Posted by: glenswatman | October 21, 2013

20131011-20 A medical week but with a lovely party at the end of it.

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FRIDAY 11 OCTOBER – I’ve booked the Ocado delivery for 9-10am so make sure I am dressed and showered before then.  Unfortunately they have a problem with the truck and text to say they will be late.  At the Doctors she tells me the blood tests are still showing inflammation markers so she does a quick internal examination to confirm there are no obvious problems.  She suggests a telephone consultation next Friday by which time my MRI results should be back.  Walking past a charity shop I spot a bread maker in the window and at £15 figure it has to be worth a try, unfortunately when I get home I find the instructions for the discontinued model are no longer available on line but I get suggestions for how to us it from forums.  Ocado show up with things nicely packed in different coloured bags for freezer, chilled and shelf goods – overall not a bad shopping experience given that I could key in “organic” and immediately make choices that way.  At Airedale I have my MRI scan.  I find it quite hard holding my breath on the exhale and often don’t manage as long as they ask but it must have been enough as they go through the full scanning cycle without repeating anything.  Fortunately a woman at the Penny Brohn centre said she coped with all the noises by thinking of it as a modern orchestra with random sounds so I adopt the same tactic.  Back home Steve is really struggling with long bouts of unproductive coughing, almost wish I hadn’t booked for us to go away tomorrow but I’m looking forward to using the spa facilities and I am sure Steve will make good use of the bed and TV in the room.


SATURDAY 12 OCTOBER – Steve’s still struggling with a bad cough but happy to give the weekend breaks a go.  The Thistle at Haydock is a lovely hotel and the rooms are large with a bath as well as a shower which will suit Steve.  Reception are offering cheap upgrades so I text cousin Karen and her friend Milos.  I get a message back saying the “Duchess” would like the King Suite at a £30 supplement.  It’s really funny because when they arrive the red carpet is out (there’s a wedding on) and a porter standing by with a luggage trolley.  The suite is amazing with a lounge area, bedroom with enormous bed and the highlight a super luxurious bathroom, twin sinks, double shower then Jacuzzi bath with TV.  Steve stays in the room whist we make full use of the gym, swimming pool, Turkish bath and hot tub.  In the evening Steve thinks he is well enough to join us for an evening meal and nearby the Miners Lamp where they find us a nice table in the corner.  Unfortunately Steve has another coughing fit and opts for me to take him back to the hotel picking up fish and chips en route.  I return and enjoy the £11.99 5 course menu with Karen & Milos.  They entertain me with many funny stories about their weekend breaks.


SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER- May have been a problem from eating a spicy meal late last night but I’ve had a rough night with pain and sickness again.  Steve’s well enough to join us for breakfast but it’s a buffet and there are loads of kids around from the wedding. I have a quiet word with the waitress who totally understands Steve’s needs as both her grandparents have leukaemia (what are the odds of that).  We’ve time for another session in the spa prior to our late 2pm check out. Our Great Little Breaks deal at £79 also includes champagne afternoon tea valued at £19.95 each.  It’s really nice but considering Steve and I substitute lime sodas for the champagne it is not the best value in the world but we do feel rather decadent wallowing on the leather sofa with the cake stand in front of us.  We part company planning another break together when Steve is feeling better.  He’s had a bit of a double whammy because not only has he got a cold but when I booked the break his chemo and lumbar puncture were for Monday morning but ended up being done on Wednesday evening so he has coped really well.


MONDAY 14 OCTOBER – We’re both whacked and linger in bed.  We’ve received some homeopathic remedies to help us both.  Penny Brohn suggested “symphytum” for Steve to help his collar bone heal and whilst I was talking to the homoeopathist she recommended arnica for me to help my bunion operation be less painful and heal better.  I feel I am doing one step forward and one back as all the paperwork I make headway with comes back and haunts me.  Now I’ve got to find new insurance on the cottage as it has been empty so long the original company will not cover it.    Steve stays in bed until lunch time after which we head over to the dentist in Silsden.  My Doctor asked me to get them to thoroughly check the X-rays for infection but everything looks good (which in a way is bad news!).  After dropping Steve off I pick up Ivy who is visiting Mavis and has offered to go out and buy some plants and put them in her garden.  I fit in a bit of shopping and then return with the ingredients to trial out our new bread maker with a 70% wholemeal seeded loaf.  Steve also benefits from a selection of cough medicines and sweets and manages to just about choke on one.  At least the massage at bedtime offers him some relief.


TUESDAY 15 OCTOBER- We’re both a bit despondent and run down and linger in bed until lunchtime napping on and off.   Just can’t be bothered to get up and go out on the walk today.  The bread maker has worked well and Steve gives the loaf a 9/10 rating.  By late afternoon I have managed to get a buildings insurance policy with Endsleigh and effectively bought us a further 60 days to get tenants in.  Speak to the agents again and she agrees we have done absolutely everything possible, including reducing the price, to make it appealing but are just not getting the right people round to view.  Steve’s cold seems to be going on to his chest and he is absolutely fed up of all the coughing fits.


WEDNESDAY 16 OCTOBER –I leave Steve in bed and drive over to Bradford.  Margarette is giving me a one to one lesson on Reiki.  She is also qualified in hypnotherapy, a spiritualist and has studied many types of natural healing.  She begins by asking me to shuffle and pick an “angel” card, mine is Glory and the description could fit me.  I’m a bit sceptical about the whole thing but prepared to try anything that will help Steve.  She spends a couple of hours explaining about what we can do to help our own body, mind and spirit much in keeping with the Penny Brohn theme.  She also talks about how angels can help us as well as natural energy healing.  After lunch she talks me through the Reiki manual then prepares me for my induction.  First she does a meditation session where I get a vision of my Reiki master, a Chinese guy with a dangling moustache.  Once she talks me down she says that an elderly man in his 60’s, about 5’10” tall, with smoothed back grey hair, tweed jacket, dark trousers  and an open shirt came and stood beside me and smiled.  I can’t picture anyone but she says his name is John or William, maybe Jack or a derivative of William.  The only person I can think of is Mum’s friend John but I remember him always wearing a polo neck sweaters.  At this point she says he has just said to look at the photo and also a dog has just joined him.  She also says she can feel that Mum has lost many people.  I respond that most people of Mum’s age would have lost a lot of people and kind of shake it off but she tells me that Mum connects with them.  It’s time for my “attunement” where I sit on a hard back chair.  Margaret invites any spirits to join us as she says they are always pleased to have another person receiving the symbols to be able to heal.  I don’t really feel anything during the procedure but she does tell me one of the people who joined us was a witch Doctor who stood in front of me and danced around.  Now this is really making me wonder a bit especially coupled with her stories of unexplainable help she has had from angels.  However I’ve done this all with good intentions and after paying my £95 head off with full intentions of trying it out at every opportunity before passing judgement.  Back home Steve is not well at all and having many more coughing fits, he agrees that we need to get some advice tomorrow.  Out of interest I go into my photo files and pull up all pictures of Mum and John, would you believe it he is not wearing a polo jumper in any of them and in the older ones has on a shirt and tie and the most recent ones an open shirt, plus I know he did have a dog.  I feel and really hope that there is something in it as it is used at the MacMillan cancer centres and also Penny Brohn.


THURSDAY 17 OCTOBER – We speak to Suzanne at St James who suggests Steve visits his Doctor and asks them to listen to his chest and put him on antibiotics as it has gone on too long.  The first appointment is late afternoon.  It’s another nice warm sunny day and a shame we can’t go for a drive out and walk but Steve just wants to linger in bed.  Whilst Steve is at the Doctor’s I visit Mom and Dad and attempt to get the gas and electric at the cottage changed from business use to domestic.  I’ve been doing this since early August and the inefficiency of N Power and British Gas beggar’s belief.  Steve comes back with no medicines as the Doctor says his chest is clear and he must just be patient, we call Suzanne who agrees with this.  In the evening I give Steve an aromatherapy massage and add in some reiki in the hope it has some effect.  I watch “Trust me I’m a Doctor” programme and am very interested in the section on body scans where they reckon that giving them as a well body routine check up such as with private health care companies is unwise as invariably they come up with about 3 problems the person didn’t know they had.  They recommend that scans should only be used to investigate existing problems as the more you investigate the more you find, very reassuring given my on-going scan revelations.


FRIDAY 18 OCTOBER – Well Steve has certainly had a good night’s sleep and snored most of the time so I am not that surprised to find it is almost 10am when I finally wake up properly.  Steve says he is feeling quite a lot better but will take another massage and reiki before he gets up.  Dr Swagger calls me to say she has the MRI results showing galls stones and also haemangioma in the spleen.  She assures me it is normally benign and suggests I am referred to a specialist about the galls stones and also get him to check out the spleen problem especially if he does a laparoscopy.  As back up Dr Swagger says I should have blood tests in a month’s time and another MRI in 3 months and she will call me back within the month to find out if I have any appointments through.  Of course I can’t resist going on line and reading up that although these are rare unless they grow big and burst they are no problem.  I’ve brought some old home videos from Mums to transfer to the computer and have quite a chuckle at the two Mum’s visit to Mexico, happy memories.  Steve meanwhile continues to plough through my diaries, now into 2000 and us we’ve just flown back from Australia to meet our new granddaughter Natasha.  Steve continues to improve throughout the day and having given away the chance of going down to the Midlands it is now quite a possibility, don’t want to miss our good friend Pete’s 60th birthday celebrations on Sunday.


SATURDAY 19 OCTOBER – Steve is feeling well enough for us to head down to the Midlands and even insists on driving.  We must cross paths with David, Donna and Daryl en route as when we call to say we are near to them they are already on the way to Leeds/Bradford airport for their 1 week holiday to Crete.  Arriving in Drayton Mum is not home but a quick stroll down the street soon locates her outside Iceland talking to Ian.  We pick up some home baked bread and fresh fruit and veg and head back to Mums for lunch.  No sure whether it is the walk or being upright for so long but Steve has taken a turn for the worse and the long coughing spells are back.  Have lunch with Mum, catch up with news and give her a bit of reiki healing before heading down to her bungalow.  Netty has been really busy cleaning all the kitchen cupboards properly and along with Ian and Bobby have cleared out all the cellar of everything except our stuff.  It’s just unfortunate that the buyer still hasn’t been able to sell his bungalow.  Frustratingly for us Mum’s bungalow is empty and ours at Newport in spite of being reduced from £950 a month to £795 still hasn’t got tenants whilst we live in a tiny bungalow in Yorkshire.  If it wasn’t for all our medical appointments I think we would move down into one.


SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER – I give Steve a massage and reiki in the hope it will get him through the day.  There’s quite a gathering at Goldstone Hall for Pete’s 60th.  It’s all rather posh with bubbly on arrival, a lovely menu to pick from and 3 table set up in a conservatory with 9 people on each.  Carol has gone to a lot of trouble to get a personalised cake covered in books with names of all the plays Pete has been in and other appropriate things like a chef, gold clubs and a bottle of red wine in miniature.  On the tables are party favours, a chocolate wine shaped biscuit and a mini bar of chocolate – it’s just like being at a wedding.  Steve copes fairly well and only has to pop out a few times for a coughing fit.  At one stage he’s sat outside at the table with Carol’s Dad and another friend who is living with cancer and the conversation is about how women fuss over them, compounded by me peering through the window to check Steve is OK!  It’s a really lovely do and so nice to be able to relax and enjoy time with friends.  On the way back we call in to see Bobby, Steph and the adorable Olivia who is really good fun now.  The day has taken its toll on Steve so he settles into bed at about 6.30pm and that’s him for the night!




  1. Always love reading your blog! So sorry to read that Steve has not been well with that debilitating cough of his, hope he gets better soon. Love Nicole xx

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