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20100521-31 AUSTRALIA Queensland


FRIDAY 21 MAY – Jim suggests a drive out to look at the
boat.  The catamaran is in dry dock and
having a paint job and refurbishment but still looks good to us and quite
spacious.  In the afternoon help Joan
shopping for new bedding and other things for inside.  It is a dull rainy day so I am hoping we are
not dragging bad weather around with us. 



SATURDAY 22 MAY – Jim is not expecting to launch “Nice N
Easy” until at least Wednesday so we have decided to spend the interim time
visiting friends.  Jim drives us to
Caboolture station where Aus$14.10 (£8.50) buys us a through ticket to
Tewantin.  We begin on the 7.15am train
to Nambour then on 2 buses.  By the time
we arrive the weather is hot and sunny. 
Keith is waiting at the bus stop for us and we are soon at their home
where Diana is waiting.  We haven’t seen
them for about 5 years but neither looks any different and they are still very
young and lively.  We are more than happy
to spend the afternoon sunbathing by the pool and catching up.  After a fish and chip supper we watch TV
(whilst I fall asleep) then sit in the hot tub. 
Unfortunately I must have slept too much earlier on as even after the
relaxing spa I cannot get to sleep.



SUNDAY 23 MAY – Keith goes out early to do his amateur radio
bit during the cycle race.  Watching all
the people on the bikes must have gone to his head as he gets back and suggest
we all go for a climb up Tinbeerwah Mountain. 
It’s actually an easy and very rewarding climb with 360 degree panoramic
views including Noosa and the ocean. 
Must say that for their ages Keith and Di are remarkably fit and alert,
probably down to Captain Keith teaching at school and Di with her Mah Jong
class and other activities.  I am still
suffering with nasal problems so spend much of the afternoon napping.   Tonight we try the spa before dinner which
means that as soon as I begin nodding off watching TV I can go to bed!


MONDAY 24 MAY – Keith & Di have kindly offered to drive
us down to Miyama to Ken & Kay’s. 
Ken recently underwent heart valve surgery and is still recovering.  Keith & Di stay for morning coffee and
Kay’s delicious homemade cake.  In the
afternoon we phone and find out that our English friends John & Shirley are
very close by in their campervan so Ken & Kay invite them round.  They join us for an evening meal and Kay does
us proud even making toffee to go with the dessert.  We still have more to chat about with John
& Shirley so they camp out in the car park. 



TUESDAY 25 MAY – John & Shirley are at the door at 8am
so we quickly get up to join everyone on the terrace.  We pop down to look at their camper and they
have had a superb deal on a 1986 “Billy” type van, in fact better condition and
lower mileage than ours but we prefer the other design, almost makes us
homesick.  They head off north whilst Kay
& I go round to Kawana waters shopping centre.  I am stocking up on things for on the boat,
Jim is buying all the food on drink but we still need personal items.  On return I spend time transferring things
into smaller zip lock bags for convenience or to keep them dry.  I’m still full of cold and my nose is
constantly streaming, I am beginning to look like Rudolf.  Luckily when Ken goes for a check up the
doctor tells him that his cold symptoms cannot have been caught from me as we
have not been here long enough.  On the
news there is a catamaran that set sail near here and on the first night got
into difficulties and has grounded and during the night the waves smashed it
up.  It was a couple who were sailing for
the first time and the boat was to be their home so they have lost
everything.  Glad we have an experienced
skipper on our boat.  In the evening we
introduce Kay to the school boy humour British comedy “The Inbetweeners”, very
crude in parts but still pretty funny.



WEDNESDAY 26 MAY – We’ve had a couple of dull days so it is
nice to wake to blue skies and sun. 
Today Jim is putting the boat into the water but he has suggested we
stay here and he will pick us up at the weekend.  Feel a bit guilty as this means we don’t have
to help with loading it all up.  It is
hot and sunny so Ken & Kay suggest a ride out.  We end up at the fishing area of Mooloolaba
where we get an excellent fish dinner and loads of huge prawns.  In the evening we hear from Jim that when
they launched the boat all went well until they went back to it and found a
leak in our cabin.  A few weeks ago the
boat was filling up with water when it was in dry dock and Jim drilled holes in
the hull to drain it but missed plugging one. 
He says it will all be sorted out tomorrow.  Ken is feeling much better and stays up with
Steve watching the “State of origin” Aussie Rules which Queensland wins.



THURSDAY 27 MAY – I walk to the nearby shopping centre and
buy the last few things we think we will need, including a single air
mattress.  It is for me to wallow on in
the ocean but may come in handy if Jim hasn’t fixed the leak properly!  I cook us a veggie curry in the evening and
this seems to help clearing my head. 
Stop up late watching the Amazing Race and realise how dumb some
Americans are, more than half of them pronounced Seychelles as “say chellies”!



FRIDAY 28 MAY – I’m still suffering with a blocked then runny
nose and have tried various over the counter medications to no avail.  Ken offers me his prescription for
antibiotics as it seems I have a chest infection.  Reluctantly decide to take them as I really
want to be clear of this before we set off on Sunday and it has gone on for
almost 2 weeks.  Late afternoon we sit
out playing cards.  I opt for an early
night to try and get better quicker.



SATURDAY 29 MAY – In Australia we have reciprocal medical
arrangements and knowing I will need blood tests in a month we walk to the
Medicare offices and register to get our medical cards.  I also buy an “EasiYo” yoghurt maker for on
the boat ($22.88, £14).  It is really
easy to use, a kind of flask with an inner container into which you put the
special power and water.  After shaking
up the mix you put boiling water into the flask then stand the yoghurt mix
inside.  8-hours later you have perfect
yoghurt which works out at $3 (£1.80) a kilo. 
It is a lovely hot day so I alternate between sitting out sunbathing and
taking naps and feel much better by evening.



SUNDAY 30 MAY – At last I feel fit enough to do the
crewing.  It is another nice sunny day so
we go to Alex Surf Club for lunch.  The
$10 (£6) special of ribs and buffet is excellent value and the setting
overlooking the beach just perfect.  Ken
& Kay want to show us their new caravan and we drive to the storage area.
Lucky we do as they find an area full of ants. 
Ken certainly seems to be brightening up now and I think having us to
visit has done him good.  We get the news
the boat launch has been delayed again, apparently Jim’s wife Joan wanted it to
be really nice for us and insisted he fitted the carpets in so he ended up
missing the tide.



MONDAY 31 MAY – I join Kay for a ladies coffee morning.  Irene is a Yorkshire lass who immigrated to
Perth 40 years ago and now lives in Queensland whilst Glenda also has many
tales to tell about her time living in Papa New Guinea.  It’s another nice day so we spend the
afternoon playing cards on the terrace. 
Once again I sort out stuff out ready for going on the boat, should be
right this time as Jim has sent me a message to say they are at the river mouth
and will be sailing up here tomorrow.  I
am feeling much better after taking antibiotics and we are both now itching to



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