Posted by: glenswatman | April 11, 2007

200605 1 Malaysia England

diary and photos whilst Steve puts a second coat on the hall walls then starts on the garden fence.



FRIDAY 12 MAY – Walk up town with Mum in the morning. In the afternoon I clear out Mum’s conservatory whilst Steve checks out some problems in the loft.  Pop round to Netty’s in the evening to check out flights on the Internet for our next trip.



SATURDAY 13 MAY – Book our South Africa flight with Cheapest Flights, £470 each Manchester – Johannesburg return with Emirates on 6th July.  Take Netty shopping and then back to her house for lunch before heading to Newport in the afternoon.  Liverpool are playing West Ham and we are going to Pete & Carol’s to watch the match on TV along with Paul & Elaine.  It’s a tense game with switching fortunes but Liverpool come through in the penalty shoot out much to Pete’s , a West Ham fan, disappointment.  In the evening we are joined by Matthew and Rob for a take away meal.



SUNDAY 14 MAY –   Steve takes Netty to watch Nick play football then Mum & I walk round in the afternoon.  Netty has invited us all for tea along with her friends Graeme and Ali from work.  After eating she surprises us as she has invited fellow work colleague Graham Talbot round.  He was at school with Steve and they haven’t seen each other for over 20 years so have lots of reminiscing to do.



MONDAY 15 MAY – A rainy day, seems like the good weather we returned to has run out.  Take Mum up town in the car as it is too miserable to walk.



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