Posted by: glenswatman | April 11, 2007

200412 2 Tenerife Grand Canary Fuerteventura

> WEDNESDAY 15 DECEMBER - Wake up early to check on
> the
> window.  The man said not to try opening it until
> this
> morning and it comes as no surprise that it doesn´t
> work.  Head off back to Riviera where they have to
> send for the man from La Laguna.  He arrives and
> does
> some fine tuning and has us sorted by 10am.  Drive
> down to Santa Cruz to book on to the Naviera Armas
> 11.10am ferry to GRAND CANARY , Euro 56.96 (GBP 40).
> It´s a slow boat and it´s 3pm by the time we arrive.
> Head off down the coast vaguely looking for parking
> places but really heading to join John & Maureen at
> Playa Millitares.  Easily find them and also Andy &
> Chris.  Unfortunately they are still having trouble
> with the Police and have to move to different places
> to park up for the night.  We follow them to
> Maspalomas where we all park at Faro 2 shopping
> centre, not really our idea of a nice overnight
> parking spot.  The shopping centre has been designed
> like a lighthouse and houses mainly bars, restaurant
> and tourist shops.  Unfortunately we have a noisy
> night.
> THURSDAY 16 DECEMBER - In Playa del Ingles we park
> at
> the end of Bonn Street and Steve goes out to explore
> whilst I use John´s computer to back up the discs
> that
> were not stolen.  We visited this area in 1987 and
> Steve reports back that it has developed even
> further
> since then.  The dunes are still a nature reserve
> and
> unspoiled but all the rest of the available land has
> been built on and not that tastefully.  I take a
> walk
> out and find it very windy, busy touristy and hilly
> and of little appeal to us.  Head out along the
> coast
> to Pasita Bea, a lovely little cove used by
> naturists
> with black and brown sand.  The others are already
> stripped off making the most of the sunny day. Prior
> to us arriving they had a week of continuous rain. 
> Park above the cliffs and walk down to join them. 
> Unfortunately this is one of the places they were
> moved on at night and even get Police harassment
> during the day.  This evening we got to El Hornillo
> where we enjoy the sunset views from the view point
> before parking up on the housing estate.
> FRIDAY 17 DECEMBER - Drive around the nearby
> Meloneras
> area where there are many luxury hotel complexes,
> the
> lighthouse and a lake but no obvious places for us
> to
> park up.  Head further west along the coast where we
> get lovely views.  Arguineguin is a nightmare and
> not
> only can we not park but have difficulty getting out
> through the narrow streets due to badly parked cars.
> Puerto Rico is very touristy and there are signs
> banning us before we even reach the car park. 
> Puerto
> Mogan has ample parking away from the town.  Typical
> of this are the towns are built at the end of
> ravines
> and now working their way up the gorge with
> development.  Mogan is still quite attractive with
> few
> high rises but lots of "Noddy" style hotels, they
> remind me of ones I used to build with wooden bricks
> as a child!  After lunch we head inland into the
> mountains.  Fuenta de los Azuelos is a really
> attractive spot with waterfalls and rocks of many
> colours.  The driving is difficult with the road
> winding steeply up and down many times.  By late
> afternoon we emerge into the greenhouse covered
> valley
> at San Nicolas.  The town beach known as Aldea is
> quite attractive and we are even more impressed when
> the local Police say there is no problem for us to
> stay overnight.  We park by the waterfront behind a
> helicopter pad then see a memorial. Earlier in the
> year an emergency helicopter crashed here killing
> the
> patient, medical staff and pilot.  
> SATURDAY 18 DECEMBER - Whilst this is a pleasant
> enough place the beach is poor and we certainly
> could
> not strip off to sunbathe.  We want to continue to
> Agaete but there´s a sign at the beginning of the
> road
> saying closed due to landslides following the heavy
> rain.  A local assures us it is open but we are even
> happier still to find a bus coming towards us. 
> Continue over the tortuous mountain road to Agaete
> and
> head to Puerto de las Nieve but it´s not very
> interesting.  The ravine going in from here is said
> to
> be the most attractive on the whole island and very
> fertile with lots of fruit orchards.  The Valley
> road
> to Berrazales is certainly attractive but not that
> great.  Returning through Agaete we accidentally
> turn
> into a road with a warning sign for no vehicles over
> 2m wide.  As we are 2.65m this could be a big
> problem.
>  Negotiate past the narrow part but have lots of
> problems with cars parked and have to get people out
> to move them, we are not very popular!  We´ve had
> enough of narrow roads so hop on the new motorway
> along the north coast to Banaderos.  Stop for lunch
> on
> the waterfront then head up to Arucas with an
> attractive church.  The church is closed, the
> tourist
> office also and we can´t find any decent parking so
> double back to Banaderos and spend the afternoon
> watching the surfers.  Police pull up early evening
> and two officers come knocking at our door.  It
> seems
> that they saw us earlier in the day and have been
> driving round trying to find us.  We have a "for
> sale"
> sign in the window and they want more information. 
> Once again they say it is no problem to park
> overnight
> so it seems that the only problem area is in and
> around Maspalomas and this is unfortunate as that is
> where the really nice spots area.

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