Posted by: glenswatman | September 1, 2008

200808-2-USA Florida

SATURDAY 16 AUGUST – All wake up at leisure
and then Steve joins Claire and the kids for a last visit to Blizzard Beach
Water Park.  I pack up the van and at
10am drive up to the car park.  Daz tries
to do the Disney check in but it only applies to direct international
flights.  When the swimmers return I
have dinner ready as our last meal together. 
Around 2pm they board the Disney Magical Express coach to the
airport.  It has been a fantastic 2
weeks together but very tiring and we probably tried to pack too much into it
but we just about muddled through. 
Steve & I stop for a quick shop en route to Cypress Cove.  I expected the store to be busy on Saturday
but people are piling shopping carts high and it is mayhem.  When we get set up at the Cove we hear the
news that hurricane Fay is due to hit Orlando area on Tuesday and this is
probably why people were stocking up.  3
loads of washing later we have the van pretty much back to normal and spend the
evening with Steve watching Olympics on TV and me on the Internet. 



SUNDAY 17 AUGUST – Lie in until almost 8am
then get back into routine with a game of petanque.  Throughout the day more warnings are put out about hurricane Fay
so we walk around the resort and decide that either the laundry or the toilet
block will be our bolthole when it hits. 
There’s a Doctor here today doing skin cancer checks so we both go along
and find that I have one suspicious freckle and Steve has a few that we should
get checked out in the future.  Speak to
Daz & Claire on skype and learn that they had good flights back but are now
feeling very tired.  Natasha slept the
whole time on the long leg.  We get lots
of brief spells of rain and see many people packing up to return to their homes
but overall its rather a nice day and much cooler than it has been.  Manage to fit in my 40 lengths of the pool
late afternoon.  It is now getting like
a ghost town here with the weekenders leaving and other packing up to go back
and protect their homes. 



MONDAY 18 AUGUST – At petanque only one other
player shows up. Throughout the day staff go around tying things down and
removing anything that is likely to blow around.  We have just our adjoining neighbours left in our row and they
are sleeping out tomorrow night as they have friends arriving to stay in a
villa.  At the pool area just a few
loungers and chairs have been left out for use but I do get chance of a good
swim without weaving amongst people.  By
evening the site seems deserted so we are surprised to find people have shown
up to play cribbage and enjoy a couple of games each before we are knocked
out.  All TV channels are carrying
bulletins about Fay and knowing that the office at the Cove is closing at 2.30pm
tomorrow we have to make a decision by then as to whether to tough it out in
the motorhome or rent a villa for the night. 
All local knowledge says staying in a motorhome is not an option but I
am having trouble convincing Steve of this. 
Jamie in Titusville asked us to go over there but knowing how often
weather forecasters get it wrong we could be out of the frying pan and into the
fire doing that.



TUESDAY 19 AUGUST – Its fine when we wake up
but you can tell it will soon be raining so we don’t even attempt
petanque.  Latest storm update is that
the eye of the storm is heading further east and going to hit Titusville but
that our area is now under tornado watch. 
The storm has not worsened to a hurricane but may do so once it hits
land.  I know all this is pointing to it
being less of a threat but against Steve’s wishes I books us a villa at the
reduced hurricane special rate of $45 (£22.50) night. Throughout the day I sit
in the room watching movies and using the Internet whilst Steve watches
Olympics in the motorhome.  We get lots
of rainy spells and wind but nothing that bad so it looks like I have
boobed.  At least it is quiet overnight
as it would probably be noisy in the van with the rain on the roof.



WEDNESDAY 20 AUGUST – Linger in the room until
11am checkout.  Even around the van the
only signs of the storm are a few broken twigs.  It rains for most of the day but during an afternoon dry spell I
put in 44lengths of the pool.  At least
we have TV reception so Steve can watch Olympics and Internet to keep me



THURSDAY 21 AUGUST – It has rained most of the
night.  I’ve ordered a few things on
line through Amazon and my first package arrives, a mini SD card for the
telephone.  It was really cheap;
including postage $11 (£6) so I’m surprised to find the 2GB card comes with an
adapter to turn it into a regular SD card that I can use with my camera.  Achieve m 46-length target in an empty pool.  Once the rain stops the wind picks up and it
is pretty wild.  Make it to the evening
Euchre session but only 6 of us turn up.



FRIDAY 22 AUGUST – It’s still dull and windy
and in fact turns into a bad day with lots of very heavy downpours and some
strong winds.  Again between the rains I
swim and am up to 48 lengths.  At the
evening crab races there are only 13 entries and with 10 heats Steve soon
becomes a winner and gets a 2 for 1 drinks voucher. It’s the last race and my
crab is still in there but storms home and as the last winner I get 2
vouchers.  In the grand finale ours have
both gone back to sleep.  Its Rock and
Roll weekend at he Cove but only about a dozen people show up at Cheeks for the
disco and they are just sitting around so we opt to stay home and watch a



SATURDAY 23 AUGUST – It’s a very pleasant
morning and enough people turn up for petanque.  Return to do some cleaning on the motorhome as the awning has got
quite a bit of mould on it which all comes off with a good scrubbing.  In the afternoon Steve sits by the pool
whilst I put in 50 lengths but has to return before I’m finished as a storm
begins.  Again we get torrential rain
for a few hours.  At the evening trivia
Steve wins one of the round but selecting the price from 1-10 he ends up with the
lowest value one of a free drink. 
Classic Rock weekend includes a live band and we sit and listen for half
and hour or so but recognise nothing so return home.



SUNDAY 24 AUGUST – We begin the nice day with
petanque.  In the afternoon Mike shows
up at the pool.  52 lengths on the score
card today.



MONDAY 25 AUGUST – No one at petanque so that
upsets our routine.  Our neighbours John
& Margaret leave so now we have a nice view up the street. Sporting events
are 56 lengths in the pool and cribbage in the evening.  I’ve ordered a couple of things on line
through Amazon.  It worked really well
as they delivered them here but my English billing address meant I didn’t have
to pay any tax.



TUESDAY 26 AUGUST – Morning petanque.  I have fun trying out my new toys.  A Hawking mini dish to extend and amplify my
wi-fi and a portable mini hard drive to back up my computer.  60 lengths of the pool and an evening
playing Euchre.



WEDNESDAY 27 AUGUST – No players for petanque
again.  Begin our cruise preparation by
digging out our fancy gear and checking if it needs washing etc.  Unfortunately I am so unused to ironing that
I forget I have left the hot iron out and burn my arm reaching past it.  There is a nudist research library here,
open on skeleton hours, and today we pay a visit.  They have an amazing array of bound naturist magazines from all
over the world and copies of almost all the naturist videos that they have now
put onto DVD.  Spend the evening by the
pool bouncing between the hot tub and the cooler pool until thunder and
lightening force us home.



THURSDAY 28 AUGUST – After petanque I do a
load of laundry.  Other than sheets and
sarongs we have little washing whilst here so it has taken us 12 days to create
enough to fill a machine.  Vern arrives
onto the site next door and brings doom and gloom about the approaching newly
forming storm Hanna that could hit the Caribbean next week.  Ignoring the rumbling thunder I persevere to
reach my targeted 64 lengths of the pool (1 mile).  I’m glad I have managed it but boy is it boring – how on earth
Claire swam for miles and miles beats me although she probably swims 3 or 4
times faster than I do.  I certainly
wouldn’t get any prizes for style or speed. 
Richard is the only one to turn up for Euchre so we play a 3 handed



FRIDAY 29 AUGUST – This is the start of Labour
Day weekend and people begin arriving early in the day.   In the evening we join John & Meg for a
drink before heading for the crab races. 
Again I have a winner so Steve says we have to stay longer so he can use
the 2 for 1 drink voucher to get some whiskey. 
When we get home we end up going in to John & Megs and are up late
chatting whilst Steve makes a bit of a hole in Johns whiskey.   Steve flakes out on our sofa and is not
well through the night.



SATURDAY 30 AUGUST – Steve is still rough in
the morning so I go alone to petanque. 
It’s Daniels 11th birthday but he’s away at a scout camp so
we can’t talk to him but learn he had a good ten pin bowling party on
Thursday.  Sherri gives me a lift up to
the supermarket for a shop.  Late
afternoon we get a heavy downpour, which puts paid to the petanque
competition.  End up just having the
meal in the Terrace and defer the game until tomorrow morning.



SUNDAY 31 AUGUST – It’s a cloudy morning but
dry enough for the petanque tournament. 
It is set up so teams of ladies play teams of men and before the second
game new teams are drawn.  Total team
points are added up and the men end up just winning.  Then they play some fun games. 
For the last one you all throw your boule on the court with no target
then someone throws the couch ball over his or her shoulder and the nearest
ball to it wins. I’m a winner and get a great Cypress Cove T-shirt as my
prize.  We are both sad to leave the
Cove having had a great time and made some new friends but at least the weather
isn’t enticing us to linger.  Set off
after lunch and take the toll road ($1 and $1.25) over to Titusville.  Jamie comes out to great us and as our 3rd
visit to him he calls out “welcome home”. 
Spend the afternoon catching up on news then head out to the chain
restaurant “The Village” for supper. 
They are famous for their pies and do a package deal of starter, main
course and half a pie slice at very reasonable prices.  My key lime pie is excellent.  Fellow couchsurfer Pedro joins us for coffee
afterwards.  We met him at Jamie’s when
he arrived from Portugal to begin his helicopter pilot training course.  He has now progressed to having done 3 solo
flights and tells us all about it.  Back
I Jamie’s I monitor tropical storm Hanna and conclude that it looks unlikely
that our cruise to the Bahamas will go ahead as planned.  Reckon we will find out in the morning what
the new itinerary is and so long as it isn’t a cruise to nowhere we will go
along with it.



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