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20130411-20 Childhood injections

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20130412 A hidden gorge on our circulare walk 20130417 Tidying the cottage garden (6) Steve 20130417 Tidying the cottage garden (5) 20130417 Tidying the cottage garden (4) 20130417 Tidying the cottage garden (3) 20130417 Tidying the cottage garden (2) 20130417 Tidying the cottage garden (1) 20130414 (16) Keighley Police Station forensic evidence 20130414 (15) Keighley Police Museum mock crime scene 20130414 (14) Lock display in Keighley Police museum 20130414 (13) Keighley Police museum 20130414 (12) All aborad the Keighley and Worth Valley railway 20130414 (11) Ingrow rail museum, workin on renovating old carriages 20130414 (10) Ingrow rail museum, lots of mock sets 20130414 (9) Ingrow rail museum 20130414 (7) Steve at Ingrow station 20130414 (6) Back of East Riddlesden Hall 20130414 (5) East Riddlesden Hall unusual one handed clock 20130414 (3) East Riddlesden Hall great hall 20130414 (2) East Riddlesden Hall 20130414 (1) East Riddlesden Hall info

THURSDAY 11 APRIL – It’s a cold miserable day so we don’t venture out for a walk; somehow the grey looks even greyer now after the blue skies of Spain.

FRIDAY 12 APRIL – Steve begins his childhood injections today with the ones normally given to a 6 month baby, flu and meningitis. The course lasts for about 5 years after which he will be ready to start school! We shop at ASDA and give Mom a lift back then stay for a drink and to make some phone calls. My Mum is really not well at all and in a lot of pain with her lower back and hip. Late afternoon I manage to coax Steve out for a walk and we complete a 2 hour, 6 mile circuit up hill and down dale. I fit in a few 1 ½ minute runs with 5 minute walk in between but boy the 1 ½ minutes feels like twice as long as the previous 1 minute runs. It’s lovely to see the lambs gambolling in the fields. In the evening Steve comments he is having some pain in his left arm where the injection went in. We get a call from Steve Banner to say the cottage roof is almost complete and the scaffolding coming down. Other than the false start and having to apply, pay for and wait for planning permission it sounds to have gone well and we now comply with up to date insulation standards as well as having a completed re roof.

SATURDAY 13 APRIL – Claire is up in Edinburgh this weekend for the “Rock n Roll” half marathon, her first race over 10k. Unfortunately due to the bad weather she missed out on many days training and when she resumed ended up with a bad knee that is still causing her pain now. Whilst in Spain Karen suggested we might be interested in buying one of their rental properties complete with sitting tenant so we drive over to meet her there. It’s nice enough but has some damp problems and we really don’t want to get into all that sort of things so think we will be shelving that idea. We get chance to call in on Auntie Pamela for a quick drink before heading home. Funnily enough whilst talking to Auntie Pamela and Karen it occurs to me that maybe we would be far better off buying a property near the east coast where we could live whilst Steve is having treatment and later on rent out – more research for me to do. In the evening Nancy calls round. After losing her husband a year ago it is sad to learn that her brother is not terminally ill with not long to live. Fortunately she did not know this before going on a recent cruise so had a great time and tells us all about it and shows us the pictures.

SUNDAY 14 APRIL – Whilst Steve is up early watching the Grand Prix I track Claire’s half marathon progress on Endomondo. She’s doing really well by the time we leave home. Today is Gofree day in Keighley and with proof of residence you can get admission to lots of free things. We begin at the National Trust property of East Riddlesden Hall. It’s a lovely house with a lake in front but not that many rooms to view inside. One quirky thing we learn is that many years ago people laid out cutlery with the spoons face down. The superstition was that if they were the other way then witches would land in them. At Ingrow Station we view the 2 railway museums. One has information on films shot using this line and railway carriages you can look around. We board the steam train to Haworth, quite a challenge to find a safe seat for Steve as it is full of families. We find individual seats near the bar area but only have a view out of one side. The train pulls up just before Haworth station and we wait for it to move into the station. Next thing we know it is passing through the station and picking up speed, we’ve missed our stop. We stay on to Oxenhope then opt to stay on for the full return journey to avoid getting stuck in a carriage with too many children. Find out that Claire has finished the race in just less than 2 ½ hours which is a real achievement. Picking the car up we drive to Haworth to go round the Bronte Parsonage. It has been extended quite a bit since we last visit in the 80’s and has many interesting things on display. Our final free visit is the Keighley Police Station. On a guided tour we go around the old Police station. There’s a small outdoor space that had to be provided to enable prisoners to have a cigarette. He points to the bars on the roof and explains that although the walls appear about 20 feet high they had to put the bars on after one person took a run and scampered up the wall and escaped. We see Victorian style cells and modern ones of different types to cater for drunks (bed almost on the floor), suicide watch (glass door panels), and juvenille (half glass door). He explains the prisoners had to be provided with air-conditioning so in the summer officers leapt at the chance to cool off by checking the cells. The last part is the forensic area where school children come in to a crime scene then get split into 2 groups to figure things out. One group has to use Victorian detective methods whilst the others have modern equipment at their disposal. Speak to Claire late afternoon and she had a really hard time at about 11 miles. A policeman walked with her and another runner coached her along and with a bit more help from Richard and some friends she managed to get going again but found it really tough.

MONDAY 15 APRIL – We need to go down to the Midlands to check on the cottage roof and Mum has a hospital appointment tomorrow so by heading down today I shall be able to go with her. At the cottage roofers Steve and Paul are hard at work. It doesn’t look that much different as we are reusing the original tiles or replacing faulty ones with reclaimed ones but that seems to work best on an 1890’s cottage. It just needs the ridge tiles, rear bay roof and a few finishing touches to be done. We call round for a drink and chat with Paul & Elaine and then Pete before heading to Market Drayton. Mum is very pleased by our surprise visit. However she has made a mistake and her appointment is not for tomorrow but for next month.

TUESDAY 16 APRIL – Having left the day free for Mum she opts for a trip up to Telford shopping centre. This fits in well after a morning visit from her friend Anne. Arriving at the centre I buy Mum lunch at ASDA before we have 1 ¼ to shop. Mum heads to M&S whilst I mooch around and end up in the pound store picking up a few things I didn’t know I wanted! Mum is in a lot of pain from her back and hip and has had enough when we meet up. She still manages a grocery shop at Morrisons on the way home though. I get a phone call from property agents in Newport asking if the bungalow is ready and explain we have done more work than planned so it is delayed but to keep us in mind. Georgina calls back a few minutes later to ask if she can bring someone round tomorrow to view even though it is not ready. In the evening Steve & I pop round to Netty & Ian’s for a chat.

WEDNESDAY 17 APRIL – With a viewing later today we head straight to the cottage to try to tidy up as much as possible in the garden. We’ve had lots of trees cut down and the debris is still there so I start a bonfire on the middle of the back “lawn”. It was a lawn but as the previous tenants did not prune the fir trees it became shaded and turned to moss so will have to be replaced anyway. Steve tries to help around the front gathering leaves and small branches but I have to stop him as he is not well enough and should not be making contact with soil etc. It’s back breaking work moving logs and scooping up dead leaves but progress is evident by the time I need to dampen the fire to go out to lunch. Paul has been really helpful overseeing things so we take him and Elaine out to the Swan at Forton for lunch. We all order burgers but Steve things his tastes a little strange. Service is slow and we get back to the cottage just as the agent arrives followed shortly by the prospective tenant. The agent can see huge changes inside where it is now all decorated. The tenants seem to like the place and after they leave we sign the paperwork with Georgina from Fodens. I get back to the fire and feel like giving up many times but realise that there is no better time to get it done than now. The prospective tenants seem interested as they call back round with their 3 kids. Steve spends most of the time sat in the car but also pops out to pay a visit to Pete & Carol but they are both just heading out. It’s 7.30pm by the time everything is one the fire and another hour before most of it is burnt and we can dampen it down. There’s still a bit left but it will be easier to clear ash and small stuff than as it was before and the garden looks much better. We’re both aching like crazy so a wallow in a hot bath is the order of the day when we get in. Mum arrives back after a meal out with her coffee club ladies and she is also still aching a lot – what a bunch. Steve is just settling down to sleep when he gets severe pain in his lower back, this moves round to his stomach area and feels like serious indigestion. He says it doesn’t feel like it is from the bit of work he did but may be the beef burger from lunch. He breaks out in a sweat and almost falls off the bed writhing in pain. I give him paracetamol, indigestion tablets and a massage and a cold flannel for his forehead and eventually he settles down but not before a major release of gas from both ends!

THURSDAY 18 APRIL – Yes we are all aching like mad. Mum probably did too much walking on Tuesday and we used dormant muscles yesterday. Knew I had done too much but it was preferable to leaving it and going back this morning. I walk up town to do a few jobs for Mum and this helps. Whilst she has a pupil we call round next door for a drink with Mandy. She’s settling in but hasn’t got sorted with any work doing yoga or natural healing. Mum’s heading out to lunch so we drive up to Manchester, pick up David and drive out to the “Same Yet Inn” where Donna works. Son Lincoln is working behind the bar so it is quite a family gathering. As soon as we get home we strip off our smoky clothes, hop in the shower and then to bed for a late afternoon nap. Claire calls round in the evening for tea and a catch up and tells us all about her trauma’s in the Edinburgh half marathon.

FRIDAY 19 APRIL – Steve’s appointment is 10.30am at St James. As usual there is a long wait and it is after 12.00 when we see registrar Ruth. Again they are very pleased with Steve’s progress and not worried by his stomach problems. They suggest he tries blue cheese on occasions but in smaller quantities to get his stomach used to it. She surprises us by saying he has an appointment at 1.00pm for his chemotherapy lumbar puncture. Bradford hospital had phoned us to say Leeds had requested the appointment with them and we are booked in there for Tuesday but would actually prefer to get it done and out of the way today. Ruth states the blatantly obvious by saying they are running late and suggests we come back after 1.30pm. Across the road the renovated pub is now open and they have a couple of daily specials at £3.95 and they guarantee you will be served within 15 minutes. We’ve still time to spare so pop over to the Robert Ogden centre for coffee and put ourselves on the list for massages to coincide with Steve’s next appointment in 5 weeks time. There’s a delay in Steve having the chemo as it hasn’t been sent up but he says that the only thing he feels is the numbing injection. I speak to clinical nurse Suzanne to get a better picture of the treatment plan between year 1 and 2 and also establish that there are haematology units at Scarborough and Hull and if we chose to move to the coast it would not be any problem. By the time he has laid flat for a good half hour it is 4.30pm so it has been another long visit. He reclines the car seat and as soon as we get home gets laid out on the sofa bed in the lounge. He knows from past experience that staying horizontal for the first 24 hours usually means he doesn’t get the nasty “ice cream” headaches. We’re both still aching and restless so I sleep on the sofa bed giving him room to spread out in bed.

SATURDAY 20 APRIL – It’s after 9am when we both wake up, think we had a bit of catching up to do. I’m feeling fine now but Steve aches quite a lot. He transfers to the sofa bed and I potter round doing a bit of gardening, tidying up our outside cupboard and cleaning the car. We’ve been invited to Richard and Jane’s for a curry night. There are loads of different curries and other goodies and it is a real feast. Friends from bowling and the couple who bought our Keighley house are there along with Richard’s kids. It’s quite a noisy gathering and Steve sits in the room whilst the first party game is played. A cereal packet is put on the floor and you have to bend down and pick it up with your mouth without putting your hands on the floor. With my legs still aching a bit from gardening I am a non starter but there are some amazingly supple people who seem to have no problems. Steve’s feeling weary so we take our leave around 10.30pm.


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