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20120811-20 Lots of hospital visits and an overnight stay.

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SATURDAY 11 AUGUST – Netty & Ian call round and stay for lunch. In the afternoon we do quite a big walk around the estate and Steve manages the hills very well. Claire phones to say the exhaust has fallen off her car so we will help out where possible. All going well until bedtime when I realise I have started bleeding.

SUNDAY 12 AUGUST – I feel really tired after a night disturbed by stomach ache. I phone the hospital who says to go to A&E if things don’t settle down but when I call A&E to ask about wait time they say it is terrible at the moment and better to get a GP out to me to do an assessment. Calling the Doctors I am given an emergency line where they say the Doctor’s are really busy and to only stay on the line if it is a real emergency. I decide to give up until tomorrow as the bleeding is settling down. Keith & Sandra call round and take us for a drive out to Kilnsey Crag fish farm where we enjoy a cream tea in the restaurant. Steve perks up so much more when we go out with people.

MONDAY 13 AUGUST – I try calling my Doctors but constantly get either engaged tone or I get put through to appointments and another ring tone then it cuts off. At Airedale I get Mr Porter’s secretary who has left a message to say she is on holiday and to call the following number instead but then the message cuts off. We have to get to BRI for Steve’s eye appointment so I decide to sort myself later. Whilst waiting for Steve to see the specialist I start to get more pains so walk round to A&E where they quickly put me in a cubicle. It is 9.30am and takes until about 11am for a Doctor to see me and say I should be sent to the gynae ward for further assessment. Steve has now joined me and at noon we are taken up to Ward 20. It’s a bit of a shock to see the sign at the entrance saying “Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit” when I am having problems after a hysterectomy. Turns out they deal with both ends of the scale and eventually a Doctor assesses me and say he would like to put in packing soaked in antibiotic and have me in overnight before taking it out tomorrow in the hope this stops the bleeding. It’s about 2.30pm and Steve is whacked so I send him on home and make arrangements for him to spend the night at Claire’s. I have to wait in a small examination room on a narrow uncomfortable bed until 4.30pm when they have discharged someone on the ward to vacate a bed. It’s a really strange ward which used to be completely open but has now been sectioned into 3 large rooms of 8 beds. I get the middle room right next to the nurses’ station and the entrance to the toilets so can’t see it being quiet. A food trolley arrives and after it is plugged in they start serving hot meals from it and the beef stew tastes delicious especially as I haven’t eaten since breakfast. I’m able to get up and go to the loo but there is about 6” of packing dangling and this gets wet. I ask numerous times for a pair of scissors to cut it off but am told they need to get a sterile pair as they are cutting near skin. Cleaner Ann recognises me as she worked on Ward 7 when I stayed there with Steve. When Steve, Claire and Natasha come to visit in the evening she is surprised how well Steve now looks. Natasha does a great pedicure on me and massages lotion into my feet and files my toe nails. Whilst I have been on the ward a few more people have been wheeled back in from surgery and most look drowsy. At about 9pm I notice there is a new Doctor and plead to her for some scissors as I am getting really sore, 5 minutes later the surplus is cut off and I can get comfortable. It’s after 11pm when they dim the lights and there is little chance of sleep as the lady opposite me is clearly having post operative problems and the nurses have to make lots of phone calls.

TUESDAY 14 AUGUST – Late morning they take my pack out and say that I must lie in bed for ½ and hour then do some walking and if there is no bleeding I can go home. All is well so they say I can leave after lunch and once my prescription has arrived. By 2pm the nurse tells me the porter is on his way with the prescription, little do I know that he has collected prescriptions for all the wards on the hospital and it will be another 1 ½ hours before he arrives. Armed with an antibiotic penicillin tablet I head home with Steve. He has stayed overnight at Claire’s and Natasha cooked him fried egg on toast for lunch so he has been well looked after. We call in to Mom & Dads for a short time to update them and hear about Mom’s weekend in the Midlands and Dad’s stay in respite. Back home I put my feet up on the sofa and Steve runs around after me. Nancy calls down to see us for a couple of hours as she had planned to visit me on the ward after work. I head to bed at 9pm and find I am bleeding again – drat. The worst thing is the thought of not getting this sorted before our cruise, how ironic would that be if it was me that prevented us going.

WEDNESDAY 15 AUGUST – I call Airedale and leave an answer phone message asking for help. I also call my Doctor and speak to one of the Doctors who suggest complete rest for the next 2 days. Early afternoon Airedale phone back and suggest I go in for a check up but we have to get to Bradford for Steve’s appointments so they say that with bleeding settling tomorrow afternoon will be fine. Back at BRI I manage to clean and flush Steve’s Hickman line watched over by Sister then they do his bloods. Next appointment is on the day unit and it is after 5pm when we go in for our 4pm slot. Dr Newton has been briefed about our cruise and says that as Steve’s blood today shows his immunity is low they will stop the tablet chemo immediately to give him chance to build up before we go. They also have a provisional date for the transplant as 5th October which would mean Steve being admitted the day before. Back home I put my feet up and Steve does what he can.

THURSDAY 16 AUGUST -To make sure we don’t get hospital withdrawal symptoms we head to Airedale in the afternoon for me to have a check up. They think that after the op there was a bruise / haematoma that has been disrupted and bled and so long as I only get intermittent heavier bleeds I can ignore it. Blood tests also show I have an infection so the antibiotics and penicillin should combat that and their only other suggestion is to try and do even less. Over at Colne we visit the Hyundai dealer, Claire has told us the new cars are heavily discounted and have a 5 year warranty and roadside assistance. We like the i10 coming in at £6995 whereas Claire needs the bigger i20. We’ve got a dilemma as Mum will want her car back soon and we really need to have one but have no idea how long we will need one for, certainly not until after Steve’s transplant. We’re happy spending loads of money on a motorhome but cars do nothing for us and an old one that had been looked after with a known history (like Mums) would be fine but the alternative seems to be a new one. Claire offered us hers but we already know it will need a new exhaust and brake pipes in the near future. We return to Claire’s for tea then head to the Bradford Hyundai dealer. Although these cars are supposed to be price fixed by the company the guy there is more negotiable and Claire ends up signing up for an i20 with an open option whether to trade in or not. They do a special party on 31st August so the drivers can head off in their new cars at midnight. We check out the i10 and will make a decision at a later date, certainly not until after the cruise.

FRIDAY 17 AUGUST – I knock up a tomato and lentil soup as we are expecting visitors. Cam has had Acute Myeloid Leukaemia but is now cured and arrives from Ilkley with his wife Viv. They’ve brought a box of chocolate and the biggest chrysanthemum plant I have ever seen, think it is too big for inside and will have to go in the garden. Cam is off all medication and now being seen at Airedale and although technically cured he still feels he has chemo working its way out of his body and has a bit more building up to do. They take us down to the Lord Rodney for lunch where Cam knows the owner. It’s changed a lot as many years ago was a bit of a rough pub but now has a nice extension on the back with a restaurant. By the time we have eaten and chatted it is almost 4pm and they head off to their daughters. I spend the evening placing car adverts for Claire as she has been offered £3200 as a trade it but can probably get more selling it privately. I also start to plan what we can do at the cruise ports of call.

SATURDAY 18 AUGUST – We spend a restful day at home, we both had a poor sleep last night so a siesta is in order and by the time we wake up it is raining and not fit for going out walking. Unbelievable weather as the south of England is basking in the hottest day of the year.

SUNDAY 19 AUGUST – Sandra picks me up (I’m not supposed to drive for 6 weeks) and we go to ASDA and Sainsbury’s shopping for cruise clothes for me. I return with more than what I need knowing there will be some that Steve is not keen on and this proves true leaving me with just what I need. Claire, Richard and Azura surprise us with a late afternoon visit. We head out to the Balti Restaurant in the evening. We last saw my ex boyfriend Paul Atherley in Hong Kong a couple of years ago and having not seen him for 37 years we said we mustn’t leave it so long next time. He’s been over for the Olympics and his brother Simon lives in nearby Baildon so it’s perfect for a get together. We talk our way through a curry. Paul’s still living in Beijing but looking to move London sometime in the next few years whilst still running his mining company. He’s getting fed up of doing so many long haul flights and we can understand that, all the extra security is taking the fun out of flying.

MONDAY 20 AUGUST – Calling in to Mom’s she is not home but Sian arrives to visit. She hops in the car to join us on a shopping trip then hops out when we see Mom getting off the bus. We revisit the shops from yesterday to return the things I don’t want but find George at ASDA have a half price sale so I end up buying more. Call back to Moms and chat to Sian and Mom and also speak to Auntie Pamela on the form so a very productive morning. Claire’s on a diet so for tea I cook us all a salmon wellington served with Mediterranean veg. She needs to do some shopping at ASDA so I join her to return the other things I don’t like! Richard is sat with Steve when we get back; he’s over to stay the night at Claire’s but stops for a chat first. Claire has brought her Dyson round so gives the bungalow a good vacuuming before they leave.


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