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20130101-10 A good start to the New Year

20130108 Stumblers walk Great Northern rail route (2) 20130108 Stumblers walk Great Northern rail route (1)

TUESDAY 1 JANUARY 2013 – Knowing everyone will be busy today we settle for a quiet day at home. At least the TV programmes are a little better and Steve is feeling really well again.

WEDNESDAY 2 JANUARY – We call round to Claire’s to make some phone calls. Both Natasha and Daniel are still in bed and answer our questions with typical teenage grunts. Heading to Leeds I pick up a printer from “freecycle”. Not sure what I have let myself in for as it is huge. Next stop is MacDonald’s at Shipley where I complete my mystery shopper assignment in about 20 minutes. You only get £4 for doing it but they cover the cost of your meal as well and we were driving past. Today Steve sees Dr Gilleece. She says he is doing exceptionally well but for a few more months we should continue to take precautions in terms of infection and diet, bit of a blow as approaching 100 days we hoped the leash would be extended. Last week’s CMV count was up to 1500 but unless it reaches 5000 they won’t call Steve back in. His chimerism is 100% which means the new stem cells have completely taken over so with luck they will be strong enough to control the virus naturally. It also means he now has 2 sets of DNA. This was first noted in USA when a crime was committed and the only person with matched DNA was in prison. Turned out he had been a stem cell donor and the recipient was the criminal. Back home Claire joins us for a Thai curry and helps with our TV problem. After freezing and showing pixels we try to retune but it won’t pick up any channels. We’d been expecting a third appliance to go as the kettle and microwave broke just before Christmas. Claire lends us Daniels TV to establish the aerial is OK and TV broken. Frustratingly I can’t find the receipt but ASDA tells us they will refund with just the credit card statement.
KEIGHELY – (+89)

THURESDAY 3 JANUARY – First job is to bring up the credit card statement on line then link up the freecycle printer and print off a copy. Last November we had credit card fraud and were issue with a new card. On line they have deleted statements connected the old card which is the one we used at ASDA. At the branch I eventually get a sympathetic guy on the phone who faxes me a copy. ASDA are brilliant and offer a refund or alternative TV as replacement as they no longer sell the same one. The set we want isn’t in stock so we take the refund. So glad we bought from a supermarket with this kind of back up service. I spend time on line and find the same set at Tesco and order it for in store delivery. Next I do some cooking trying out the hairy dieter’s skinny lasagne replacing lasagne with strips of leek. Keith and Sandra arrive and I serve up my leek and potato soup with cheese straws, lasagne and garlic bread and round it off with pancakes. Overall opinion is that the leeks are a bit slimy and don’t work that well in the lasagne. They haven’t seen Steve for some time and comment on how well he is and his hair growth. He now has a short downy covering that reminds me of cute baby gorillas!
KEIGHLEY – (+90)

FRIDAY 4 JANUARY – Usual relatively boring day as the weather is too poor to go out. In the afternoon I meet the estate agent at the rental property and retrieve Natasha birthday and Claire’s Christmas mail from her Grandma but unfortunately ours is not there so looks like it is gone forever. Just hope the person who took it and the money inside, needed and made good use of it.
KEIGHLEY – (+91)

SATURDAY 5 JANUARY – We drive over to Cross Flats to pick up the new LG TV from Tesco Direct. On special at £197 for a 32” we think it is a good deal. When we get home Steve picks up the aerial to plug it in and notices water in the cable. A bit of research and a few phone calls leads us to the conclusion that water in the aerial has been the fault and may have caused the other TV to break. We can’t get a new aerial cable until Monday so Steve picks up an indoor aerial from ASDA and this works for all but the BBC channels. It’s a warmer and dryer day so I set about shifting some of the leaves in the garden and pruning a few bushes – probably not the right time but they’ve got two chances.
KEIGHLEY – (+92)

SUNDAY 6 JANUARY – We call round to Claire’s in the morning and she has just had a viewing from some potentially interested people. We’ve been invited to lunch at Richard and Jane’s and also see Sharon when she drops Kieran off. The tasty Sunday dinner and chatter take us through until late afternoon with just time to say Hi to Steve’s Mom and Dad on the way home before it gets dark. I’ve been keeping in touch with our friend Jean, whose husband Arf has recently had heart surgery. All is not going as well as hoped so we may go over on Tuesday or Wednesday to cheer her up.
KEIGHLEY – (+93)

MONDAY 7 JANUARY – The TV man arrives and for a negotiated £60 he fixes a new aerial cable with 1-year guarantee. Knowing Steve still has restrictions for another 3 months we realise we must figure out more of an exercise programme within those boundaries so head up to the Tarn. Whilst Steve sets about walking round I intend to half jog and half walk in the opposite direction. I meet Steve on his first stretch where he is chatting to our old neighbours Winston and Marlene. We learn the sad story of their son and David’s friend Michael whose wife got cancer whilst carrying their second child and died soon after. Steve manages 2 laps and I complete 3 before the biting cold wind gets the better of us. Arf is still not well but Joan’s daughter Jean is with her and Arf is permanently sedated so we won’t be visiting as yet.
KEIGHLEY – (+94)

TUESDAY 8 JANUARY – I buy a K-day for £3.70 to catch the bus into town and meet the stumblers walking group. Today we head off to Thornton then follow part of the Great Northern rail track as our walk. It takes us over the viaduct that can be seen from many viewpoints in the area and is pleasant but not terrible strenuous. Still it gives us plenty of time for chatting and lots of fresh air. Steve has been fine on his own so I will now try to build up a few more similar outings.
KEIGHLEY – (+95)

WEDNESDAY 9 JANUARY – We both walk down to ASDA and back again. Steve manages the hill back without assistance but takes a couple of breathers so obvious progress. Continuing with the healthy diet I make some cranberry and almond flapjacks, all very well but they taste so night it is tempting to eat more than one.
KEIGHLEY – (+96)

THURSDAY 10 JANUARY – Dr Gilleece suggested Steve visit his normal GP to get advice about coming of the anti depressant tablet Citalopram. He’s been on a very low dosage so Dr Ward suggests taking it alternate days for one week then stopping. We call in to Mum & Dad’s and they are both well. A walk to Aldi constitutes our exercise for the day. Back home I get stuck into copying more home videos and Steve is now able to concentrate and take a real interest and really appreciates what a wonderful life we have had.
KEIGHLEY – (+97)


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