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201009 AUSTRALIA Qld Sunshine Coast


I spend a lot of time on the computer deciding what to do
with a bond that matures next week.  We
sold our Keighley house 3 years ago and since then the money has been invested
annually with a reasonable interest rate but this year it is down to 2% so we
are debating whether this is the time to get back into the housing market.  Of course we could just spend the money!  Keith & Di call round for happy hour



I join Di for a trip round the op (charity) shops to gather
some clothes for our up and coming cruise. 
Do really well at the first two where they have $1 (65p) sales.  Steve is in need of new trainer style walking
shoes and Rivers have a factory outlet with $99.99 ones reduced to $18
(£12).  We return with our good buys and
fish & chips for lunch.  We get a
call from Christine to say Ron has had a bit of a set back with an infection
and can we stay on longer which suits us well. 
She is really grateful for us helping out whilst we appreciate having a
nice home to live in and free of charge too. 
Reckon we could take up this house-sitting full time if we ever got fed
up of travelling.  Steve loves the shoes
but the sizing is generous so we take them back for a smaller size.  Now we know we are staying on we call in to
Woolworths for more groceries.  Our
timing is perfect as they are reducing much of the meat to less than half
price, luckily there is just about space in the freezer to pack in all our
bargains.  Now how many BBQ’s do we need
to have to get through all this delicious steak?



Keith & Di come round for lunch, delicious meat loaf
bought yesterday served with broccoli and mash. 
They enjoy using the computer and with Google maps street view check out
all the places where they used to live in England.  Keith goes home for a siesta whilst Di stays
to play Scrabble and Rummy Kub, as you may guess it is not hot and sunny today.



Steve’s 56th birthday. 
After a nice lie in he gets up in time for us to go out to lunch with
Ken & Kay and Keith & Di.  The
Villa Noosa has a good menu and we splurge on the seafood platter with squid,
oysters, fish, crab cakes and prawns. 
Return home for apple pie and ice cream along with an afternoon playing



It is pouring with rain so I do a bit of housework and it
is a bit, this house really doesn’t seem to get dirty and there is hardly any
dust.  On the news we hear that due to
the heavy rains Airlie Beach is cut off from the main road and many other
places are flooded.  Guess if we have to be
somewhere in the rain a nice house is as good as any.  We first met Rod & Ruth in New Zealand 10
years ago and by chance they are over here now and in the area so we have
invited them round.  They have made huge
lifestyle changes since we last saw them including selling their house, buying
a cottage at Nelson Sun Club, packing in work and spending 8 months of the year
touring Australia in their new motorhome. 
Keith & Di join us all for happy hour then we spend the rest of the
evening playing Euchre with Rod & Ruth. 
Funnily enough they were people who first introduced us to the game.  The motorhome fits perfectly on the driveway
and Keith says it will be no problem for them to stay overnight.



The rain stops and it turns into a pleasant day.  I walk with Rod & Ruth to the nearby
shops and we visit the op shop.  Bad
move, today they have a 50c (33p) sale and I end up with 2 denim skirts, a pair
of jeans and a fleece jacket.  Clothing
is really difficult for us at the moment as we know the weather is likely to be
much cooler once we arrive in Melbourne in about 2 weeks time.  In the afternoon we sit out and Rod &
Ruth teach us the word card game of “Quiddler”, a brilliant easy to learn game
and perfect for Scrabble players but as a single card pack much easier to carry
around.  Again Keith & Di join us for
happy hour and as it is Ruth’s birthday I make a birthday cake shaped cheese
and red pepper damper which I bring out with a match stick candle.  I cooked us all meal last night so Ruth
insists they cook tonight and they have bought some huge 1” thick steaks for
Steve to BBQ.  They are absolutely
delicious, the best steaks we have eaten in months.  After eating they teach us another good
travelling game with 6 dice called “30” and we follow up that with an attempt
at the card game 500.  What great fun,
the simple pleasures of life – good company, a nice meal and games



It looks like the storm really has passed through.  Rod & Ruth hit the road and after a
cooked breakfast eaten outside we hit the sunbathing.  Spoke to soon the sun has gone by mid morning
so we settle for being telly addicts. 
I’m really getting into the property programmes whilst Steve is getting
a huge fix of the dramas such as CSI and Lie to me.  We are invited to Keith & Di’s for a
roast beef dinner as their niece Helen is coming up from Nambour.  She’s a really nice girl, a radiographer, and
very interesting.  Di spoils us as she
even puts on Yorkshire puddings.



David writes to tell us he has been to the specialist but
has to wait 6 – 8 weeks for his operation. 
In the afternoon Di comes round for a bit of beauty pampering, a top and
toe job.  Facial then pedicure and she
really appreciates it. 



No more Internet, apparently I have used up the monthly
quota.  As it came on automatically and I
was told it was broadband I didn’t realise there was a usage limit and have
given it some hammer whilst researching our onwards trips etc.  I invite Keith & Di round for a cottage
pie lunch.  This arrangement seems to be
working really well with none of us falling into a fixed routine but we all
feel able to invite each other rounds whenever it suits.  We hear that Christine is coming back early
on Tuesday morning to get the house ready for Ron’s arrival later in the week
so now we can make our ongoing plan.  I
was getting itchy feet anyway so this is perfect timing giving us chance to
visit Ken & Kay again.



Dull day so we invite Keith & Di around for morning



Same old day. Join Keith & Di for a last supper meal
for fish and chips with mushy peas and mint sauce.  Get up at 3am to make a couple of phone calls
to England then can’t settle back to sleep!



How frustrating to find out last day is gloriously hot and
sunny.  At least I can keep jumping into
the pool to cool off in between doing the final house clean.  We get a visitor on the patio; a huge cane
toad hops along then keeps jumping up at the patio door trying to get in.  An old song springs to mind “I hear you
hopping, but you can’t come in”.  Ken
& Kay pick us up mid afternoon and take us back to their unit in Minyama so
we are back where we started in May.  The
house sitting was great but after a couple of weeks I was ready for a change of
scenery and this we now have.



Having been without Internet for a week I head to
MacDonalds across the road for the free wi-fi. 
Kind of hard to complain when it is free but this has to be the slowest
connection yet.  So slow that I can’t get
all my messages as the computer needs to do an update before giving me my
messages and the 1 ½ hours on line is not long enough for the update!  Walk to the Kawana Shopping world in the afternoon
then return to play cards “Up and down the river”.



I discover that the local library has free internet with
good connection so while away a couple of hours catching up on things.  Spend the afternoon playing cards and get
another rain storm in the evening.  Seems
this is the wettest Queensland September on record.



Back to the library, twice as the account I want to open in
England can only be done during British banking hours.  Ken & Kay are out most of the day and
evening so we take over the TV.



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