves.  Claire and David join us in the motor home for the night.



SUNDAY 8 JUNE – Back to Market Drayton where I’ve volunteered to look after Bobby & Nick whilst Netty is at work.  Netty pops back at lunchtime to join us all for the Sunday dinner, which I’ve cooked.  Bobby & Nick come back to the van with us after Claire and David leave.  They stay for tea then Bobby goes back with Netty when she calls round.  Nick stays overnight and is no trouble at all.



MONDAY 9 JUNE – Anne-Marie picks up Nick to take him to school.  Steve uses Mums car to drive us all out to Ellesmere.  I’ve never been before and really like it.  We park by the lake and John joins us for part of our walk.  Detour to Whitchurch on the way back.  At the library we order a new computer on the Internet.  It’s £700 + p&p so I hope we’ve made the right decision.



TUESDAY 10 JUNE – Do a few more jobs for Mum and sort some of our things out in the cellar.  Netty and Nick pop round in the evening.



WEDNESDAY 11 JUNE  – By the time Mum and I get back from the market my laptop has been delivered.  Fortunately John finally works out that we need to press the hidden re set button.  Afternoon drive back to Keighley



THURSDAY 12 JUNE – Morning jobbing then up to Rod & Nancy’s.  Rod spends the afternoon helping my install things onto my new laptop and transferring old files.  After tea we head down to ten-pin bowling and catch up with some of our old friends.



FRIDAY13 JUNE  – Drive over to the east coast where we are booked for two nights stay at Reighton Sands Holiday Park.  It’s a Haven site with lots of things to do which should keep Claire, Daz, Daniel and Natasha occupied when they join us tonight. It’s normally £14 for a tent site but we get 2 nights for the price of one.   We’re lucky with the weather and manage to sit out in the afternoon.  Claire & Daz arrive around 9pm and we baby-sit for Daniel and Natasha whilst they go up to the Sands Bar.



SATURDAY 14 JUNE – Do a quick walk to the beach before the 10.30am Tiger Club.  Daniel and Natasha love joining in with the songs and games.  In the afternoon the sun breaks through and we enjoy sunbathing and playing games.  We all go to the club in the evening and Daniel and Natasha manage to keep going until 9pm.



SUNDAY 15 JUNE – After the morning Tiger Club we all go for a swim in the pool. Daniel joins in a Tiger Club game after lunch and returns jubilant with a medal, certificate and badges.  The sun comes out in the afternoon so between us we sunbathe, make visits to the beach and play games.  Finally leave the site at 7pm having all had a great time.  Just a few miles south down the coast we detour to Bempton Cliffs a bird spotting area.  There’s a big car park and we reckon it will do us well for overnight.  Take a brief walk to some of the lookouts where we are amazed at the sheer number of birds around.  We are joined by 2 Italian motorhomes for the night.



MONDAY 16 JUNE – We do a big shop Bridlington before heading out to Y.S.S. sun club near Hull.  Meet up with fellow motorhomers John & Maureen and spend the afternoon chatting.  John has been out and bought some fresh fish that we enjoy together after cooking it on the BBQ. 

Y.S.S. 1


TUESDAY 17 JUNE A cloudy start but with enough sunny spells for us to sit out au natural.  Donna & Luke come over from Beverley to join us all for an evening BBQ.

Y.S.S. 2


WEDNESDAY 18 JUNE – Intermittent rain throughout the day between which Steve gets chance to repair the awning poles and help John with a few jobs.

Y.S.S. 3


THURSDAY 19 JUNE – A cloudy day.  Steve brings back a bag of CD’s from the clubhouse.  I’ve just about worked out how to copy CD’s using my new laptop so this is a perfect chance to try it out – and it works.  John & Maureen join us for a 4 course meal in the evening after which John opens the bar and along with 20 other visitors we partake in a drink or two.

Y.S.S. 4


FRIDAY 20 JUNE – Clear blue skies and sunshine so no need to get dressed today.  Donna & Luke arrive with Steve who flew back from Nigeria yesterday for the weekend. Steve proudly shows us his invitation from the Queen to attend a function at Buckingham Palace in July.  We all join John & Maureen for an evening BBQ before drifting over to the bar.

Y.S.S. 5


SATURDAY 21 JUNE– A mainly sunny day with lots of time spent sunbathing.  The new swimming pool area is opened for the first time in the afternoon.  Kate & Gordon arrive and16 of us gather at their place for an evening BBQ.  It gets quite cool so Steve brings out his patio heater followed shortly after by a gazebo for us to shelter from the rain.  Once again we all end up in the clubhouse.

Y.S.S. 6


SUNDAY 22 JUNE– Heavy rain throughout the night and it’s afternoon before it brightens up.  Make the most of my new “toy” to watch a DVD film on it.  Most people leave late afternoon.



MONDAY 23 JUNE  – Drive back to Keighley to park at Sandra’s.



TUESDAY 24 JUNE  – I start the day doing lots of washing before walking down town.  Steve goes over to Shipley to meet up with Richard John to play snooker.  Whilst in storage lots of things have gone wrong in Charlie despite not being used.  The microwave is one of them.  We spend £20 on a new capacitor.  Adrian Beck the repairer thinks that damp must have got in whilst the van was in storage.   Steve collects the microwave and Claire picks him up.  Meanwhile Sandra and I have a meal together in the van.  Claire brings Steve back and they eat their meal then.  Natasha tags along for the ride.  Sallie & Stuart pop down for a drink later in the evening.  Last year we helped inspire them to break out!  They have bought a plot of land near Vera in Spain and intend demolishing the two derelict farmhouses then building a Moorish style house on the land and moving there permanently.



WEDNESDAY 25 JUNEI have an appointment with the E.N.T. specialist at Airedale hospital.  It turns out that I need an operation to remove polyps from my nose and drain my sinuses but the waiting list is 6 – 9 months.  Continue to Steeton to get Charlie serviced at Copperwaite’s.  Labour has only gone up from £20 hour 2 years ago to £22 now but the catch is that they charge a minimum of 2 hours!  With us supplying the oil filter the bill comes to £76.  We seem to be able to spend as much in a day here as we do in a week abroad.



THURSDAY 26 JUNE – Another deterioration in Charlie is that we now have a problem with the propshaft.  There’s a Propshaft Clinic on Buck Street in Bradford (01274 305399) and we are there at 9am.  They soon remove the part and find that the end and middle parts are faulty.  Within an hour the job is sorted for either £120 + VAT and a receipt or £100 cash.  No prizes for guessing what we do.  Call in to visit Mavis & Trevor and end up stopping for lunch and a couple of hours.  Return to Keighley and in between sunbathing I begin cooking.  Nancy and Rod join us for our evening meal.  Steve and Rod go off early for a game of snooker then Nancy sets out to join them for bowling.



FRIDAY 27 JUNE – Walk down to Keighley and get quite wet when it pours down. Drive over to Haworth in the afternoon and pick Daniel up from school then look after the kids until Claire gets back from work.



SATURDAY 28 JUNE – We hear a gentle knock on the door at 8am.  Daniel is stood outside in his pyjamas, barefoot and with a blanket wrapped around him.  Needless to say he has sneaked up to us unknown!   Claire & Steve play badminton in the afternoon before joining Daniel, Natasha and myself in the swimming pool.  We head over to Wilsden late afternoon then Rod & Nancy take us down to Richard & Sharon’s.  Ray & Margaret complete the group and we enjoy a nice meal followed by games of “Who wants to be a millionaire” on the play station.



SUNDAY 29 JUNE –  It’s a lovely morning so we sit out in the garden with Rod & Nancy eating bacon butties before driving down to the Midlands.  Netty has prepared a nice buffet lunch and Mum & John are also invited.  At 6.00pm I join Netty for an hour at the swimming baths and manage to keep going for the whole session.



MONAY 30 JUNE – A rainy start to the day.  I take a walk up town and also spend time with Mum & John.  In the evening Netty & Stacey come over for a brief visit.





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