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20130501-20130510 Exploring a bit more of the country and catching up with friends

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WEDNESDAY 1 MAY 2013 – We stop off in Skipton to stroll through the street market but there is little to tempt us.  In Long Preston we meet up with our good friend Jean & Arf at the Boars Head.  Arf had a really rough time after his heart surgery in January and we have not seen them since Steve’s transplant so it is quite emotional.  Arf is doing well but still has back problems from being on his back in intensive care for many weeks.  Over a leisurely coffee then meal we catch up with all the news.  They live on their daughter and son in laws farm so have been busy helping out with lambing.  Whilst Arf has been discharged from hospital he still sees a physio privately and it will probably be another 6 weeks or so before he improves.  Using my Gourmet Cards we get 2 for one on the meals making a very tasty meal really affordable.  We head to the river intending to walk a bit of it off but a farmer tells us we would be better to drive up the nearby hill for the “best views in England”.  En route we spot school children starting to dance around the may pole and hop out for a quick look.  A teacher soon comes over to me and tells me I must not take photos, how silly and frustrating is that.  At the hill top we have fine views over the valley and can clearly see the wetlands and bends in the river.  We head our separate ways and stop in Keighley to check out a motorhome storage place.  Well store have a very secure yard with 24 hour security and access but unfortunately no availability.  Last stop is to take Mom shopping with us to Aldi.


THURSDAY 2 MAY – Summer seems to have arrived as the clear blue skies don’t give way to wind and clouds.  Over in Silsden we begin a walk we have on a card but soon get lost and end up heading up to the canal.  The riverside houses are really attractive with many having conservatories or balconies.  One man has pretend sheep in his garden but they are obviously not doing their job as he is mowing the lawn.  I throw in a few jogs racing ahead of Steve then return to walk with him, much like a dog chasing a ball!  In the afternoon I sit out sunbathing whilst Steve sits in the shade.  I even manage to fit in a few jobs such as touching up scratches on the car, gathering the grass from the lawn and doing a bit of gardening.  Amazing how much more energy you have on a nice day.


FRIDAY 3 MAY –  I’m still not sure that having a motorhome wouldn’t work for us so we check out a couple on sale in Keighley, one very neglected and one the wrong layout.  Mom oversees me emptying her pots and replanting and putting some seeds in the bit of garden border in front of their flat – if anything comes up it will be nothing short of a miracle as the soil is hard and I can’t did it over with the Poundland rubber trowel!  Dad is off to Thomson Court for the week whilst Mom goes up to Scotland.  Whilst she settles him in we take a stroll along the nearby canal.  There are many geese in this area and most of them are nesting on the banks or up in a field.  We see campaign posters complaining about planned housing development in the area where the geese are staying.  I fit in a bit of a running ahead of Steve and canal side mid afternoon it is almost a pleasure!


SATURDAY 4 MAY – Over in Yeadon we surprise Netty & Mark who have driven up to leave their car at Lisa’s whilst going on holiday.  They only booked on Tuesday and fly to Malaga this afternoon for a week in Benalmadena.  Mick is busy putting the finishing touches to their garden which looks much more like one with the turf now laid.  We all have a good chat before Steve & I drop Netty & Mark at the airport on our way home.


SUNDAY 5 MAY – Lunchtime Steve walks down to the Royal Oak to watch the football.  I’ve just finished cleaning the car when 3 young children come up and ask for help as they are lost.  They were visiting their Auntie but don’t know her address.  I walk them around but they don’t recognise anything.  There’s an Asian family living opposite us so I call there thinking she may know their Auntie.  No luck but she calls the kids Mum (who doesn’t speak English) and manages to make arrangements for their Auntie to come and pick them up.  Claire picks Steve up whilst he’s walking home and arrives with the kids.  I’ve cooked up a roast chicken dinner with the works and we all get stuck in.  Pancake choices get a bit out of control and it takes me a good half hour to satisfy all their cravings, banana with chocolate spread and ice creams being the most popular.  During the night I have a stomach ache and this gets to a point where I end up getting up twice to vomit and then get a hot water bottle to soothe my belly.  Luckily Steve is fine.


MONDAY 6 MAY – I feel fine when I wake up and am reassured to hear that Claire and the kids are all well.  It’s a reasonable day so I continue with getting washing up to date before we walk over to Claire’s , it’s Bank Holiday so they are all home.  I help Daniel with some revision and Claire transferring her winter clothes to the loft and sorting out her summer gear – reckon she has more stuff than I have ever owned!  She spurs me into action as I swap my clothes over once I get home.  Only takes about 10 minutes as I am still managing to keep everything in my 18” wardrobe with the off season stuff on the top shelf.  It’s good to see my diet is working out and I can now get back into some size 12 things.


TUESDAY 7 MAY –  We make the most of another nice day and walk to town and back with me jogging ahead from time to time.  I sit out in the afternoon but Steve finds it a bit much even in the shade and retires inside.  Unfortunately we don’t get any sun on our lounge or bedroom so it is almost too cool indoors.


WEDNESDAY 8 MAY – Well it’s been a year since we moved into the bungalow, what a lot has happened since then.  Steve is really pleased with his progress and very optimistic but I feel the time is really dragging by now.  After a drizzly morning there is a fine spell in the afternoon so we drive over to Cowling area.  First we walk up to Lund’s Tower then across the hill top to Wainman’s pinnacle taking care not to get blown away whilst admiring the amazing views.  In the evening we get a call from David who has had a bit of a scare.  Went to the loo then woke up in the bath with the shower going.  Seems he blacked out and fell.


THURSDAY 9 MAY – Well that was a short spell of better weather as we are back to cold wind and rain.  David has had another incident at work and been to the Doctors.  Seems he has a condition called micturition syncope which roughly translates to urinating and fainting.  Usually affects men of his age and there is no cure or treatment but you have to do what you can to avoid this situation such as sitting before standing after getting out of bed and sitting on the loo.  David says the funny thing is that the Doctor suggests he lets someone know whenever he goes to the loo.  As David says that should be interesting when he is alone on his night shift at work.


FRIDAY 10 MAY – I pack up for our few days away.  Seems I put the winter clothes away too soon as I dig out our warm tracksuits.  We call down to Mom’s in the afternoon.  She has enjoyed her first holiday alone to Scotland in spite of the poor weather.  Steve has a hearing test at Boots.  It seems his loss of high pitch is as bad as before but modern day hearing aids could correct this, at a cost of over £2000.  He opts to think about it but in reality will be trying to get an appointment to see if he can get the same type of hearing aid on the NHS.  In Ossett we visit financial adviser Steve.  We’ve learnt that if Steve cashes in his personal pension now he will get an enhance annuity due to his leukaemia so we want to get the ball rolling.  Park of the process is answering a questionnaire about risk factors etc and it is interesting to note how different Steve’s answers are now compared to pre cancer.  He knows how different they are and fully intends to get back to his previous more carefree self so this makes for quite a contradictory answer sheet.  It’s after 7pm when we arrive at Karen’s and she has a nice stir fry waiting for us.  We’re able to help her with some of her paperwork and also have a good chat.



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