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200703 2 South Africa

SUNDAY 18 MARCH – I walk up to Annie’s to invite them for lunch and also use the internet.    They join us for a Chinese stir-fry before heading home to Johannesburg.  Steve walks up to the other Derek’s to watch his football and I spend the afternoon relaxing.  The evening is incredibly cold but we are cosy beneath a duvet and blanket.



MONDAY 19 MARCH – There are a number of walks to be done here so today we set off on the Dassie trail but reach a dead end.  Double back and link in to the Dove trail but we must be going in the wrong direction as we end up back where we started.  The warthog trail takes us further but begins to drop steeply in to the gorge and this would make it difficult for me to climb out so again we give up and back track but feel we have already had sufficient exercise.  Joe calls round and walks us up to his “shed” to use the Internet.  It’s actually rather a magnificent workshop with all sorts of equipment including sand blasting machines. Early evening, along with Derek, we join Joe & Ralie for sundowners and are having such a good time that we get invited to stay on for a braai.  They tell us that last night’s coldness may have been the freak weather change that involved a 7m wave crashing into the coast around Durban.  Much damage has been done, as this is where most of the holiday resorts are situated. 



TUESDAY 20 MARCH – We’ve made arrangement to go into Swartruggens with Joe and Derek and leave around 9am.  The back of the truck is full of rubbish bags so our first stop is the tip.  People surround us but Derek keeps them at bay whilst he gets the bags onto the ground.  The bags are pounced upon as these people tear them open and begin segregating the rubbish.  They sort out glass and others things that can be sold for recycling.  Anything useable (including disposable nappies that have only been wee’d in) is taken away and the rest left strewn about the place. Next stop the Wimpy where we enjoy their famous cooked breakfast before setting out to deal with the shopping.  We’re back on the farm by lunchtime and glad to strip off in the heat.   In the evening Joe, Ralie and Derek join us for a meal.



WEDNESDAY 21 MARCH – It’s a public holiday here in South Africa but the only day visitors are Jan & Annette who come to see Joe & Ralie.  Steve goes off to do the steep dassie trail with Derek but the rest of the day is spent doing very little.



THURSDAY 22 MARCH – Steve takes off for a morning walk whilst I do a bit of cleaning in the van.   Derek & Anne phone to say they are coming out this evening so I invite them for a meal.  We cook up a braai by the swimming pool and it’s a very pleasant evening.  We get occasional showers through the night but nothing like the rain they need.



FRIDAY 23 MARCH – Usual sort of day.



SATURDAY 24 MARCH – We linger in bed reading, as it is cool and still showery.  Derek comes down with the horses and introduces us to the 2 doctors who own them (sounds like something out of Faulty Towers).  It brightens up early afternoon and we venture out.  Later on we go up to Derek & Annie’s for a braai and for Steve to watch sport.  It gets hectic at one stage as they have interest in 3 matches, in cricket South Africa are playing Australia, England are against Kenya and the football is England v Israel.  Needless to say there is lots of channel hopping to take it all in. 



SUNDAY 25 MARCH – Another cooler morning, there’s definitely an autumnal feel in the air.   Late afternoon we visit Joe & Ralie.



MONDAY 26 MARCH – Another cool and cloudy day with intermittent showers.  Joe & Ralie call by as they are leaving and ask us to visit them at home next week.  Manage to get an hour sitting out in the late afternoon sun.



TUESDAY 27 MARCH – More rain than ever so we linger in bed reading.  Derek comes down and insists on taking all our washing as he has a tumble dryer.  In the evening he joins us for a meal and we manage to sit out between showers.



WEDNESDAY 28 MARCH – Derek is going out playing golf and has invited us to make use of his house to watch TV.  It’s another dull day so we leap at the chance.  Derek expected to be back late afternoon but when he hasn’t arrived by dusk I head off home.  Steve arrives back just after 11pm saying that Derek has just got back and is plastered, obviously got held up at the 19th hole!



THURSDAY 29 MARCH – Packing up to leave we remove the wooden ramp from under the van and find that termites have been having a field day.   Having only been here a relatively short time we are amazed at just how much wood has been eaten away.  We’ve had a great time here and definitely recharged our batteries after our hectic tour with Stan & Judy.  Stop in Rustenburg at the Waterfall Mall before continuing along the R24 Krugersdorp road where I am miffed to see lots of roadside stalls selling fruit and veg much cheaper than in the supermarket.  For the first time in South Africa we see a warning sign telling us we are entering a car hijack area.  About 30km from town we see the sign to Harmony Nature Farm, a bit of a misnomer, as it is actually a naturist resort.  It’s not too far from the main road but the low trees are a challenge as is the narrow road as it winds its way up towards the mountain.  The main gate is attached to a house where Amanda lives.  She is the daughter in law of Piet & Kitty who own the resort.  Once through the gate we drive up to park and then meet Kitty at reception by the pool.  She is guarded by 4 zebra that live on the farm but linger at the pool area in the hope of handouts.  We can take any of the camping spots but need help from Piet and his son Hansie in order to find the most level spot (not easy with the site being built into the side of the mountain range) and even that is sloping.  Piet meets us up at the bar and shows us the excellent facilities that include, a reception and snack bar, huge entertainment hall big enough to cater for 300, an indoor hot tub, 3 bar areas, a sheltered sun deck and most interesting for me a hairdressing salon.  Hansie used to work as a hairdresser in the city but since the extended family moved out here 20 years ago this has been his base.  Whilst we enjoy a drink at the bar I discuss my hair problems, of course it is so bad that it’s a 2-drink task!  Unfortunately for us the resort is only naturist during the weekend as they have lots of workers around during the week and ask you to be clothed during that time.  Even tomorrow from 8-12 we must be dressed so on Monday we will move on.  After lunch and a snooze we return to the bar and meet other guests Marilyn & Jackie who are out for a break from running their restaurant “Emu” on the shores of Hartbeesport Dam.  Spend the evening in the leisure area watching TV.


R160 (£12.80) site for 2


FRIDAY 30 MARCH – Get up at 7.30 in order to shower in the nude!   Just after we finish breakfast the zebras arrive and plant themselves by the van.  We grab some bread and manage to hand feed them but they are not as tame as they seem and will barely let you stroke them.  When we back off into the van one of them tries to follow us and pokes his head right through the door, only in Africa.  Piet takes us on a tour of the farm and shows us the on site accommodation, some of which is very nice indeed.  The pool is just about warm enough for an afternoon swim.  Spend the rest of the afternoon having my hair cut and coloured whilst Steve watches cricket.  Pop in to the bar for sundowners and meet Elmarie and Ian who are first time visitors to a naturist resort.  Later on we return to wallow in the hot tub and meet Revel & Suzette in the bar, again first time naturists so obviously it’s becoming much more popular in South Africa.



SATURDAY 31 MARCH – Steve acts as my hero and chases the 4 frogs out of the shower area enable me to relax in there.  It takes a while for the day to warm up but late morning finds us at the pool and it’s not long before we are taking cooling dips.  The zebras stroll past making for great photographs.  Piet comes out with some bread for us to feed them.  Unfortunately they think he has given it to Steve, rather than me, and one persists in chasing after him.  It nuzzles up to his side and gives him a little nip; actually it ends up looking rather like a love bite!  A first for Harmony is the arrival of a black couple and we spend quite some time chatting to Pat who runs his own bus business and partner Tammy, a social worker.  Everyone gathers for an evening braai with Kitty providing the pap and sauce.  We spend the evening between the hot pool, braai area and playing pool with Revel & Suzette then Ian and Elmarie.  It’s just about midnight when we roll home after a most enjoyable evening.





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