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20130521-31 Boot camp for the grandchildren

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TUESDAY 21 MAY – I feel considerably better after a long lie in as does Steve.  We plan an afternoon walk with John & Shirley then spend the morning chewing over the pension offers that we have received.  Our walk today is the 5 mile circuit to Bronte Bridge and waterfalls.  Once again there are magnificent views and the falls and bridge and picture perfect.  We get back just as it is starting to rain.  Back in Keighley John & Shirley take us for an early bird meal out at the “Orient” Chinese in Keighley.  The cheese filled springs rolls are a really nice change.  Tomorrow John & Shirley are catching up with family again so we say our “Good-byes”.


WEDNESDAY 22 MAY – First day in ages with nothing planned.  Our Couchsurfers from USA have had to cry off as one of them has a bad cold and temperature.  I spend the day catching up on paperwork and also trying to sort out a few more things down at the cottage where our friend Paul kindly meets up with the British Gas man so we can get the gas check done.  Tonight I have a Pizza Hut job so Claire comes round to share the meal.  Even with 50% discount our £36 of food reduced to £18 is barely enough to fill the 3 of us, it tastes great but in terms of value for money there are other pizza delivery’s I would pick first.


THURSDAY 23 MAY – We drive up to Nancy’s for lunch and a walk.  Lunch is lovely but hail stones put us off going out for a walk.  In the evening I go down to Wetherspoons to meet the Couchsurfing girls who would have been staying with us had one of them not had a cold.  Nausheen and Sohana come from Bangladesh but are at university in USA.  They are very friendly and really interesting to talk to.  I make the mistake of asking them if there is anything particular they wanted to eat and end up trailing round Keighley to try and get Yorkshire puddings or a cream tea.  I fail on both counts and we end up back at Wetherspoons partaking in the curry night!  As Sohana is doing her dissertation on Emily Bronte she is really taken with the area and they hope to be able to come back for the whole of next year’s summer vacation and find some work to tide them over.


FRIDAY 24 MAY – We go our separate ways at St James, Steve for his consultation and me for a massage with Linda.  She does your hands arms and shoulders and it is nice and relaxing but not very intense.  Steve has been quick with his visit to Dr Gilleece and tells me his appointments are now going to be 8 weekly as he is doing so well and he can drop off the antihistamine tablet.  She also confirms that he has much to get through over the next 18 months but overall his chances are looking good.  After his massage we return home and talk through a plan to take a few weeks holiday in Devon and Cornwall by juggling the last few odd appointments to create a big gap.  I hear from Nausheen & Sohana that they have got a bit lost on Haworth Moor and couldn’t find Top Withens or Bronte falls and bridge but have managed to secure jobs next summer at Haworth Youth Hostel working 30 hours a week between them for board and lodgings.  Steve has an appointment at the Doctors where we manage to amend his inoculation appointment, stock up on medication and put the wheels in motion for him to have a NHS hearing test when we get back from our holiday.


SATURDAY 25 MAY – Summer is back and it is a lovely day.  Claire is off on holiday to Scotland for a week and we are running a boot camp from her house.  Daniel and Natasha must have heard as they have both arranged to go out with friends for the afternoon!  It’s still sunny when they return so we dine al fresco on the slow cooked gammon that Claire has left along with homemade chips and veg.


SUNDAY 26 MAY – Natasha’s rabbit Squeak is not well.  He’s lethargic, lying flat out and not eating or drinking.   She’s upset and phones Claire who suggests I go out and buy fresh carrot, broccoli but this doesn’t seem to help.  Early afternoon we pick up Azura from the train station then head out to the canal for a walk.  Many of the geese and ducks now have babies and it is lovely to see them.  We watch a barge coming through the five rise locks then return.  Azura has brought a face pack along so the girls enjoy a beauty pamper evening.  I do some research about rabbit ailments and suggest Natasha gives Squeak a belly massage which releases some gas and then he drinks some water and eats some hay.


MONDAY 27 MAY – Claire’s alarm goes off at 7am so I get up to check on Squeak who is more lively and looking much better.  A few hours later he is out hopping around so I wake up the girls and get them to look at him through the window.  Daniel wants to stay at home revising for his “O” levels so the rest of us walk up to Oakworth, through Holden Park then back via Newsholme Manor, almost 5 miles.  After lunch we return home to meet Steve Grundy so that Steve can sign the forms to draw his pension.  We’re being very optimistic and taking 25% cash and the rest as a full pension with no guarantees.  If Steve makes 5.8 years then we will be up on the deal from then onwards.  The girls have another pampering evening ending up with bright yellow hands and knees from the fake tan mousse.  Daniel and Azura enjoy their back massages with Steve & Natasha booked in for tomorrow.


TUESDAY 28 MAY – The kids want to go swimming so we drop them there and then try to buy Steve some summer clothes at ASDA.  He needs to be wearing long shirts and trousers to keep his skin out of the sun but lightweight and easy to wash.  Think we are going to have to search our more of a specialist shop like “Craghoppers” to get what we want.  We’ve a slow puncture in a tyre so pick up a new one at Oxford Tyres, £45 and get the spare put on as well.  They are the original tyres from 2004 so I have a hunch they are all going to have to be replaced soon.  Pick the kids up from swimming and head home for Daniels Mexican meal.


WEDNESDAY 29 MAY – Steve’s the first to leave taking the car to Rays for a service and meeting Richard to go out for a game of snooker.  Azura heads off home followed shortly by Daniel who is meeting his friend in Halifax.  I give the house a last clean but am unable to do any more washing as it is cold and pouring with rain.  Daz picks up Natasha at lunchtime and suddenly the house seems very quiet.  Steve and Ray return together, the service has been much more than expected as many of the original rubber belts needed replacing but £205 is a small price to pay for knowing the car will be good for our holidays.  Back home we unpack and start doing research for our upcoming Devon & Cornwall trip.


THURSDAY 30 MAY – The postman arrive with a letter to say our Torquay booking has had to be changed from the Richmond Hotel to The Burlington due to an overbooking. It looks just as nice and has similar leisure facilities.  Mom is out when we arrive and it is good timing as we are able to deal with the delivery of her new mattress.  Spend the rest of the day marking on the map the points of interest we want to visit in Devon & Cornwall, reckon it will take more than this one trip to fit them all in though.


FRIDAY 31 MAY – Summer’s back.  We walk to ASDA and a few other shops and manage to get Steve the trousers he needs.  In fact we found a shop selling brand new Next ones reduced from £34.99 to £5 – I love a bargain.  Steve’s starting to get a bit frustrated with his eyes, after the 2 weeks on antibiotics they are no better so I do a bit of research on the internet and learn there is no cure for blepharitis just ongoing treatment.  Still as he says he can live with it!  My frustrating is the cottage in Newport.  The tenancy runs out on Monday and the company have spent the last 3 months supposedly bringing the property up to scratch but our agent has just been round and told us it is nowhere near ready.  I can see me going in next week to clean and do as much as I can then paying someone to do the rest to avoid stressing Steve.  On the plus side they were tenants for over 16 years so we avoided this handover hassle many times!




  1. We have found out that jogging slower allows us to run longer. If you are struggling in flat and uphill, you could just slow down a bit but still keep jogging. It’s anyway better for the body and helps to lose weight compared to running just little stints.

    • Thanks for that, still trying to jog a bit but if I go any slower it would only be classed as a fast walk! Will persevere as I can see the benefits even if I don’t get any better !

      • We love slow, the slower the better. Walking fast would surely be faster. Actually speed walking is really fast and its hard to keep up with running. But we like running also longer, more than 1 hour is good. Anyway when you are jogging it is better for bones than walking. It strengthens bones, It is also aerobic exercise making your heart stronger. Don’t mind about others judging that you are not running fast enough.

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