Posted by: glenswatman | April 11, 2007

200412 3 Tenerife Grand Canary Fuerteventura

SUNDAY 19 DECEMBER - We are amazed how noisy it is
> during the night.  Late on a coach arrives to drop
> people off then returns to pick them up at 1am. 
> They
> must have been to a Christmas function as they are
> all
> very merry and vocal.  Around 3am we are disturbed
> when a group of youths pose for photographs on our
> bonnet!  Set off early to Las Palmas port to check
> out
> ferries to Fuerteventura.  In fact we have no choice
> as Naviera Armas are the only vehicle carrying one
> and
> sail at 2pm.  With time to kill we go to the nearby
> petrol station.  It´s closed but we can get to the
> water supply and make the most of it by washing the
> van, ourselves and our clothes.  The distance to
> Fuerteventura is the same as it was from Tenerife
> but
> with no competition the price steeper at Euro 153,41
> (GBP 105.00).  It´s a faster ferry and we arrive on
> FUERTEVENTURA at Morro Jable after 2 1/2 hours.  On
> the southern coast of the island the small town has
> been extended and named Jandia and caters mainly for
> German tourists.  Head up the coast and suddenly
> realise it is getting dark.  With no obvious place
> to
> park we turn off to a hotel area known as Gavitos
> and
> park in front of one of the main buildings.
> MONDAY 20 DECEMBER - One of the hotels is used by
> Thomson and we spot the rep and gather lots of
> information from her.  Heading up the coast we turn
> off at km72 down a tarmac road that eventually
> fizzles
> out into a track.  This leads us onto a beach car
> park
> with a bar and restaurant.  Park at the end in a
> nice
> spot by the dunes then set out to explore. The first
> thing we see on the beach are lots of dead locusts
> from their recent invasion of the island.  They make
> a
> crunchy noise as you walk on them but all seem to be
> dead.  Next we see lots of people nude, sunbathing
> in
> the dunes behind wind shelters or braving it for a
> quick dip in the sea.  Whilst it is a hot day there
> is
> a chilly breeze but back at the van with the
> windbreaks up we really feel the heat.  Late
> afternoon
> a man called Mike comes over and introduces himself.
> A fellow naturist he is about to buy a motorhome in
> England and wants to pick our brains.  In exchange
> we
> find out more about Fuerteventura as he has been
> coming here for 20 years.
> TUESDAY 21 DECEMBER - It´s still cloudy by late
> morning so we head up the coast in need of a
> supermarket.  Costa Calma is a small resort with
> mainly self catering accommodation and few shops. 
> Calete de Fuste is a large resort, in fact the
> original resort on the island, and now being
> expanded
> and marketed as a place for families to stay.  At
> the
> Atlantico shopping centre there´s a large InterSpar
> supermarket and although prices are higher than the
> other islands we are assured it is the cheapest
> place
> to shop on Fuerteventura.  At the main resort we
> park
> by the beach next to an American motorhome with GB
> plates. The couple in it work in Spain and bought
> the
> motorhome to live in to save on accommodation costs.
> Their daughter and grandchildren live in Caleta de
> Fustes and they have come to visit.  Explore the
> area
> and find many small shopping centres complete with
> bars showing English football.  Children are catered
> for with a MacDonalds, Burger King, ten pin bowling,
> cinema, lots of mini golfs, sandcastle building
> school
> and oceanaream.  
> WEDNESDAY 22 DECEMBER - Return to the Atlantico
> centre
> where I have seen a walk in hairdressers.  For Euro
> 12
> (GBP 8.50) I get myself a Christmas trim.  The
> capital
> of the island is Puerto del Rosario and although we
> visit lots of refineries around the town we can´t
> get
> gas for the motorhome tank.  Continuing up the coast
> we reach the dunes of Correlejo and could easily be
> in
> the Sahara.  Correlejo is the main tourist resort
> and
> it´s hard to find the small section that was the
> original fishing village.  Away from the centre the
> parking is easy so we set out to explore on foot. 
> It´s very brash and noisy and doesn´t have much of a
> beach but seems to be geared up for shoppers and
> nightlife.  Find a better parking spot by the port
> and
> relocate.
> THURSDAY 23 DECEMBER - It´s a nice morning but with
> the wind for which Fuerteventura is renowned.  Head
> to
> El Cotillo a small village on the northwest coast. 
> Paradise for us with lots of parking places by the
> Playa de Lagos (beach of the lagoon) and about half
> the people in the nude.  In the town we track down
> The
> Last Resort pub.  Coming over on the ferry we got
> friendly with John & Terry who live here and they
> said
> to hunt them down via the pub. The only problem is
> that they have decided at the last minute to go back
> to England for Christmas and the New Year.  However
> we
> notice that the pub are doing a Christmas dinner
> package for Euro 32 (GBP 22.50) and we sign up for
> it.
>  The southern beaches are mainly used by surfers
> with
> parking on the cliff top so we return to the lagoons
> and get a prime spot with stunning all round views. 
> Windshleters have been created from lava rocks and
> we
> commandeer one near the van and soak up the sun.  As
> the tide goes out lots of children use nets to fish
> in
> the residual pools.  We are joined by a couple in a
> car who put up a tent overnight.  Obviously no
> problem
> with free camping here.
> FRIDAY 24 DECEMBER - We have a very quiet night and
> wake up to see the sun rise in our beautiful
> surroundings.  Tuck ourselves away in the wind
> shelter
> but emerge for me to swim and Steve to snorkel.  The
> waters here are very calm and it´s a great spot for
> children.  Head in to town late afternoon and park
> above the old harbour.  Visit the Last Resort put
> and
> meet a few of the locals.
> SATURDAY 25 DECEMBER - Christmas day so we head out
> to
> make a few phone calls and learn that many people
> are
> having a white Christmas in England.  Not so here as
> it is quite sunny and we see many people heading
> down
> to the beach for barbecues.  Our lunch is excellent,
> I
> start with prawn cocktail and Steve has Thai bites. 
> Steve has traditional turkey next whilst I have the
> beef stuffed with haggis and served in a whiskey and
> cream sauce.  We are so full after it all that we
> wait
> a couple of hours before Steve has his Christmas
> pudding and I have the very tipsy trifle.  
> SUNDAY 26 DECEMBER - A cloudy day so we start with a
> walk around the town and find that most places are
> open.  In the afternoon Steve flits from pub to pub
> to
> take in as many of the football matches as possible.
> MONDAY 27 DECEMBER - Mixed weather but with lots of
> clouds and wind.  Doesn´t stop the holiday makers
> though with the young children still going in the
> water.  
> TUESDAY 28 DECEMBER - Windy again so we walk out to
> the lighthouse where there are more nice free
> parking
> spots but still the wind.  Not surprising as this
> coast is famous for windsurfing.  Steve walks in to
> town for late afternoon football, reckon he will
> soon
> be known as a regular at The Last Resort.
> WEDNESDAY 29 DECEMBER - Less windy so a chance to
> sunbathe in the bunkers a bit.
> THURSDAY 30 DECEMBER - Head back to Correlejo. 
> Check
> out the Fiesta Garden Hotel where Thomsons holidays
> are offering rooms for just GBP 5 during February.
> There is good parking for the motorhome and it all
> looks very nice so a real bargain.  We will go on
> the
> Internet and book ourselves a few days enabling us
> to
> have long showers and catch up on the washing.  Park
> up at the harbour and explore more of the old town
> and
> the tourist strip.
> FRIDAY 31 DECEMBER - A clear and sunny day and
> lovely
> to sit out sheltered by the wind.  The man from the
> diving kiosk tells us they haven´t been able to out
> for a few days as the waves have been too high. 
> Wonder if it´s a knock on effect from the Tsunami
> that
> tragically struck Asia a week ago.  In the evening
> we
> enjoy a buffet meal at the "Pali" Chinese.  Roam the
> streets but nothing much happens here until late and
> the party in the square doesn´t kick off until 11pm.
> Return to the van for a rest before returning to the
> square.  A band is playing and we enjoy all the
> songs
> they do.  Just before midnight we are all given
> party
> bags with hats etc and also a bag of 12 grapes.  The
> idea is that you have to eat one grape on each of
> the
> twelve strokes of midnight.  We are all prepared and
> watching the big clock but the chimes don´t happen
> and
> it all goes a bit pear shaped.  Anyway we have a
> kiss
> and a cuddle then head down to the waterfront to
> watch
> the fireworks.  In typical Spanish style they are
> non
> too well organised and you get a display then a long
> gap before another burst.  Christmas crackers have
> been handed out and everyone is is party mood.  Walk
> around for awhile soaking up the atmosphere then
> return to the van and sit out drinking coffee whilst
> watching the action.  Retire to bed at 1.30am.

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