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201009 1-15 AUSTRALIA Queensland



WEDNESDAY 1 SEPTEMBER 2010 – It is a really nice morning so we get straight up to the pool area.  New arrivals in the cabins are Joe and Helene from Melbourne who are having their first visit to a naturist resort.  In the afternoon we enjoy playing Scrabble with Kristi.  Chat to Joe & Helene and it turns out they live near Melbourne airport and invite us to stay with them the night before our flight – perfect.



THURSDAY 2 SEPTEMBER – Seems the weather is improving as we have another nice hot sunny morning.  Things tail off in the afternoon but by then we have both had enough sun anyway.  Steve enjoys playing pool with John whilst I occupy my brain doing Sudoku.



FRIDAY 3 SEPTEMBER – Kristi is flying out today so I join Ted for the drive in the take her to the port.  When we go to see her off we are on the marina pontoon where the super yacht is anchored so we go for a look.  It is huge and a worker tells us owned by a company from Perth.  Next to it is “Texas 1” a brand new super yacht built in Australia and available for charter.  It has 4 bedrooms; the main one has a huge flat screen TV in the bedroom then a smaller TV over the bath.  Reckon if we go crewing again we should look out for such a yacht!  We heard noises during the night and it turns out Verena had a fall on the way to the bathroom.  She fell down an embankment and hit a rock with her leg and heard a snap.  She screamed out in pain and people went to help her whilst her partner Kevin called for an ambulance.  News today is that they she is in Proserpine hospital and they are working out the best way to fix the bad break.  Many people have been cooking damper on the fire and Ted has given me a simple recipe –

TEDS DAMPER MIX. 3 level cups of self raising flour, 1 heaped tablespoon sugar, 1 375ml can of beer or lemonade, oil and foil.  Sift the flour into a bowl and add sugar and any fillings (I use cheese, onion and red pepper).  Add beer until blended into a slightly moist dough.  Oil some foil and put the dough onto the foil and completely cover the cook in a camp oven.

It works out really well and is a good substitute for bread.  Jim has also cooked a damper but a sweet version with mixed dried fruit which turns out like a moist cake so happy hour just about becomes our evening feed.


SATURDAY 4 SEPTEMBER – We’ve had a rainy night and it is a dull day so I following the success of the damper I decide to make Teds Scones. 

TEDS SCONES. 3 or 4 cups of self raising flour, 375 ml of lemonade, 300ml thickened cream. Mix flour, lemonade and cream together to form soft dough. Roll out and cut into shape and cook for just over 10 minutes until golden brown.

 Substituting coca cola for the lemonade and adding almonds and raisins they are another success.  Spend much of the day watching movies on the computer.



SUNDAY 5 SEPTEMBER – It is Fathers Day in Australia so Pat has suggested we all meet for a cooked breakfast and then a gift exchange for the men.  I expect the women to be cooking the food on the BBQ but even on Father’s Day this is still male territory.  I get a superb haircut from Gwen and reciprocate with a massage.



MONDAY 6 SEPTEMBER – Back to poor weather and watching movies, in fact we quite enjoy the excuse to fester.  In the evening there is a farewell gathering as about a dozen of us are leaving tomorrow.  We all take up finger food to eat and there is plenty of it so we have a real pig out.



TUESDAY 7 SEPTEMBER – Linda has offered our cabin to Verena when she comes out of hospital today with her broken leg; consequently I am up early packing and cleaning the cabin.  Unfortunately it is another dull drizzly day but at least we have the recreation room to hang out in.  Late afternoon Jim drives us to the Whitsunday Coast airport just south of Proserpine.  It is really small with Jet Star and Virgin Blue each having a check in and departure area, a café and little else.  Security is basic as we are allowed to take aerosols and liquids through as this is only a domestic flight.  Our $49 (£30) ticket says carryon baggage only weighing 10km and only 1 bag each but no one checks at all.  We are about 20 minutes late leaving.  The plane looks new but the seats don’t recline and you have to pay for all extras but no complaints there given the price we paid.   1 ½ hours later at 8pm we land at Brisbane airport and hang around for 1 hour for our bus.  We’ve booked Cols Sunshine Coast shuttle for $35 (£25) each to take us to Tewantin.  Around 11.30pm we are delighted to arrive and see Keith and Di waiting for us.  Their next door neighbour is ill in hospital so and we are going to house-sit so they take us straight there.  We have 2 cats to look after and use of Internet, satellite TV and the pool – how good is that.



WEDNESDAY 8 SEPTEMBER – It seems even hotter than when we were at Taylorwood so we are happy to spend the morning by the pool.  After lunch we pop round to Keith & Di’s and do a lot of chatting about India where they used to live and also the South Pacific Islands that they have visited.  We are spoilt with full happy hour and snacks and a lovely dinner followed by an Irish coffee.  They warn us this is our welcome home and won’t be repeated every night!



THURSDAY 9 SEPTEMBER – Another lovely morning for sitting by the pool.  I do a bit of tidying of leaves and debris in the garden whilst Steve fixes up the car.  They thought it needed a new battery but a clean and tighten of the terminals soon has it starting, just need to figure out how to open the garage doors now.  The cats are not eating well so I clean everything up and put out a fresh tin.  Lucky starts to eat but within a few minutes later throws up on the lawn whilst Fudge doesn’t show up at all.  They are not allowed in the house and live in the garage and inside the car so we have a bit of a job cleaning up all the cat hair before we can go for a ride.  Having found the garage remote control in the car we can go for a drive.  Di joins me for a trip to the shops and the car seems fine so we may venture further next time.



FRIDAY 10 SEPTEMBER – Well it was too good to last and we wake to a drizzly morning but at least it is not cold.  When it fairs up we take a walk to the nearby shopping centre, just 5 minutes away so really handy.  Join Keith & Di for morning tea and more talk about India with Di pulling out her diary from their last trip in 1996.  At lunch time we all go to Tewantin RSL where we enjoy delicious fish and chips for $4.95 (£3), so tasty we could have eaten them again – or maybe the portions were a bit small.  We call in at Aldi supermarket on the way back and I am pleased to see cheap prices and familiar products.  At Keith & Di’s we while away a couple of hours playing cribbage. 



SATURDAY 11 SEPTEMBER – I leave Steve in bed when I go out to join Keith & Di.  Today Keith is going to a radio hams fair and dropping Di & I in Nambour for a shop.  We begin at the Salvation Army op shop where they have some brand new clothes for sale.  In anticipation of our cruise I pick up a blouse and skirt previously priced at $50 each and now just $4 (£2, 80).  At another store I get Steve a black dinner jacket for $2 (£1.40), cheaper than borrowing one and paying to have it cleaned afterwards.  When we get back it is hot and sunny and Steve has been alternating sitting by the pool with watching sport on TV.  In the afternoon our friend Ken is up in Tewantin in a bowls competition so we cheer him on for an hour.  We invite Keith & Di round for an evening meal and I cook up a curry but we all conclude it wasn’t really hot enough.  This is followed by traffic light fresh fruit salad, strawberries, pineapple and kiwi.  An hour watching “Old Tricks” rounds off a lovely day although Steve does stay up until the wee hours watching football.



SUNDAY 12 SEPTEMBER – It’s a glorious day so a trip to the beach is in order.  Keith drives us to the edge of the National Park so we can join a track to make the tricky walk down to the clothing optional Alexandria Beach.  It is a really pleasant walk through the park and we arrive at the beautiful beach to see many people enjoying the day.  It’s warm enough for a few cooling dips in the ocean and we also walk the length of the beach.  Walking out Keith finds it a bit of a struggle but taking his time he makes it with no real problems. 



MONDAY 13 SEPTEMBER- Our 35th wedding anniversary, hope we will make another 35.  Late morning Deb & Terry arrive to drop our stuff off, they have bought some surplus things down for us from Taylorwood but are now off to visit friends.  We were hoping to go out for a meal tonight but most of the restaurants are closed on Mondays so we go out and buy some nice scotch fillet steak for a BBQ.  Keith has been to the hospital for a check up today and they have kept him in so just Di joins us along with Deb & Terry and Ken & Kay.  We spend a most enjoyable evening sitting out by the pool.



TUESDAY 14 SEPTEMBER – We pick up Terry & Deb from the caravan park as they have never been to A Bay.  This time we park on MacAnally drive and on the walk up to the park Deb points out a pencil fence.  Someone has rounded off the top of wooden poles then painted each one to look like a different coloured pencil tip.  Hope the warning on the gate “beware of sniper” relates to a dog of that name.  Fewer people on the beach today but still warm enough to go swimming a few times.  We leave at lunchtime and detour first to the lookout over the river entrance and then along Hastings Street, famous for the restaurants, and out to Main Beach.  Arrive home early afternoon and both take a siesta.  Keith is home but feeling pretty tired having got little sleep last night.



WEDNESDAY 15 SEPTEMBER – Getting into a nice routine now with the cats, Fudge has got us well trained and rather than climb the fence he waits at the front door at mealtimes so that we will let him through the house and out to the food table in the back garden.  It is a lovely day so I enjoy lying out be the pool on my airbed.  After lunch we take a walk along the track that runs behind the estate but there is little of interest.  Join Keith & Di for afternoon tea and a catch up on news. 



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