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20110821-31 ENGLAND

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SUNDAY 21 AUGUST – Another nice day, are we really back in England? Steve and I get started early and by mid morning have cleaned and waxed the motorhome and done a load of hand washing. Steve & Donna come over for the day and we spend time in the pool area and Jacuzzi catching up on their news.

MONDAY 22 AUGUST – Daniel & Natasha are going to their Dad’s and we put them on the 9.40am train to Keighley (£10.30). They settle in quickly and don’t even look at the window to wave goodbye to me. At the Rimor dealers we find out we may have more problems with our van as it seems the initial registration of the Ford Transit was not done therefore the warranty is not valid. I manage to find a dentist at North Point centre that will see me on the National Health on Wednesday, it will be so good to finally get my tooth problem finalised after over 2 months. In the afternoon Andy organises a boules tournament and we both win 2 out of 3 games so our skills have not slipped too much. We cook and eat our evening meal in the clubhouse and round of the day watching TV in the lounge.

TUESDAY 23 AUGUST – Today we are getting the weather we expected, dull and rainy. Still sitting in the hot tub chatting to Andy and Chris makes for a pleasant afternoon.

WEDNESDAY 24 AUGUST – We get an early morning phone call from Donna to say David has been in a bad accident. She gives us the Police contact number and we learn that he is being airlift to hospital at Stoke. He is on a body board with suspected head and spinal injuries. We immediately pack up the motorhome to leave but manage to get through the hospital where he has arrived. They tell us to hang on for 45 minutes whilst they do a cat scan and x-rays. Meanwhile Donna is already on the train heading for the hospital. When we hear back the news is excellent, unbelievable he has no head injuries and no broken bones and in fact may be sent home this afternoon. He was riding his bike on a roundabout when a car came on to the roundabout without seeing him, hit him and threw him onto the bonnet where he then fell off and got hit by a second car so he has been very lucky indeed. As Donna is with him we decide to stay put. I go for my dentist appointment and feel very frustrated when they tell me their x-ray machine and without pictures to confirm the root canal work has settled they cannot continue the treatment and put in a new filling. I still have to pay the £17 minimum consultation charge and I can’t book another appointment as the x-ray machine will not be fixed before next week. In the evening everyone gathers at the clubhouse to eat their evening meals. We have to tell the story about David many times but feel happy that we can now add that he has been sent home to Market Drayton in an ambulance.

THURSDAY 25 AUGUST – A pool night’s sleep due to heavy rain. David has also had a bad night due to pain and has been to the Doctor’s and been given tablets and a sick note for 1 week. He has lots of pain, bruising and swelling – can’t believe they sent him home yesterday. After the afternoon boules session we set off for Keighley. Traffic between Leeds and Bradford is terrible and it takes us almost 1-hour to cover 1 junction. We settle back at Sandra’s for the night.

FRIDAY 26 AUGUST – Whilst I go for blood tests Steve takes the motorhome to the Ford dealer. The good news is that the vehicle has been registered so we book in to have some work done. At Mom’s we spend the morning catching up with news and with me trying to get an appointment at a NHS dentist. This proves impossible as none of them are taking on new patients and the few that are don’t have appointments until October. When the mobile hair dresser arrives I collar her to give me a dry trip, she does a great job but at £9 it’s a tad more expensive than my last cut at 20p in India. In the afternoon we park up at Claire’s and find Daniel at home. Once Claire gets home from work we have a quick meal then head over to Bradford to look over a house that Richard and Claire have seen. In the evening I get our travel books and maps ordered for our winter trip to Spain and Portugal and also download a lot more music onto my smart phone. With the facility in Eddie to have the music coming through the stereo this is a far better alternative than DVD’s.

SATURDAY 27 AUGUST – The washing machine takes a bit of a hammering when I try to catch up with the entire bedding and clothing back log. Claire gets herself packed up for her trip to Florence. She is going for a week for her friend Catherine’s wedding and we are looking after the kids until Tuesday when Daz gets back from a week away. Late morning Steve drives Claire over to Richards. Using the Internet and with help from Bobby and Richard I finally decide which new laptop to buy. An HP Pavilion DV3 4300, a bit pricy at £519.99 but it should more than fill our needs for the next 3 years. ( Our last one took a beating when we were crewing on the yacht and the screen goes off when it is moved and also it now seems slow and is getting full so after 3 years time for an upgrade.

SUNDAY 28 AUGUST – Call down to see Mom & Dad for an hour and they are both doing fine. We drop Daniel in Haworth to hang out with his friends. Natasha wants her bedroom redecorating and having found a large tub of white paint in the loft we start the job. After 2 coats of paint we are still not gaining much coverage.

MONDAY 29 AUGUST – I get up early to crack on with the decorating but soon realise that even 4 coats are not going to give enough coverage. With only a 1 ½” brush to work with the easy answer would be to go out and buy new better paint and paint pads. Steve is out at Cordoba getting work done on the motorhome and I have no insurance for Claire’s car so that’s not going to happen. I pack in and start cooking curries. I’ve invited cousin Karen, Chris, James and Emma over for a meal this afternoon. Late afternoon they arrive and Daniel enjoys entertaining them with his card tricks. Steve arrives back with Natasha and she then shows of her rabbits. Daz collects the kids then we settle down to eat. The food seems to go down very well; my cooking course in Udaipur was definitely worth it.

TUESDAY 30 AUGUST – We are on the road just after 7am and call in to Prestwich to pick up David. He is still achy and has lots of bruises but is starting to feel a bit better. We are heading to FES Gas near Caernarvon in WALES to get to the bottom of our gas bottle problem. It’s a 4-hour journey and we arrive just after 11am. Nick has come back from holiday to sort us out. First he confirms that the system has been badly fitted by the clowns at Cordoba who have damaged parts and left other joints leaking. After repairing certain areas he suggests we all go to the gas depot and try filling each individual tank to confirm the cut off valves are not damaged. Deep joy, the cut offs work and the next stage is to deal with the rest of the leaks. The service is brilliant and he won’t accept any payment as he says he know they sell a very good product and stand by their reputation and feels sorry that all our troubles have been caused by Cordoba. By the time we get to Market Drayton it’s after 4pm. Mum’s at home so we stay for a chat until her pupils arrive. David wants to see the man who knocked him off his bike so we call round then call back when Clive is back from work. He’s a really nice guy, very sorry about the accident and tells David to list his costs as he is putting it through his insurance. Out at Cheswardine we find Miller working on his plot of land. There’s room for our motorhome beside his VW Kombi. We’ve not really eaten all day so I quickly cook up a pasta meal and invite Miller to join us.

WEDNESDAY 31 AUGUST – We are awaiting the arrival of my new laptop and as Mum is going to be out most of the day we want to be at the house if it arrives. Netty comes round to take Mum shopping. She’s lost a lot of weight due to hypnotherapy and looks really good. She takes Mum off to Telford shopping. We wait in but the laptop doesn’t arrive. In the evening Bobby & Steph join us for a meal. We sit out and start with mussels then have curry, fresh raspberries and ice cream and fudge cake. We manage to sit out until 10pm when it is cool enough to force us inside.


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