Posted by: glenswatman | December 20, 2007

2007 Xmas letter






Seasons Greetings


Hope this finds you well and that you have had an enjoyable
2007 as we have.  There is no doubt
about it that time flies faster as you get older as I cannot believe that it’s
a year since I was writing a similar letter. 
In other ways when I think back over all the things we have done it
seems like it must have been much longer!


So quickly recapping through our last year of travels during
our 11th year on the road. Beginning in South Africa we had a
wonderful Christmas with Sheila, a host near Cape Town.  I weaned myself off my support boot and
learned to walk again on my newly repaired Achilles tendon.  By the time our friends Judy & Stan
arrived at the end of January I was walking almost normally, (well as normally
as I have ever done!).  They accompanied
us for a tour through Namibia, Zambia and Botswana back to South Africa.  In their 60’s they were great fun and
sporting enough to spend nights in a mini tent beside the motorhome.


Our wildlife sightings were superb especially in Etosha
National Park and Chobe and the only thing we failed to see was a leopard.  A campground highlight was Ngepi with its
quirky open-air bathrooms.  In Zambia
Victoria Falls were impressive as the Zambezi was almost breaking its banks so
the falls were in full flow.


Finished our trip uneventfully and sold Millie, our 1984
Bedford campervan, to a couple we met when we first arrived in Africa.  After finally curing the starter motor
problem in January it was plain sailing but we won’t tempt fate again by giving
a motorhome a female name in case we get another moody one.


Late April found us back in England doing up our house in
Keighley after repossessing it from non-paying tenants.  Following a backbreaking couple of weeks we
had lost heart and realised it was not the best type of property to rent out if
you were not in the area.  On the day we
decided to sell we had a fair offer and took it. 


We were then free to spend time catching up with family and
friends.  Our children and grandchildren
are all well and the kids growing up fast. 
Steve’s parents had a house move to Keighley and Glens Mum is in need of
a hip replacement op next year but they are all very alert and active.  We met both our sisters’ new partners and
managed to take Daniel and Natasha away for a weeks holiday to YSS in Hull.


It was lovely to see everyone but we missed our nomadic life
and were glad to fly to Boston USA mid June. 
Using the Internet we had agreed to buy an ex rental motorhome and soon
became the proud owners of Harry, a huge 29’ Four Winds 5000 “c” class 8-berth.


We headed into Canada and east to Nova Scotia then visited
Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa before dropping back into America for the huge
journey west.  The Canadian Rockies were
a highlight as was an Alaskan cruise from Vancouver timed to celebrate our
wedding anniversary and Steves birthday. 


Back in America we went south to Las Vegas then out into the
desert before getting back to the coast at Los Angles where were are now.  Next week we will drop down into Mexico and
spend out winter exploring another new country.


We have used many hosts from the various clubs we have
joined and each experience has been wonderful and enhanced our visit no
end.  Most of the time we have found
nice free camping spots and for brief overnight stops we have Mr Wal*Mart to
thank for allowing motorhomes to stay on his car parks.  People have been very friendly and helpful
and our American English has improved no end so it just leaves me to say we
hope to hear from y’all in the near future and have a super Christmas and New


Should any of you wish to plough through my monthly diary
then let me know if you want it sent to you directly by E-mail or you can check
out our blog page.


Love and best wishes from

Steve and Glen

The Nu Drovers






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