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20130811-20 Time for a short break naturally

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SUNDAY 11 AUGUST – Carol from the church arrives to collect Mum, just at the moment when Mum loses one of her hearing aids whilst getting a new battery.  Steve and I head over to Shrewsbury to visit the National Trust property Attingham Park.  We wander round the grounds then take the tour around the house which is very impressive and has an interesting history.  It’s nice enough to sit outside and have lunch at “The Two Henry’s”.  Mum has enjoyed her visit to church and whilst I am sorting out her fridge she takes herself off down the steps and out for a stroll with her walker.  No idea how she manages to haul herself back up the steps but I have to hold back and let herself do it alone as we won’t be here for much longer to keep an eye on her anyway.


MONDAY 12 AUGUST – I get a few calls from the estate agents and the couple who viewed on Saturday and they want to buy at the asking price (we put it on at a lower price than suggested for a quick sale) however they have not yet got their property on the market.  The agent suggests we accept their offer but keep Mum’s up for sale in case we get a cash buyer in the meantime.  I meet Bruce the plumber at Mercian Court and talk through what Mum would like in her bathroom, he must be good as he is fully booked until November.  I’m frustrated to find the paths and window sills covered in ash at the cottage from a bonfire next door.  Neighbour Father Anthony says he could come round later to clear it up but I need to have it clean before I can do other work.  I complete a few last jobs and although I could do a little more I’m feeling weary and clock off early afternoon.  Good job I do as Mum’s solicitors call to say they have received the paperwork needed to complete her purchase.  I pick up forms from their office, get Mum to sign them then drop them back.   As we are loaning Mum the money I have to make arrangements with a different solicitor for a loan agreement document and finally go on line to make the transfer of the purchase price.  In amongst all this I visit Boots to sort out Mum’s medication. Back home I break it to Mum that she is probably going to be moving on Saturday.  This spurs her into actions helping me sort out more of her clothes and I also manage to pack up stuff from the lounge.


TUESDAY 13 AUGUST – First call is to book the removal company for Saturday which is Netty’s next day off.  I then have to contact a few other people to notify them of the move and get things transferred.   I drop off Mum’s signed contract and other paperwork then visit the other solicitor to go through the terms of the loan agreement and she is going to try and get it typed up ready for signature this afternoon.  Steve gets his first look at the cottage in over a week and is especially pleased with the way the grounds have improved.  We’re taking Paul & Elaine out for a “thank you” meal and head to The Aston where we have a nice lunch.  It’s all go and back in Drayton as I join Netty packing up some of Mums things.  The solicitor is working well and has the agreement ready for Steve & I to sign then bring back for Mum to complete her section.  It’s something we weren’t going to bother with but the solicitor thought it a good idea as should anything happened to Mum before the bungalow was sold the powers that be would deem both properties to be part of her estate and we would lose our money.  Looks like we have pretty much got this purchase all wrapped up in just 3 weeks.  In the evening we join Netty & Ian at the Four Alls so Mum can treat us all to a meal.


WEDNESDAY 14 AUGUST – I visit Dominoes hairdressers where Ged tells me if I want to grow my hair any longer I need to grow out the layers as the ends are getting too fine.  Know this doesn’t work for me so settle for having an inch or so lopped off.  I make a final bank transfer to the solicitors to replace a cheque we’d dropped off that won’t clear in time.  We say “Good-bye” to Mum for the last time in her bungalow as we won’t be back down until early September.  After 2 weeks at home she is starting to show signs of improvement in weight, spirit and mobility and the move to the apartment should enable her to build on this.  We call in to see Claire at work and she’s looking really well.  It’s a real family catch up as Dave & Donna have been visiting Keighley and we meet them at Moms (Dad is in respite for the week).  We have a good chat before we finally head home.  After 3 weeks away there’s plenty of unpacking and sorting to be done before we leave again tomorrow and lots of mail to go through too.  I’ve an appointment at the Docs so they can check out my blood test results, the jury is still out and she wants more blood tests and the results of an ultrasound before deciding what the problem might be.


THURSDAY 15 AUGUST – Throughout the morning I catch up on the washing and paperwork.  Daniel texts us with the fantastic news that he has passed his “additional Maths” exam with a grade “A”.  I get an Email to say the purchase of Mercian Court apartment is complete and the keys are ready to be picked up.  Late afternoon we head over to Lisa’s.  Daniel has been staying with them this week whilst helping out at the theatre in Guisley.  As a “thank you” Claire is taking them out for a meal and we are joining them.  Unfortunately Mick gets help up at work and misses out on the “curry night” at Yeadon Wetherspoon where we all really enjoy the food.  After Claire has gone home to her house the rest of us spend a couple of hours playing the funny game of “Balderdash”. We’re staying at Lisa’s overnight and Daniel is banished to the sofa but he’s perfectly happy and says he can sleep anywhere.


FRIDAY 16 AUGUST – Mick & Sian have already left when we get up.  Lisa is still living in the middle of a building site so there’s little chance of a lie in.  The house behind them is a real mess as people had moved in before finding out the walls were bowing out.  The builders have had to put the family up in rental accommodation whilst the outer brickwork is being taken down and rebuilt.  Steve & I set off for Hull and after a shop at ASDA arrive at YSS.  We’ve booked the static for a week and are soon settled in.  Andy has organised a boules tournament and Steve reckons he’s well enough to have a go playing left handed.  At the start of each game all the would be players line up at the end of the boules court and have to throw one ball to get nearest to the centre crossing point.  Andy then starts with the nearest and next nearest to form teams.   Even left handed Steve’s ball is the nearest so he is in the top team.  He does really well in the first round of games.  Lining up for the second throw off Steve suddenly cries out and staggers backwards onto a seat. Unbelievably one woman lost the grip on her boule and it has landed on Steve’s broken collar bone – what are the chances of that happening.  It’s been quite a shock for him and he’s feeling pretty uncomfortable so opts out of the second round.  By evening Steve is feeling OK and in fact we are now noticing that his shoulder is aching rather than causing him pain and he is beginning to get movement back so that bump hasn’t done any damage.


SATURDAY 17 AUGUST – We are up early enough to sit out having breakfast before the clouds then showers arrive.  The rest of the day is poor weather so we chill out.  Mum has moved house today and I hear from Netty that it all went well and she sends me pictures of how nice it looks.


SUNDAY 18 AUGUST – Andy has organised a cross country boules tournament. Steve is feeling well enough to enter.  Basically teams of 2 plays boules but on any area of grass rather than the boules pitch which evens up the better players against novices.  Again Steve does well playing left handed and ends up being the runners up team.  You need 2 people in the pool area to swim or use the hot tub and I managed to collar Barry to join me for a spa.  Along with wife Pat they are motorhomers and head into Europe for a few months each summer.  They are able to update me on naturist resorts we may want to visit in the near future.  Mum is settling nicely into her new apartment and has had loads of visitors.  She is looking forward to being able to take a stroll down the main street each day.


MONDAY 19 AUGUST – We get enough sun between clouds for me to enjoy a bit of sunbathing.  Steve makes a walk around the site whilst I jog on ahead feeling frustrated at the pitifully short distances I can do without struggling to breathe.  The few people who stay during the week set about cleaning up the clubhouse and I pitch in and do the BBQ.  With few people here I have left a note on the hot tub saying that “Billy no mates” would love to join others who are going in but even so feel surprised when someone hails over for Billy to join them.  Chris and Mo are new to motorhoming having just decided that the new tax laws in Spain make it more beneficial to be travellers most of the year.  Apparently if you are in Spain for more than half a year you must become resident and declare any earnings and savings from any part of the world so they can tax you on it.


TUESDAY 20 AUGUST – Gordon goes round doing his mole round up, this year he has caught about 55 but the mole hills are evidence to many more hiding away.  It’s so nice to be able to sit out on the deck having breakfast au natural and Steve is then happy to sit under an umbrella or relax indoors.  Today I join John & Karen in the spa, an interesting couple who have a 14 year old foster child with autism. My Billy sign is turning out to be a great way to meet new people.  Andy & Chris have organised an evening feast along with John & Maureen from Spain and Kate & Gordon.  We begin with drinks and nibbles at John & Maureen’s caravan then move on to Andy & Chris’s place.  After a delicious homemade indulgent (double cream) mushroom soup Andy gets the gammon out of the smoker.  Served with potatoes, cauliflower cheese and peas it is really tasty.  To round it off we have a selection of cheeses.  The deal is that the produce is costed out and we all pay a share and at £3 a head it just shows you that you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy a good meal and company.



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