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20111111-21 SPAIN

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FRIDAY 11 NOVEMBER – In the morning we head to the village, over the main road then up a hill.  In fact not worth the walk as there is so little there.  Back at the beach we enjoy lunch overlooking the ocean, chilli pasta with wine followed by fresh fruit salad and custard – gee life is tough.  It’s pretty cool by 4.30pm and the sun sets around 5.30pm so we retreat into the motorhome early.  At least we have plenty to entertain us by way of Scrabble, cards, backgammon and movies on the laptop.


SATURDAY 12 NOVEMBER – Today Savinosi beach is much nicer with mainly couples; it is also warmer than Platja Llarga being sheltered from the cool breeze.  In fact it gets so warm we both take to the water.  Late afternoon David and Hazel invite us to join them for a pasta meal after which we retire into their motorhome as the England v Spain football match is being shown live and they have satellite TV.  This is followed by X-factor which in fact makes us realise why we haven’t bothered having a TV system.


SUNDAY 13 NOVEMBER – In spite of it being a cooler more breezy cloudy day the beach is full of locals, walking and walking dogs, flying kites, fishing and doing water sports.  A British van and caravan pull up and we meet a young couple Tim and Lilia with 3 year old Marcus.  They have taken time out to travel but Marcus is missing English speaking children so they are going back for Christmas.  Lilia is from Moldova and tells us a bit about her country.


MONDAY 14 NOVEMBER – Our plans to leave are scuppered when I wake up with a bad shoulder, suspect it may be from a bit of stretching exercise I did on the beach a couple of days ago so no more exercise.  Steve massages in some muscle rub cream and I take a couple of neurofen and go back to bed for an hour after which I feel better.  Hazel & David leave late morning and Tim says he is really glad we have delayed our departure as they want to chat with us.  It’s a cloudy and windy day so we borrow his “Toy Story 3” DVD to watch then join them in their caravan for a couple of hours chat.  The weather continues to deteriorate and it has begun raining before we go to bed.


TUESDAY 15 NOVEMBER – Steve calls round to the caravan to return some things and say bye.  The heavens open up so I decide to drive round and save him getting wet walking back.  I can see the family through the windows and try to ask if Steve is still there but they just seem to wave Goodbye.  I then guess Steve has walked further along to the toilet so pull up outside to wait.  About 10 minutes later Steve appears laughing and asks “what was that all about?”  Apparently he was inside the caravan all the time but didn’t want to come outside at that moment as it was pouring down.  The next thing they he knew I was driving off and everyone cracked up laughing.  We head a little inland to Reus where Gaudi was born.  There are modernist buildings and a Gaudi museum.  After driving around we cannot find any guarded parking, the only spot being on waste land surrounded by dubious blocks of flats and with no security.  It’s pouring with rain so we don’t even feel like getting out and taking it in turns to look around.  At Cambrils we join the coast but all the potential motorhome parking spots have no motorhome signs.  There must have been a lot of rain here as a few of the streets are flooded and at one point the street crossing has become a river.  In 1998 we free camped by El Templo del  Sol naturist resort in L’ Hospitalet but now the town has signs forbidding motorhomes.  Our Spanish friends tell us you can ignore these out of season but we prefer to find a more welcoming place.   L’Ametlla de Mar has parking recommended by our Spanish friends but we can’t find the spot.  We make it our lunch stop at the attractive port area.  At the southern end of town we find a small dirt track beside the presently closed L’Ametlla Hotel and this leads to some pleasant beach parking.   A Police car comes by and we wave to them, they turn around and head off so we consider it is not a problem to be here.  It fairs up in the afternoon but is too windy to enjoy the beach.  Throughout the night we just get one car that comes down and parks for ½ hour.


WEDNESDAY 16 NOVEMBER – Unfortunately my shoulder is aching again.  Heading south we rejoin the coast at L’Ampolla with no restrictive signs for motorhomes.  We check out our options and at the southern end find a suitable spot on a dirt track behind a beach leading towards the Delta De L’Ebre.  Return to the town so I can go to a cafe for internet, at €1.20 (£1.10) for a coffee this works out well.  We’re well stocked up on groceries but I pop into the local Spar for a few things as we like to patronise local shops when the town makes us feel welcome.  Settle back into our spot for the rest of the day and a quiet night with the Police patrolling to keep an eye on us.


THURSDAY 17 NOVEMBER – San Carlos did have motorhome parking but it now has height barriers.  We travel through orange groves on the way to Vinaros home of the giant prawn.  There’s a huge metal prawn within a fountain with water coming out of its claws.  As usual we get stuck in narrow streets so bail out.  Alcossebre is much nicer and we head north to the lighthouse at Cala Mundina.  It would do for overnight but is isolated, difficult to get a level and accesses is via a single track so we double back and settle for a lay by at Cala Blanca.  By making short journeys we arrive early enough in the day to be picky about where we park up and so far have managed to find nice places with an ocean view every night.

ALCOSSEBRE – CALA BLANCA N40 15 527 E 0 17 752

FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER – There’s an excellent free motorway around Castellon and as we cross from Catalunya into Valencia province we return to the coast.  Lots of people are out orange picking and I reckon if we can find a local market we should get the Valencia oranges very cheap.  In 1998 we stayed in this area camped behind the naturist beach.  It is easy to find with good signs but has changed a bit.  Previously it was a sandy beach but now it is full of pebbles presumably to prevent erosion.  Not a nudist in sight but lots of fishermen.  It’s getting cooler with rain forecast so I make a red pepper soup for tea and very tasty it is too topped off with homemade croutons and cheese.  The fishermen leave on dusk and the car park already has puddles so we relocate a block further over to a floodlit tarmac car park for a very quiet night.

MALVA ROSA   N39 42 872 W 0 11 583

SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER – We are lucky to find secure open parking just south of the railway station in Valencia.  To stay overnight is €25 (£22) but you are almost underneath a busy road and beside the railway so it is unlikely to be quiet.  We opt to pay by the hour and head off on the Lonely Planet “modernista meander”.  The architecture is superb including the best market building we have ever seen.  Behind the famous cathedral is a small church with a fantastic painted oval dome ceiling.  The main square has many magnificent buildings including the town hall itself and the Post Office.  One thing we notice walking the streets is that there is lot orange dog diarrhoea, reckon they have been eating too many oranges!  The train station is superb inside and out with lots of ceramic tiled pictures on the walls inside.  Finally we reach the bull ring with a free museum but due to the rain we are not permitted into the ring itself today.  When we get back we have been walking for about 2 ½ hours and the parking fee is just under €4 (£3.50).  We make use of their dump station to empty the toilet then head off towards the new cultural area of Valencia.  Parking is impossible but we drive around to admire the amazing contemporary style massive structures housing arts centres, museums and an oceanarium.  Down the coast we find lots of potential parking spots but they are isolated and surround by tall bushes.  We are extra wary on Saturday nights and the number of dead condoms scattered on the ground gives us a clue as to what might be happening here later.  Just south of El Saler beach the terrain opens up to scrubby area and at what we think is Gola Del Pujol Beach we find motorhomes.  The Dutch man says he has been here 3 days, there is no problem and it is very safe.  There are a couple of blocks of flats behind the beach but little else and few of the flats are occupied.  Out at sea we can see the huge container ships waiting to go into port.  There are showers at the beach from where Steve can collect buckets of water.  My shoulder is still painful so after dinner I retire to bed with a hot water bottle.


SUNDAY 20 NOVEMBER – After a drizzly start it fairs up so we go for an afternoon walk heading north to the Saler Beaches.  There’s a superb restaurant that looks very posh with white table cloths and service laid out as if for a wedding.  Returning along the beach makes great beach combing as this seems to be where all the flotsam and jetsam wash ashore.




  1. Hi Glen&Steve This looks great as are all the places u visit. I must ask, what camera are u using for these pics?? They look terrific. Kepp on keeping on guys. Well done!! XX

    • Thanks for the comments, it is actually quite an old camera a Konica/Milolta Dimage but the quality considering it is a 3.2 and used on economy mode is amazing. I’ve even had A4 magazine picture printed from shots taking in the high quality mode.

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