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20110901-10 ENGLAND

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2011 THURSDAY 1 SEPTEMBER – We’re still waiting for the laptop delivery so take it in turns to go up town.  I meet Mum and take her to the festival hall for lunch where she enjoys the local speciality Staffordshire oatcakes. Mr Singh calls down from the paper shop to talk about money David owes. Guess the Bank of Mum & Dad wasn’t enough for David he’s had to go Asian as well.   In the evening Pete & Carol and Paul & Elaine call round for a drink and cheer us up.


FRIDAY 2 SEPTEMBER – Like us Mum has not slept well as we have all been pondering David and his problems.  I go to the library to sort out the non delivery of some books and also the laptop and get very frustrated when my battery runs out as they no longer have electric sockets available.  Mum collects her new built up shoes, she has one leg slightly shorter than the other after her hip operations and is hoping this will help her walk better.  Our books arrive and I begin chasing up my laptop.  After numerous phone calls I learn that it was sent out on a delivery truck on Wednesday but the driver has resigned and it was only today that the goods were collected back from him.  They say they will deliver on Monday but I insist on today and they call back and confirm it will be here by 6pm.  The most frustrating part of this is that Bobby is going to help me get it all set up and he has Wednesday and Friday afternoons free.  Today he and Steph bought a new I-Pad and they will want to set that up but he kindly allocates a few hours in the evening to get me up and running.  There’s lots of “bloware” on the HP laptops and he wants to get it removed as well as some basic programmes installed and does a great job.  Bobby is seriously impressed by how fast the i5 processor is and reckons it has been a good all round choice of a laptop for a traveller.  Steve has not been feeling well so has driven the van back to Cheswardine.  When I get home he is in a bad way.  He is getting very bad stomach cramps and feeling sickly.  I set up a separate bed for myself and offer him any pills and potions that might help.  Throughout the night he has a couple of really bad turns and eventually throws up, twice.  Being sick in a motorhome is really bad as the smell is confined in a very small area.


SATURDAY 3 SEPTEMBER – We linger at Cheswardine as we have had little sleep for the 2nd night running and Steve is still feeling unwell. I make use of the time to transfer more files to my new laptop.  So far the main thing I am not really happy with is the track pad as the right click is not very effective but others things are brilliant.  Arriving back in Drayton David is waiting in the car park to see us and chats to Steve explaining what has been happening.  We pop up to Mum’s and she tells us David has been to see her as well.  We stop and chat to Mum then leave mid afternoon thinking we will call in on a few friends before heading north.   Unfortunately we can’t get hold of anyone.


SUNDAY 4 SEPTEMBER – Steve’s stomach is finally settling down, hope to goodness he still hasn’t got a bug from India lurking inside.  In December 2009 we met Couchsurfers Aussie Di and English Mark when they lived in Santiago Chile.  Mark is a Liverpool FC fan and whilst we stayed with them the lads watched a couple of games together on TV.  They have now moved back to Liverpool so we call in to see them.  Their family has increased, they brought the ferrets back with them but now have a German sheepdog puppy (Miss Mop) and Di is expecting a baby in January.   It’s a nice hot afternoon so we make the most of it by sitting out to chat.  Mark’s parents David and Jilly arrive and make very interesting company as Jilly was born in Argentina but lived in Kenya where she met David when he was running a tea plantation.  Mark cooks a terrific roast beef dinner in the evening and we follow this by playing games.  Can’t remember the name but as a team you have to describe something without using those exact words.  Mark’s brother Michael joins us and helps both teams.


MONDAY 5 SEPTEMBER – Di enjoys a morning lie in, a concession to her condition and as she works on line with companies in America this is no problem.  We have a late morning brunch then I make use of the Internet to try and get more things done on my new laptop.  It’s a case of 2 steps forward and 1 step back as almost everything I do seems to highlight a problem that I don’t know how to deal with. It’s a foul day with lots of wind and torrential rain.   Late afternoon we go into Liverpool to Anfield to visit the new Boot Room sports cafe.  Steve saw it on Liverpool TV as thought it looked good but in reality it is even nicer. The food is a little pricy for a cafe but served restaurant style and my burger is delicious.  The chips come in a miniature chip basket and the burger bun is designed like a football.  All the mocktails have football player themed names and Di & I order Gerard’s Golden goals.  At the end of each table is a flat screen TV tuned in to the Liverpool Channel.  On the way back Mark does a small detour past Strawberry fields, Torres old house, John Lennon’s childhood home and John Parrot’s present house.  All very close to where they live. We don’t have headlight converters on the motorhome so need to get back before dark.  We arrive just before dark at 8pm although we have had to use our lights on the way due to poor visibility.


TUESDAY 6 SEPTEMBER – The awful weather continues.  We have the motorhome booked in at the Ford dealers for the handbrake problems plus a rear brake recall.  From there I walk up to the shops and get a real soaking as the wind becomes too strong to use the umbrella.  Rendezvous at Mom & Dads.  Lisa has called round so we get chance to see her as well.  Dad’s off into respite again for a week and instead of going away Mom is going to enjoy time home alone.  At Airedale hospital I have a follow up appointment with Dr Levy.  My blood tests show that the infection and swelling are now under control so it must have been the tooth problem causing it.  The endoscopy showed I don’t have a hiatus hernia but we talk about my acid reflux which is probably due to age.  I opt to stop taking permanent medication and treat it by diet and Gaviscon tablets.  She is now more concerned about my anaemia.  Whilst I am no longer anaemic and my iron levels have crept into the norm they should be much higher after being on iron tablets for 3 months.  It’s not a major issue but Dr Levy wants to discount underlying causes.  She suggests I stay on the iron tablets but stop taking those 3 months before we return in May when she will see me again.  Return to Sandra’s where we watch the lampposts being shaken by the strong winds.  Claire picks us up and I take a curry for us all to eat.  I then crack on with Natasha’s bedroom.  The paint goes on much better with the roller and has an interesting textured effect where the lumps come off!  All goes well until I catch the roller on the curtain rail hook and rip the roller fabric causing it to flap. Too big a chunk to cut out so somehow I find the patience to finish the job by just rolling in one direction.


WEDNESDAY 7 SEPTEMBER – Still on the medical trail I start at the Doctors.  She is not happy with my HRT and thinks the dosage is wrong but suggests I discuss it with the gynae next week.  In fact she has had a letter from him saying wants me back for tests in 6 months.  If this is so we will still go away and I will fly back alone to get sorted.  Next slot is the dentist in Hull.  Arrive a little early and I wonder around the shopping centre feeling very conspicuous as I have nothing to push.  Virtually everyone else is either a teenage girl with a pushchair or an elderly person with a shopping trolley.  The dentist does an x-ray and finds a shaded area that could be a little bit of left over infection or damage from the previous infection.  Also the root canals have not been filled completely to the end but she says they may be blocked anyway.  She opts to go ahead with the filling and says that as the tooth walls are not strong enough to hold the metal one she will do white.  It’s such a pleasure to finally have a smooth surface to poke my tongue at.  10 years ago we met Jules and Oz when they took a year off to tour Europe in a motorhome.  We’ve recently made contact through the Internet and drive over to Grimsby to visit.  They have the perfect set up for motorhome visitors, electric hook up, cassette toilet disposal, water supply and in the house washer, tumble dryer, bathroom and Wi-Fi for us to use.  Since we met them they have had a daughter, Amelia now 7, and got married.  They still motorhome although mainly at weekends and already have a long term plan to do something like we are.  Over a Chinese take away we have lots of laughs and great conversation.


THURSDAY 8 SEPTEMBER – I didn’t sleep well last night, 2 glasses of wine caused my sinuses to block and as the anaesthetic wore off I had some throbbing in my tooth.  Both Jules & Oz have left by the time we get up so we let ourselves into the house.  Wallow together in the huge bath and then set about making use of facilities.   Steve does work in the van whilst I do laundry and internet.  In the evening Jules cooks a tasty roast dinner and after that Oz & Steve play backgammon.


FRIDAY 9 SEPTEMBER – After another night of toothache I phone up and get an appointment this morning.  Not only is the tooth aching but I still have sensitivity to hot and cold which makes no sense as the tooth is dead.  The dentist is very thorough and checks the adjoining teeth for sensitivity as she can’t figure things out.  She gives me antibiotics to clear up any possible infection and applies a varnish all around the tooth in case there are any small gaps.    If this doesn’t work there is no choice but to have the tooth pulled out.  It’s mid afternoon when we get back to Sandra’s drive in Keighley after stopping for shopping en route. I can’t resist the half price clotted cream, even if I do end up buying full price scones and extra fruity jam to go with it!  Well I need cheering up.  Claire calls round to see us with instructions for our child minding.


SATURDAY 10 SEPTEMBER – Daz picks up Steve on his way to take the kids home.  I enjoy a lie in and home alone time to get on with jobs where I can spread myself out.  With no more visitors expected I put the carpet make down making Eddie feel much more homely and warm.  Claire picks me up at lunch time and I spend the afternoon putting the silk paint on the woodwork in Nat’s bedroom.



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