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20130511-20 Visit to the coast and lots of walks

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SATURDAY 11 MAY – Karen’s working today and has to leave at ¼ to 9 so we head off at the same time.  We stop off at Bransholme shopping centre to for me to pick up some fresh fruit and veg.  It’s a being in an episode of “Shameless” my first encounter being a woman bellowing at her child “come here you little s..t!”.  Armed with much cheaper produce than we can buy in Keighley we head to Yorkshire Sun Society.  We’ve booked the “new” static caravan which is fully connected with electric and plumbing.  The older static only has a toilet for liquid waste so wouldn’t have worked for us as it is not advisable for Steve to use public toilets.  They are having a working weekend so I help out in the kitchen preparing vegetables for the meal that is being provided for the workers.  We are invited to join them but decline considering it safer if we eat alone in the caravan and just meat people out doors or as couples once we know they are cold free.  Joining Steve & Donna in their cabin to watch the FA cup final and have a long chat.

YSS HULL £16 STATIC + £4 pp

SUNDAY 12 MAY – After breakfast we set out to explore the grounds whilst it is fine.  They seem to be getting badly flooded each winter (water is deliberately diverted this way to avoid flooding housing estates) and although people raised their caravans and cabins on blocks about 4’ high some still suffered last winter when the level was even higher and quite a few are now abandoned.  For a short spell we are able to strip off and sit out on patio and are joined by John & Maureen.  On the way back from Spain and month ago they had an accident and wrote off their motorhome.  As they won’t be buying another we chat about what they are going to be doing in the future.  It’s good to be able to fit in a game of boules against Andy and Chris before rain stops play.  Steve sits in the TV lounge whilst I join others for a soak in the Jacuzzi.  Round the evening off chatting over drinks and nibbles with Andy and Chris round at our static.


MONDAY 13 MAY – The weather forecast holds up as sunshine and showers.  In the morning I pick up Chris and go for a wander round Bransholme shopping centre.  In the afternoon we fit in a longer game of boules then Steve & Andy play pool.  The static doesn’t have a TV so we settle in to the club house lounge to watch in the evening.


TUESDAY 14 MAY – Steve is really enjoying just chilling out but I want to explore so set off alone towards Hornsea.  I pick up a “belly buster” lunch from Bosworth’s and take it to the waterfront to eat.  The seagulls really enjoy the left over bread and chips.  I walk the full length of the promenade then come back a street inland.  Obviously still not in season as most places are closed up.  On the way back I spot a few boats coming ashore.  It is low tide so they head towards the beach and stop in the shallow waters.  A tractor and trailer backs down to pick them up.  It looks quite funny seeing them being towed up the beach then across the road to the yacht club car park.  At Hornsea Freeport I wander round the shopping area, many places closed, and treat myself to a new top.  Hornsea has a massive lake known as the Mere and I park up and watch the wildlife but opt out of taking a walk as I can see rain coming.  Get a very upsetting text to say that our ex brother in law’s brother Andrew died yesterday of a heart attack early 50’s. This is followed up shortly after by a call from our David to say he has had another black out but has an ECG booked for Thursday.  In the evening we meet up with Andy & Chris, Kate & Gordon and John & Maureen who have just driven up from their apartment in Spain for a meal in the clubhouse.  Steve enjoys a game of pool with the guys afterwards whilst I chat to Kate.


WEDNESDAY 15 MAY – It’s pouring down with rain as we pack up making leaving much easier, we do plan to return as it has worked out very well.  In Keighley we call in to Mom and Dad’s.  Dad enjoyed his week in respite but Mum is still aching from her 12 hour coach journey back from Scotland.  I help by putting up their new summer curtains which look lovely.  Mom has just returned her “Amplifon” hearing aids after a 30 day trial as she wasn’t happy with them.  She now finds that they want to deduct 12 ½% from the refund for services as mentioned in the small print on the paperwork.  A small charge would be fair but £225 is way over the top.  I feel this should have been pointed out when the 30 day money back guarantee was talked about so contact the company and a couple of phone calls later they agree to a full refund.  A couple of hours after getting back home the washing is done and everything is back to normal.


THURSDAY 16 MAY – Steve walks to town to get some trophies engraved then meets me at ASDA where I am doing a meg shop.  We have multiple visitors over the next 10 days and then carry straight on to look after the kids whilst Claire goes on holiday.  Once home I begin cooking up the Indian meal for tonight and cottage pie and fruit crumble for tomorrow as we are out at a hospital appointment and I want it ready for when we get back and our second lot of visitors arrive.  David calls to say he has had had his ECG test and every 4th heart beat is irregular and has an extra whoosh, or something like that.  Overall they are not concerned which is good but doesn’t help his problem of passing out.   John & Shirley from York (not to be confused with our other friends John & Shirley in Spain) arrive around 6pm.  They are staying for 1 week in the studio as relatives from Canada are coming over and renting a place in nearby Oakworth.  Steve takes John down to the studio to drop off their bikes whilst I get dinner ready.  I’m testing out a new chicken curry recipe from the MacMillan Cancer diet book and it goes down well.  Unfortunately it also comes up well as I have another bad do in the night with stomach pains and vomiting.  Is my allergy to chicken re-emerging as sickness instead of migraines?


FRIDAY 17 MAY – I phone up St James and speak to the clinical specialist nurse to try and get an update on Steve’s chances now he is doing so well.  We’ve had his pension figures back and if he goes for a non guaranteed return the rates are almost double what he could get with a 10 year guarantee.  Unfortunately we learn that although Steve is doing exceptionally well 7 months post transplant it is the 2 year point that is crucial and people who have done well like Steve have still had an infection or the leukaemia come back and died whilst others that have struggled for the first year or so have gone on to do really well.  Not much help in our decision making and a little disheartening although we are still determined that Steve is going to get through whatever they say but are we prepared to bank an unguaranteed pension on that!  Steve has requested an appointment with Mrs Reynolds the eye specialist at Bradford and has one at 2pm today.  We are almost 2 hours late going in but she does not rush Steve at all and makes a thorough check pronouncing he has mild blepharitis  (probably part of the graft versus host disease) and prescribes antibiotic cream and drops along with a special eye bathing technique to be followed in 2 weeks by another type of drops.  She says they will give him a phone consultation in a couple of weeks then monitor him every month.  Luckily our visitors were delayed in Otley so don’t arrive until after I have been home long enough to get things ready.  We sit down to 3 courses of stuffed mushrooms, cottage pie then rhubarb and apple crumble whilst talking our way over events since we saw them about 10 months ago.  Peter & Margaret have a small campervan and are up here mainly for the Morris dancing festival next weekend.  Sadly due partly to the strains of the dancing Peter is now disabled with bad ankles.


SATUDAY 18 MAY – After Steve missed Bradford City playing at Wembley I agreed he could go next time, never dreaming that would be so soon.  All precautions are being taken to ensure his immune system is protected starting last night with Richard kindly vacuuming his car then wiping every surface with anti bacterial wipes and confirming all his other passengers were fit and well.  Steve gets up at 6am and heads off for his day out.  I am concerned and know that Dr Gilleece would not approve which is why Steve opted not to ask.  Richard on the other hand did ask me if he had my permission to take Steve!  Over a leisurely breakfast with Peter & Margaret we set out a plan for the day to visit Haworth for the 1940’s weekend leaving about 11am when the rain should have eased off.  We park on double yellows at the top of the main street and Peter gets his mobility scooter out.  The place is packed out with lots of people in costume, Margaret is wearing a genuine 1940’s suit that was home made by her mother.  There are stages with people singing the war time songs, bands, people selling things on the street and all manner of interesting sights to see.  Peter awards one lady his seal of approval for the straightest stocking seam he has ever seen!  Mid afternoon we leave and Margaret and I check out the quirky Holden Park in Oakworth before we all stop at Oakworth station.  We are invited into the station masters office where he explains some of the equipment that Margaret’s Dad used to use.  Seeing a couple of trains come in with people in 1940’s costume in the carriages makes us feel like we are on a film set.  It’s been a lovely day out and we’ve only just finished dinner when Steve arrives back.  He’s had a fantastic day and Richard says that as Bradford won 3-0 he is a good mascot and can go again.


SUNDAY 19 MAY – Peter & Margaret were only staying 2 nights but we’ve invited them to stop an extra day if they wish.  They cannot decide what to do but my suggestion of a ride to Yeadon then Wetherby Whalers helps them make up their minds.  There are lots of fishermen at Yeadon Tarn, many have been there all night.  The sun comes out and it is a very pleasant walk with me jogging ahead from time to time.  Frustratingly I still cannot run for more than 2 minutes without being breathless.  At Wetherby Whalers we have a lovely fish and chip meal serenaded by a pianist.  Peter and Margaret are National Trust members and stop off to visit East Riddlesden Hall whilst we continue home.  In the evening Steve wants to watch the Bradford City match on TV so Peter & Margaret move into our bedroom whilst we lie on the sofa bed.  I’ve got a bit of a headache, achy body and stomach so a good night’s sleeps is out of the question.


MONDAY 20 MAY – I’m just getting breakfast ready when we get a text from Shirley and John (who have spent the weekend with family) to say they will pick us up at 9am for our day out.  Our understanding was it could be Monday or Tuesday and they would let us know ahead of time so it’s a bit of a shock.  It spurs us all into action and my idea of a lazy day goes out of the window as we are all ready to leave at 9am.  John & Shirley show interest in Peter & Margaret’s camper as they are now thinking of getting one.  The planed outing had been to go to Sizergh Castle in the Lake District but John & Shirley now realise they have left their NT cards behind so ask for other suggestions.  We end up driving up to Malham and parking by the new visitor centre, £4 day (street parking £1 donation we find out afterwards).  After a hot drink at the cafe and buying a few items to rustle up a picnic we head off on the 4 ½ mile route.  It’s a very pleasant day, cloudy and humid but warm with no wind or rain.  We do the walk anti clockwise giving us a lovely approach through woodland to Janet’s Foss waterfall.  The walk extension to Gordale Scar is well worth it and we finally picnic at the top overlooking the limestone pavement.  We pass school groups of small children and also teenagers hauling camping equipment on their backs but can easily see the anti clockwise route is easiest as we head down hundreds of steps at the end of the hike.  In the valley RSPB are set up to study peregrine falcons on the ledges of the cove and the view through their scopes is fantastic.  Back at the car we extend the outing with a drive past Malham Tarn then drop in to Kilnsey Crag for a cream tea, except it is closed on Mondays.  We have a look around the park then head home for chilli con carne before calling it a day.  I haven’t been able to shake off a headache and ache quite a bit so settle in for an early night.



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