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20130401-10 A trip to SPAIN

20130410 John & Shirley cleaning at The Friendly Bar (2) 20130410 John & Shirley cleaning at The Friendly Bar (1) 20130409 The new La Zenia shopping centre (2) 20130409 The new La Zenia shopping centre (1) 20130408 BBQ at Alison and Bobs (3) Karen 20130408 BBQ at Alison and Bobs (2) Karen 20130406 Looking towards Torrevieja lake 20130402 Stumblers walk over Penistone (4) 20130402 Stumblers walk over Penistone (3) 20130402 Stumblers walk over Penistone (2) 20130402 Stumblers walk over Penistone (1)


MONDAY 1 APRIL –   As of today Steve is on just one regular tablet, Co-Triomoxazole to prevent chest infections plus optional anti histamine for his watery eyes and a multi vitamin.  This is a significant drop from 11 a day.  Easter Monday and we are planning a meal with Claire and family.  We are taking the roast potatoes, veg, a dessert and cards and sweets to entertain the kids.  Richard joins us with Azura and Matthew.  The dinner is really nice and we all pig out on 2 different desserts.  To offset this we leave the kids at home and set out on a walk.  Claire wants to check out a new route for her training whilst I want to start my 5/1 programme walking 5 minutes then jogging for 1.  To begin Claire runs on ahead then doubles back to us, Steve and I attempt the 5/1 and Richard just walks really quickly.  Due to bad planning the first runs are uphill.  Steve is not coping well and can’t face the long walk so Claire heads off to check out the new trail whilst we decide to a do a shorter circuit via Goose Eye.  Steve is feeling the cold but I manage to complete the 1 hour walk doing 5/1.  We arrive back but there is no sign of Claire.  Richard gets a call to say she has got a bit lost cutting across feels as she couldn’t find the proper lane.  As soon as she gets to a main road she will call us to go and pick her up.  I’ve seen a map of the route she was checking out so head off with Richard in the car in the hope of intercepting her.  Not sure who is the most relieved when we find her jogging towards us along the lane from Colne.  She’s covered almost 10km and having had wine for lunch is feeling somewhat dehydrated having not taken water for a long jog.  Steve’s feeling weary so rests on the sofa whilst Claire and Richard watch TV.  I join the kid’s playing card games of Newmarket, Seven and Poo Head amongst much hilarity.  Steve is still feeling under par when we get home.  He finishes off the blue cheese then settles down to watch TV.  When he comes to bed he is in agony with pains in his stomach area.  He accepts an offer of hot water bottle and paracetamol and I follow this up with a massage.  The only thing we can think of is the blue cheese but it is really causing a lot of problems.  With this in mind he takes a laxative a few hours later but we don’t have a particularly good night.


TUESDAY 2 APRIL – Steve says he feels a little better and insists I go off to the walking group.  We catch the bus to Haworth and change the planned cross country walk to one using roads around Penistone Hill.  The scenery is wonderful and we can see “Top Withens” of Wuthering Heights in the distance.  We return to Haworth for our lunch so I skip this and head back to see how Steve is doing.  He’s up and watching TV which is a good sign.


WEDNESDAY 3 APRIL – Steve says he is fine but lingers in bed until 11am.  We walk down and around town but he lags behind and finds the walk back a struggle.  Have a feeling he is sickening for something which is a bit of a worry with me supposed to go away on Friday.  In the afternoon I give him a back massage after which he has a nap.  He’s tired in the evening and heads to bed at 9pm.  For the first time in months he sleeps through the night, I know because he snores and hogs most of the bed so things are definitely getting back to normal!


THURSDAY 4 APRIL – Whilst it looks like a nice day we learnt yesterday that there is a bitingly cold wind and this is bad for Steve’s breathing and eyes.  We take the car down and walk into town.  Steve’s treatment has left him sensitive to sun for life and they recommend he always wears a high factor sunscreen and has good sunglasses.  We buy a pair of polarised ones will 100% UVA and UVB protection, just hope he doesn’t lose them as often as he does his cheap ones.  Next we take Mom shopping at Aldi and I pick up a few things for Steve to nibble on whilst I am away although he’s going to his Mom’s for Sunday lunch and staying at Claire’s much of the time.   Daniel and Natasha are on school holidays so I have asked them to look after their Grandad.


FRIDAY 5 APRIL – We pop round to Claire’s to get her washing out and Steve uses the hose to give the car a clean.  In the afternoon Steve drives me to Leeds Bradford airport where I meet up with my cousin Karen.  We’re off to sunny Spain to put the apartment she lent to Steve & I on the market.  Our Ryanair flight (£84 return) is on time and we land at Murcia Airport SPAIN at about 10pm local time.  Karen has booked a Centauro rental car and wants me to drive.  It’s not even 11pm when we are inside her Playa Flamenca apartment at Dream Hills 2.  They’ve had a lot of rain here this week and it is cool in the apartment but sunshine forecast for tomorrow.  John & Shirley have dropped off basic groceries so we are soon settled in although it does feel very strange for me not to see Steve sprawled out on the sofa under a blanket.


SATURDAY 6 APRIL – We walk down to Aldi and pick up a few supplies then drive over to Playa Flamenca street market.  I’m not much for clothes shopping but really like the styles and prices of most of the items on display.  I must be programmed to like casual holiday wear.  Karen picks up a pair of shorts and I get a handbag and we restrain ourselves from the other temptations.  We call in to John & Shirley’s who are sat chatting to David the estate agent from Encompass estate agents.  After a quick catch up David follows us to the apartment and gives Karen the sad news about how prices have fallen to less than half of what they paid for it.  She is getting a divorce and needs to sell so will have to accept that but at least the exchange rate will work in her favour now down to about Euro 1.15 = £1.  There’s time for sunbathing on the roof terrace in the afternoon.  Neighbours have now moved in permanently having previously only used it as a holiday home.  It seems that people are either selling their holiday homes or moving into them to cope with the economic climate.  As for the other type of climate there is no contest as we almost need the cooling breeze.  I suggest Karen joins me for a late afternoon walk and she does really well as we walk for almost an hour of 5 minute walk and 1 minute runs.  We pick up John & Shirley who guide us on a drive to their other half at La Torreta by the lake near Torrevieja.  Originally bought for John’s sister to rent they now want to put either that or the bungalow on the market.  We return to the local Chinese where we get an excellent value 3 course meal with drink before settling back at John & Shirley’s.   In June they are off on a round the world trip and pick my brains on a few things.


SUNDAY 7 APRIL – Karen’s knee is aching a bit after yesterdays walk fair play she did only have fit flops on.  This morning we settle for a drive to the seafront and a short walk before coffee in the waterfront Nautilus bar.  Tana and Graham drive down from Torrevieja in their motorhome to meet us at Karen’s.  We pile into the car and they guide us out to El Toro carvery restaurant near San Miguel de Salinas.  Sitting outside you have lovely views over the orange groves.  The Euro 9.99 carvery is all homemade food with starter, carvery and dessert and very nice two.    Since I last saw Tana and Graham they have had a trip to Central and South America and are planning one to New Zealand so plenty to chat about.  They return with us to Karen’s and stay until about 7.30pm.  Karen & I are both happy to stay in and have a sandwich and watch a DVD.


MONDAY 8 APRIL – Before it gets hot mid morning I suggest a walk around the neighbourhood and we cover a good 3 miles whilst exploring.  We call in and arrange for estate agent Mark to visit tomorrow.  Last night Shirley was wearing some really nice Euro 12 jewelled sandals so Karen has me taking her round the Chinese shops to try and fine some similar.  Unfortunately Karen has bunions and wide feet as I do and most that she finds don’t fit or look nice.    Near Guardamar we visit friends Alison and Bob. Karen is pleased as she can sit in their garden catching the sun.  I’m finding I feel myself burning very easily so opt for shade.  Bob has a very funny card with BBQ rule which we obey and remember to praise him at every opportunity.  They recently did a trip to South America so it is good to hear all about that and also their planned house swap for this coming winter.  Alison walks me round to visit Stuart nearby.  His wife Marcia was in Alicante hospital the same time as Steve but died last December.  It sounds like her diabetes and age affected the treatment.  They moved out here many years ago so Stuart is hoping to stay.  We tear ourselves away to get back to Encompass estate agents for Karen to sign up with them.  John & Shirley have invited us for a chilli and we spend the rest of the evening there in good company.  I phone Steve who is round at Sandra & Keith’s for a meal and being well looked after by them and the family.


TUESDAY 9 APRIL – Karen has been using a property management company and Christine calls round to hand the keys back.  Agent Mark arrives and Karen decides to put the apartment on the market with him and also David as you don’t pay anything unless they find you a buyer and then only to the one who does.  We also learn that you really don’t need a solicitor for selling in Spain and that the agents pretty much do everything – at a price.  To make the apartment look its best we scurry around staging each room for Marks pictures.  As soon as he has left we call up David and get him round to do the same.  There’s still time for an hour sunbathing on roof before heading out for lunch.  We meet Clare at the Punta Prima shopping centre and she guides us to a restaurant where the daily fish and chip special at Euro5 is delicious.  Clare’s husband Jim died last year and she has a new friend David and seems to be coping well on the whole.  We follow her around to David’s place but he is out working.  It’s a bungalow with swimming pool also very close to where John & Shirley live.  Clare has lot of cats and dogs and needs to head back to feed them so we return to catch the last few rays.  There’s a new shopping centre at La Zenia and we are amazed by just how big it is.  American style it has a casino, ten pin bowling, restaurants, cafes and shops.  Karen is on a mission to find sparkly sandals and after visiting just about every shoe shop returns to one of the first but has to pay considerably more to get something comfy.  We meet John at Liberty’s for the evening quiz; Shirley is at The Friendly playing in the ladies darts team.  Our team name is the 3 Amigo’s and the quiz has different parts where the answers have a connection.  We don’t do well at all and come in last winning the booby prize of a meal for one – a packet of crisps.  Back at the apartment we do a bit of tidying up before bed and get the first lot of towels hung out to dry.


WEDNESDAY 10 APRIL – Karen has set the alarm for 7am so we can get the bedding in the washing machine.  I help her clean and sort things through.  We’ve both had a really enjoyable break and are sad to leave other than the fact I want to get back to Steve.  Could certainly imagine us living this kind of lifestyle should we ever be unable to travel, streets ahead of living in England for sure.  Arriving back in ENGLAND Steve is waiting for me and John is waiting in the car park to pick up Karen.  Steve tells me his Dad has been in hospital but is OK now and Steve himself had an upset stomach last night but knew how to treat it and put it down to him trying blue cheese again.  Lovely to be home again with Steve but can now see how much more depressing it is compared to foreign shores.




  1. Hi
    Just happened on your amazing blog! I met you at the belly dancing evening at Plym and Tony’s – I was the one about to leave my job and talking of getting a camper van to explore Europe. You really inspired me then with your talk of travels, and this blog is giving me such itchy feet.
    I’ll look forward to future instalments…
    Amanda Mitchell

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