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200807 – 2- England USA Florida

TUESDAY 15 JULY – Steve gets the results of
his wellness blood test and they are all good so he instantly perks up!  Join Mom & Dad for a ride to Shipley to
shop at Asda, they won’t have to do this for much longer as a branch is due to
open in Keighley.  The afternoon walk
with Dad is not quite so good as it is cold and breezy and he finds it hard to
breathe.  Claire takes us to her place
in the evening so I can use the Internet. Being without my laptop now makes me
realise how much I have come to rely on it. 
It’s almost the end of the school year so Claire has to shuttle Daniel
and Natasha to and from the school disco. 
Of course this gives us all an opportunity to sing, “3 more sleeps to



WEDNESDAY 16 JULY – It’s a dry morning so I
clean all Mom & Dads windows inside and out, of course this prompts and
immediate drizzle.  Early afternoon we
decide to go out to look for a new arm chair for Mom as Dad has taken to using
hers and the sofa bed is not all that comfy for sitting on all day.  We find nothing but manage to pick up my
laptop, £45 charge but they have put some personal files back on and at least
it now works.  Mom drops us at bowling
where Steve joins Nancy and Dave to play a catch up game blind.  Afterwards we return to Rod & Nancy’s
and get nostalgic for Mexico whilst eating a taco meal.  Stop up chatting really late as Nancy has
taken the day off tomorrow.



THURSDA 17 JULY – It’s a dull drizzly morning
so we make quite a slow start.  Finally
decide that on Nancy’s suggestion we will go to Standedge Tunnel a Marsden near
Huddersfield.  It the highest, longest
and deepest canal tunnel in Britain and after a walk from the village to the
tunnel we book onto the 1pm glass roofed barge trip, £4.50.  Our guide tells us of the engineering feat
involved in hacking a tunnel through a big hill to enable cargo to be shipped
between Lancashire and Yorkshire. It took 17 years to complete amidst many
problems including the fact that both ends of the tunnel ended up 37’ apart and
needed an “s” bend to join them.   The
visitor centre completes the story and we are both impressed.   Rod takes us back to Claire’s in
Keighley.  She flies in with Daniel and
Natasha and as soon as Daz gets home they leave Natasha in our care and head
out to Daniels school leaving BBQ.   We
return to Mom & Dads for our last night camped in the lounge



FRIDAY 18 JULY – Mom & Dad said to wake
them when we left around ¼ to 7 but there’s no waking Dad for anything.  Daz picks us up and we pile into the car for
our journey to Manchester airport.  He
drops us at Terminal 2 and passes Daniel (10) and Natasha (8) into our
care.  We’re flying on the 10.55am US
Airways to Philadelphia and have checked in on line and printed our boarding
passes.  Other than a couple of
windbreaks we only have hand luggage and I reckon they could also go on the
plane in the area where they stow pushchairs etc.  At the first security point they study our boarding passes and
say they are not real.  I explain that I
printed them on line so they phone someone up and then say we are clear to
proceed with our hand luggage as is. 
Next there is a major line up for the big security check with US Airways
passengers diverted to a different line. 
Once we decant all our liquid containers into plastic bags and put the
laptop into a separate tray we continue. 
Steve is asked to open his bag and there they find my jar of Pataks
curry paste.  (For some reason we have
been unable to buy curry in any form in America and as we are going for 1-year
I figure a jar of paste will go a long way). 
Unbeknown to me paste is classified as a liquid and being over 100ml
must be put into the checked in baggage. 
We explain that we are not checking anything in and that we will leave
it behind.  Only then do they decide
that we cannot take the windbreak on board and must check that in so they take
the curry paste and tape it to the windbreak. 
We must then wait in a seating area whilst Steve returns to the special
check in area for people who have checked in on line!  He takes ages coming back to us and says that he was told the on
line boarding pass was no good so he had to wait to have a different one
printed out.  They said we would all
have to go back but once he explains that someone has already phoned through
and cleared us they let him return to the same security line he has already
been through.  Now we are in a very
small shopping area with a WH Smiths and Boots the Chemist.  It all seems much smaller than I remember so
I ask someone in Smiths if this is the only one in this area and they tell me
yes.  We queue for ages to make our
purchase and then walk through what was obviously the original security area
into the departure terminal proper where there is a huge shopping area
including a much bigger Smiths and Boots. 
At this point they don’t tell you your gate so you have to gamble
whether to go left or right and find a seating area.  Whilst seated a guy comes over to Steve and asks if he would like
to take part in a survey about Manchester airport efficiency.  He tells Steve that they deliberately don’t
give you a departure gate number until the last minute in the hope you will
spend longer in the shopping area!  Just
as our flight is beginning to board they ask for the Swatman party to go to a
member of security staff.  Now they
start telling us off for not going to the on line check in desk to have our
security interview and why haven’t we got proper boarding cards.  It’s the same lady who shouted at Steve
before so I take over and explain it from our point of view.  She aggress that we have been misled and
should have been give the correct information on line and finally says that
they have no more boarding passes to print for us and we must use the on line
paper ones.  She asks about our baggage
and electrical good and if any of them have been in for repair recently.  Having got my laptop back from repair on
Wednesday and my mobile from unlocking yesterday I should own up but do you
think I do?  In all honesty the people
who worked on them didn’t know we were going to be flying to America and would
have had no reason to sabotage them. 
The final unbelievable stop is when we get to the front of the boarding
line and the girl who collects the boarding passes says ours are wrong.  Yet again we explain it all but she insists
holding us up whilst she finds the stroppy security girl to confirm
things.  At last we board the plane and
take up our 2 abreast seats.  I have
Natasha next to me with Steve and Daniel behind us.  Soon after take off we get drinks service and a meal then settle
down to make the most of the in flight personal movies.  The kids both have brief naps but at the
time I try to snooze Natasha discovers it is fun to keep popping up the blind
to see just how bright and sunny it is outside!  On board they hand out immigration forms for those who don’t have
visas plus customs declarations.  We
land roughly on time in Philadelphia USA, and head to passport control where we
are immediately reprimanded for not having completed forms for Steve &
myself who have the visas.   They should
have given us the forms on board so now we must fill out cards and then rejoin
the line up.  This time we find we have
all the correct paperwork but must proceed for secondary interview, as we don’t
have a departure ticket.  We went
through this in Boston so it was not unexpected.  This time we get a very amenable immigration officer who totally
understands what we want to do but has to refer it to a higher officer because
of the amount of time spent in America already.  Our 10-year multi entry 6 month stay visa expires in September
and he is happy to give us a 6 month entry but concerned at what we will do
when we return from Mexico as he isn’t sure they can issue the 3 month entry
under the visa waiver scheme at land borders. 
We explain that we have less than ½ hour to make our flight connection
but procedure must be followed.  Ask if
we can collect our windbreak at which point he reads my customs declaration and
asks about the tick to say we have food. 
Now I have to explain to an American why we should want to bring in
Custard Powder, Bisto Gravy powder and why we have a jar or curry attached to
our windbreak!  He tells me to leave
Steve and the kids, collect the windbreak and he will work on that side of
things.  Unsurprisingly the curry jar is
smashed and paste is oozing everywhere. 
When I get back he has got the all clear for us all and escorts us to
the customs area to save us time with his explanation about the food.  That’s all OK but the problem is now the
plant we are bringing in – the windbreak! 
It’s made of wooden poles and wood is a plant so must be inspected.  At last we are given the all clear so grab
our stuff and begin legging it out only to turn a bend to find a long queue for
transit passengers to clear security. 
We catch one the people walking round and explain that we have little
time to make our flight connection.  She
goes away and comes back and tells us we must listen for our name to be called
amongst others who have connections to make. 
Meanwhile I decide to remove the smashed curry jar and end up with cut
fingers that bleed and curry everywhere – what a nightmare.  Our names are never called and we reach the
front of the line where we must present our individual passports and boarding
cards.  The security lady does not want
to handle our boarding cards as they have fresh blood on them so takes ages
trying to manipulate everything with a pen. 
Again we think we can make a run for it but turn a corner to find
another line for security.  By now we
have just about given up on our flight. 
Again we must put electrical goods and liquids into trays but the lady
stops the scanner to ask about the windbreak. 
This is crazy but I try to stay calm whilst attempting to explain what
they are and why we are bringing them. 
In the end someone says, ah yes they are to give you shade from the sun
so I just say yes.  Well we’ve less than
10 minutes to get to the other side of the terminal but there is always a
chance our onward flight is delayed so we begin to leg it.  The kids and I have the trolley bags and
Steve has the carry pack and windbreak and leaps ahead.  We now find out that wearing rubber Crocs
and trying to run on a rubber surface is impossible as the Crocs keep trying to
trip you up an eventually catch Natasha and Daniel out who both take a bit of a
tumble.  They are actually OK but I call
to Steve that it is not worth risking them hurting themselves and to give
up.  He says he will go on ahead on the
off chance of holding things for us and we will do a fast walk.  Even fast walking we all keep tripping but
manage to stay upright.  Reach the
boarding gate and there are no passengers left but they accept our printed
boarding passes and tell us to race through. Our seats have already been given
to people on stand by so we just take what is left with Steve and the kids
together and me in a different row.  An
announcement goes out that a family of 3 have just shown up and if 1 person
would give up their seat to allow them to board they will be given loads of
freebies.  Obviously everyone is
desperate to get to Orlando so in the end a mother and child board and leave
Dad behind.  How lucky were we to get
there ahead of them?  Minutes later we
are taking off and gathering our breath. 
Land a little early in Orlando and it’s plain sailing with no customs or
security just a shuttle train ride to the main terminal building.  Cindi, Ken & Kay are waiting to meet us
and what a welcome sight.  The kids
comment on how hot it is but in fact the daytime temperature has already
dropped to the 70’s as it’s after 6pm. 
Catch up on news during the journey to Cypress Cove Resort.  It’s great to be back home and I take the
kids to the swimming pool whilst Kay fixes us some hamburgers.  After eating the kids manage a second swim
before we return to bed.  Steve &
Natasha take the over cab bunk, Daniel the dinette, me on the sofa and Ken
& Kay in the bedroom once they get back from the bar.



SATURDAY 19 JULY – It’s been a warm night so
we have slept with the blinds up and windows open.  I’ve been awake on and off for ages but wait until Daniel
stirs.  We get up and I take him on an
exploratory walk.  Meet someone and find
out it is 7am so we’ve not done too badly. 
At the second pool we meet Steve & Natasha coming the other way and
learn that Ken & Kay are also up so its back for breakfast.  Whilst Steve & Ken play petanque I take
the kids swimming.  Return home for
Daniel to make a web page about his holiday,
and then Steve can take them swimming. 
Unfortunately the swimming pool has no shade and it’s the hottest day
for ages here, 100F in the shade, so we have to curtail the pool visits at
lunchtime.  I play Poo Head and Golf
card games with the kids then we encourage them to have a bit of a rest but to
no avail.  Steve takes them off to the
air-conditioned games room where they play table tennis.  In the evening we head to the Terrace Lounge
for the Trivial Pursuit quiz.  3
contestants try to answer questions with each correct answer getting them
$1m.  However if they get a question
wrong and someone in the audience answers it correctly then they take their
place and their winnings.  There are 10
prizes; mostly free drinks but also a free meal and free nights stay in an
apartment.  Daniel manages to become a
contestant and answers a couple of questions as do I but the majority are
American based or about TV so we don’t have much chance.  By 8.30pm the kids are lagging so the other
go off to Cheers bar whilst I take them back for a snack and bed.  The minute their heads touch the pillows
they are away with the fairies.



SUNDAY 20 JULY – Ken & Kay are leaving
today so get up at 6.30am.  We are all
starting to wake so get up for breakfast. 
I join Mike & Cindi taking them to the airport ready for their
flight up to New York.  On the way back
I do a massive grocery shop to order for the kids.  Back I home I begin rearranging Harry and washing bedding etc.  Since we left it has been very humid and the
outdoor furniture all has mould spots so I have to scrub all the chairs.  Steve takes the kids swimming but it soon
becomes too hot, 120F.  After lunch
Natasha and I walk down to the lake to watch the boat race but it’s just a load
of old men sailing miniature yachts by remote control and with no wind it is
not very exciting.  Natasha tries her
luck at the beach and takes a swim in the alligator infested lake.  We the owner of Cypress Cove and his kids
are in there so it must be safe although he does get out pretty quickly when a
couple of fish bit his bum.  Reckon they
must be bottom feeders.  Most of the
afternoon we hang around by the van, Natasha doing a jigsaw and Daniel updating
his web site.  Late afternoon Steve
takes them back to the pool.  Peter from
bowling is in the pool at invites us for a drink and snack in the evening.  He is staying in one of the apartments and
they are very spacious.  Daniel and Nat
stay in the bedroom watching TV whilst we chat in the lounge.  Just after 8pm we notice Natasha is asleep
and soon after Daniel says he is tired. 
We can easily carry Natasha home but Daniel is another story so we head



MONDAY 21 JULY – 6.30am and it is already hot
and sunny.  After breakfast on the
terrace the kids join us at Petanque and both play really well.  They are struggling a bit with the heat and
humidity as we all are so we have a relaxing morning.  After lunch I take them for a walk up to the shopping area, about
1 mile away.  The theory is that they
can walk under umbrellas for shade and get used to being out walking in the
heat of the day ready for Disney.  It
all works very well until Natasha’s shoes start to rub on the way back.  She changes with me but mine are also
flip-flops and rub between her toes.  In
the end Daniel wears mine, I have Natasha’s and she has Daniels sandals as we
hobble home.  It gets cloudy late
afternoon so after tea we take a pedalo out on the lake.  The sky is turning really black and we get
home just as a big storm starts.  Not
only do we get torrential rain, thunder and lightening but also a strong wind
picks up.  Steve & I battle to pass
the things in to the kids so that we can put the awning away and lucky we did,
as it gets worse.  We sit in the
air-conditioned motorhome passing the time playing cards.  An hour later the street is like a river but
the storm has passed.  A few people have
damage to their party tents and many things have been blown around including
the pool rules sign that the kids have to fish out of the pool to have a
swim.  I’m very happy to make use of the
laundry to wash and dry the things that got damp.



TUESDAY 22 JULY – We all have a bit of a lie
in but Natasha refuses to get up even for breakfast.  She crawls down in time to join Grandad for petanque whilst
Daniel updates his web site. Natasha then comes with me for an hour of aqua
exercises in the small pool.  After
lunch Cindi calls round and takes us out to Publix store in the car.  Daniel is still determined not to spend
money on anything he can get in England but Natasha can’t resist a big bag of
gummy bears.  As soon as we have arrived
back the heavens open up again but this time it is just a rain storm although
it does come and go for a couple of hours. 
Natasha goes up to Cindi’s to watch Harry Potter on TV whilst Daniel, well
you’ve probably guessed, goes on the computer. 
After sausage, egg and chip for tea we head to the Terrace Lounge for a
session of Euchre.  We haven’t had time
to teach Daniel & Natasha the game so they sit at another table playing Poo



WEDNESDAY 23 JULY – Wake to an early storm
however when it dries up it is still cloudy so we can have a long session at
the pool.  I swim and do aqua exercises
whilst the kids just play.  Early afternoon
Cindi takes us for another drive.  We
buy a new licence tag for the motorhome, $46 (£24) year.  Natasha can’t resist buying loads of toys
based on “High school musical” whilst Daniel has to try the M&M chocolate
variety pack.  Back for another swim
followed by a gusty storm so we spend the evening playing cards.



THURSDAY 24 JULY – Steve plays petanque whilst
I take the poons swimming.  I do one
length breaststroke then one crawl and not only does Natasha stay the course
but she swims 50 lengths to my 38!  Late
morning we head off for a ride with Cindi. 
We’re going to the cinema to see Mama Mia and she has suggested Golden
Coral for a buffet lunch.  Unfortunately
she cannot remember where they are and we end up driving for almost 2 hours and
end up on the northeast side of Orlando. 
She doesn’t want to admit defeat but we are all hungry and Natasha has
even fallen asleep.  Finally I use a map
to direct us to the area where Regal cinema is.  Stopping in traffic we start to smell burning and when she pulls
over one of the brakes is smoking big time. 
We’re only a couple of block from our destination so once it has cooled
down she drives there slowly then phones Mike to come out and pick us up in his
car after the cinema.  There are no all
you can eat buffet restaurants here so we have to settle for what there is and
end up at “Johnny Rockets”, a chain of traditional style diners based on the
original and the prices reflect this. 
Mooch around the shops to kill time until the 4.30pm. movie starts. We
have come in the afternoon to get the matinee prices but stuffed up on that as
well as it is only the 1.30 showing that has the $2 pp discount.  We pay $9.95 (£5) for adults and $6.95
(£3.50) for the kids.  Cindi buys a
humongous bucket of popcorn for $5.95 (£3) with a free refill.  Mama Mia is brilliant, lots of Abba songs, a
great story line and many funny bits. 
At the end most people get up to leave but we linger and an extra part
comes on with Pierce Brosnan and the other men in jumpsuits, it nearly has us
in tears.    It’s after 7pm when we
leave and  Mike is waiting for us.   Whilst they are deciding what to do I take
the kids into a pet shop and we have to laugh at a huge rack of dog costumes.  Cindi will leave her car here and pick it up
tomorrow to take it to a brake place. 
We return to the Cove in Mike’s car. 
It’s the start of Parrot Head weekend and lots of people have already
arrived.  The swimming pool is busy and
people are in holiday mood throwing balls and sponges around so Daniel and
Natasha are very happy to join in.



FRIDAY 25 JULY – Steve takes the kids to the
pool whilst I cut out material to make the new sofa cover.  Late morning we head off with Cindi &
Mike first to take Cindi’s car to Just Brakes and then for a buffet lunch at an
Indian Restaurant.  The kids just have
chips.  At the Indian supermarket I
stock up on curry and popadoms and the kids have an ice cream.  Dollar Tree beckons, one of the few stores
where everything is $1 (50p).  Daniel
can’t resist a few packs of trick magic cards. 
Return in time for a swim before tea. 
7pm in the bar is crab racing. 
You pick one of the painted crabs give it a name and become its
trainer.  For the race they stacked in
the middle of a round table under a dome and once the dome is removed the first
to the edge of the table is the winner. 
For the first 10 races the winner gets a 2 for 1 drink voucher then
first round winners go in a grand finale for a bigger price.  Natasha overcomes her wariness and is happy
to pick them up and put them back in the centre after each race.  After a walk around the camp we return for a
late swim and hot tub.



SATURDAY 26 JULY – I begin to make the front
seat covers whilst Steve entertains the kids. 
Straight after lunch the parrot head parade begins with the decorated golf
cards driving through the campground in convoy.  As they pass by you shoot them with water pistols or water
bombs.  The people on the carts squirt
you back or throw out sweets, beads and Jell-O shots.  Of course the kids love it and get loads of sweets and beads and
then walk the parade route collecting sweets that have been left on the
roadside.  The rest of the afternoon is
spent in the pool in full party mode. 
Dozens of inflatable balls are being bounced around and beads and Jell-O
shots thrown in.  At one stage they
begin a conga and this grows to 203 people long with Daniel at the fore
front.  A late storm drives everyone out
but initially there is no lightening so the kids play out in the street, which
is now like a river.  At the evening
trivia quiz Daniel answers a question to go up.  A man next to him has $9m and needs $10 to win so at the start of
the next question Daniel buzzes in. 
When the quizmaster asks him why he buzzed before hearing the question
he says it is to stop the other guy winning. 
Everyone cracks up laughing but it is even funnier when he hears the
question and answers it correctly. 



SUNDAY 27 JULY – Our last day at the Cove with
the kids.  I crack on and finish two
front seat covers and 2 new cushion covers whilst Steve keeps the kids
entertained.  In the afternoon Steve has
a nap whilst I take them for the pool party. 
Again there are lots of balls being thrown around, competitions and
freebies thrown out.  Natasha stays in
so long that Steve has to take over as I am far too wrinkled.  Usual evening storm and by the time it is
over Natasha has fallen asleep watching TV.



MONDAY 28 JULY – I get a last load of washing
in whilst Steve packs up the van.  We
head round to Wal*Mart for a shop.  I’m
halfway round with the kids when Steve tracks us down to say there is a problem
with the van, as the 12v is not working at all.  Head to the checkout and then decide that we would be better
returning to the Cove and going onto electricity whilst we work on the
problem.   We’ve only been back about 5
minutes when I read up that by the door there is a 12v battery disconnect
button and it seems t this has accidentally been activated.  Once it is turned on everything works fine
and we can leave again.  Up in Orlando
we cruise along International Drive to Sand Road where we visit the biggest
McDonalds in the world.  It’s crazy with
noise inside but the kids seem to love it, especially the huge free play area
upstairs.  Next we drive up to Bill
Fredericks Park on Turkey Lake where I have reserved us a campsite, $15
(£7.50).  It’s only 10 minutes beyond
Universal Studios and a very pleasant site with lots of space and plenty of
trees for shade.  We walk up to the
playground and then the swimming pool but they have just had to close it.  Apparently if they hear thunder they must
close the pool until half and hour after the last thunder is heard.  Spend the afternoon in the van planning but
make another visit to the playground after tea.


$15 (£7.50) Electric and Water included


TUESDAY 29 JULY – The plan off attack is to
drive down to Sea World and then have breakfast once we are in the queue.  That way once the parking lot opens we will
get a spot nearer to the entrance.  It
takes just 25 minutes to drive the 9 miles there arriving at 8.00am.  People in cars look on enviously whilst we
have a leisurely breakfast. At 8.30am the car park opens, $12 (£6) all day for
a motorhome.  Once the park opens at 9am
we head straight to Kraken the best of the theme park rides.  You hang 5 abreast in a roller coaster that
does 3 turns upside down.  Grandad and
Natasha are not impressed and both glad to get off.  Journey to Atlantis is a water ride so I sit out whilst the
others have a go then its my turn.  A
great fun ride with a good soaking en route. 
Sea World is more about shows than rides so we get stuck into those
beginning with Clyde & Seamore the sea lions.  Steve is delighted to find the Anheuser-Bush hospitality centre
where you can have 2 free beers per day plus a beer tasting session that
includes snacks.  Shamu killer whale
show is excellent and we all get a good drenching sat near the front.  By mid afternoon we have done lots of shows
and all the rides so return to the van for a bite to eat and a rest.  Back in the park Daniel & I return to
Kraken to queue to go on the front row whilst Steve and Natasha go back to
Journey to Atlantis.  There’s a
45-minute wait and we are almost at the front when the ride breaks down.  They keep announcing that it should be short
delay and to stay in line but we don’t want to keep the others waiting.  Just decide to give up and are making our
way back down the line when it re opens. 
Do a quick about turn and soon are on board ready to ride.  It is a totally different experience at the
front and much more frightening and seems faster.  Back at our agreed meeting point there is no sign of the others
and we are just about to leave when we see them drop down the flume.  Their ride has also had technical difficulties.  We pick up on some of the animal experiences
and more shows and having amassed a load of free vouchers for the “wacky wire”
fairground attraction Daniel finally succeeds and wins a 4’ high “Sandy”
stuffed character from Sponge Bob.  The
evening shows are equally good with a grand finale of firework display and film
projected onto steam over the lake. 
Amazingly the kids are still going strong but on the journey back they
both drop off.



WEDNESDAY 30 JULY – We’re all a bit tired so
miss the early start so have breakfast before driving to Aquatica.  There’s a long line for parking but the
motorhome lane is empty and not only do we sail through but the parking ticket
booth is unmanned.  Our combined ticket
gets us into the park but we cannot find any seating with shade.  I return to the van for our sun umbrellas
but we then find there are now seats. 
It’s a new park and they seem to be letting too many people in as it is
packed.  Settle onto seats in a café
then leave the kids to explore, as we just can’t be bothered waiting in the
long lines.  There is a fast version of
rapids that you float through at great speed and this is really funny as you
can almost ski along the bottom.  The
slower version is on a rubber ring and takes you past the dolphin tank.  Late morning there is a storm after which
the park quietens down and we get loungers at the man made beach.  With shorter queues on the rides the kids
get stuck in and we join them on a few as well.  It’s almost 7pm when we leave and stop at Wal*Mart for the kids
to buy Disney souvenirs en route to the campground.



THURSDAY 31 JULY – We are all whacked and no
one gets up until after 9am.  The poons
got a bit sunburnt yesterday so we have agreed to have a day off from the theme
parks.  Steve takes Natasha for an early
swim whilst Daniel catches up on his diary. 
After a roast lunch we settle down for a nap whilst the kids play cards.  Shortly afterwards I give up and take them
for another swim!



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