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20131101-11 We’ve bought a holiday home


FRIDAY 1 NOVEMBER – It’s a cold and rainy day so envious of Mum & David who are jetting off to Benidorm.  They are staying for 4 nights at the Flash Hotel so should have a great time.  I seem to spend much of the day on the Internet whilst Steve does a great job pottering round doing other things for me.  We hear 2 other people are interested in the static caravan at Merryhill so if we want it we need to decide now and put a deposit down.  Spend quite a bit of time chewing over more of the pros and cons.  The bottom line is that it doesn’t make great financial sense but our quality of life would almost certainly be better living there so we will take the plunge and move out of our bungalow at the beginning of March.  We can stay in the static until the end of October by which time Steve should be well enough for us to fly to Spain for the winter, if not – well like everything else we will cross that bridge if we come to it.



SATURDAY 2 NOVEMBER – Claire visits the opticians in Keighley so calls round for lunch and a chat.  Late afternoon there is quite a storm with the sky going black accompanied by strong wind, thunder lightening and lots of rain.  Fortunately it has eased off by the time we head out.  We need to do some shopping and I attempt to go round the supermarket with Steve but realise I am pushing things too far as my foot hurts like mad.  Richard and Jane have invited us round for the evening.  We’ve a lot to talk about as they recently went on a Mediterranean cruise with Carnival lines and tell us how it compares with Royal Caribbean which just has the edge.  Richard has been out at the Indian shop buying the ingredients to create a fish curry from scratch and it is absolutely delicious.  4 hours, much good food and chat later we are ready to leave complete with 2 carrier bags full of apples that Jane has given us from off her tree.



SUNDAY 3 NOVEMBER – Steve has his work cut out peeling the apples whilst I prepare them to store in the freezer.  We agree the deal to purchase the 2001 ABI Brisbane 12 X 35 static and will go down for a weekend mid February to complete the purchase then give up the bungalow and move there in March.  Feeling quite excited at the prospect.  With than in mind I now have the challenge of where to put all the things that used to be stored in Mum’s cellar and our now here.  I start by taking photos out of the albums to put into small envelopes but it takes forever as I get waylaid with memories.



MONDAY 4 NOVEMBER – We wake to frost in the front garden and a noticeable drop in temperature although the blue skies are most welcome.  Driving up to The Tarn I sit in the car whilst Steve does 3 laps.  He gets a second walk in when we visit Mom and he pops to the shops.  We have a super day with Sandra and Keith, a lovely free course lunch then a real good chat. They’ve just had 3 weeks in Cyprus then came back for a weekend in the Lake District.  We’ve so much to catch up on that it’s 8pm by the time we head home.  Looks like we are in for another cold night as we have ice on the car windscreen.



TUESDAY 5 NOVEMBER – Steve heads out to pick up Mom then collect Dad out of respite car.  He even fits in a walk along the canal whilst waiting for Dad to get ready.  I cook up a vegetable lasagne and get a result from a break maker brown load with linseeds.  David and Mum arrive back from their 4 nights in Benidorm and it has worked out really well and they’ve had a lovely time.  Its bonfire night and we only have to look out of our kitchen winter to see the neighbours display and others over the valley.



WEDNESDAY 6 NOVEMBER – In the evening we drive over to North Halifax Grammar School where they are doing 3 plays.  The top two years of pupils organise the whole show with no help from teachers and they select actors and singers from the first two years of pupils.  This is a great method of encouraging interaction between the different age groups.  Daniel is in his element as producer and technical director of Shrek and also over sees the lighting and some backstage things for the other two.  Lion King is very good although most of the cast are a bit shy and speak very quickly and don’t project their voices.  The second act is a play about a problem with a school pupil but it is hard to hear what they are all saying and easy to lose whatever plot there is – at least Steve doesn’t snore when he nods off.  Daniel has obviously spent a lot of time coaching his cast as they project their voices and speak slowly so we give his play the best marks.  No prejudice there then!



THURSDAY 7 NOVEMBER – It’s a glorious morning. Once Steve has peeled some apples he heads off for a walk leaving me to cook them up with sultanas and make a pie.  I’m on a bit of a roll and also make a huge tray of carrot cake.  After making it I realise that I have only been kidding myself how healthy it is given just how much butter and sugar are used.  Its 10 years since the “Stumblers” walking group started and they are holding a party.  Sandra picks me up, then Mary, to take us to Marlene’s home in Silsden.  We’ve all been asked to take something along so there is plenty to eat and drink.  I see many new faces of people who haven’t been on the same walks as me including Jill who used to come into our shop.  Spending time chatting to her I learn she has moved into a cottage and they now have a VW campervan.  Another lady Pam also walks with a group from the University of the Third Age (U3A).  I ask more about it and find that walk are 3 – 6 miles and men can join in but even more interesting the group meet on different days for many other activities.  Certainly the Scrabble, card games, quiz, luncheon and Spanish would be of interest to us for starters.  Claire comes round for tea and a sleepover.  I’m pretty full after the party so cook them a stir fry and fish then spoil all the good stuff by following it with apple pie and ice cream then a slice of carrot cake.  I could do with a smart pair of black trousers now I’ve dropped a size so Claire takes me down first to ASDA and then Sainsbury’s.  I’m managing to walk a little further without discomfort which is a good sign but unfortunately can’t find any suitable trousers but end up with a nice top.  Of course Steve can’t understand why I should go out for trousers and come back with a top – men just don’t get it do they?



FRIDAY 8 NOVEMBER – We’re meeting Jean & Arf at Long Preston and with the car facing uphill I tell Steve we might as well head that way.  Just after we pass the Tarn I suddenly realise we are not going to the hospital so should have turned off.  After turning off we are almost in Cowling before it dawns on me we shouldn’t be on the road we use to go to the Midlands and should have actually gone the hospital way then through Skipton – what an airhead.  It all turns out well as we find a lovely cross country route through Gisburn with fabulous scenery.  Jean & Arf have already arrived at The Boars Head and we soon settle in and chat over hot drinks.  Once again we are spoilt for choice with the unusual menu and all opt that as couples we will share a starter and a dessert to be able to try more.  Our starter of deep fried crispy brie in a berry coulis is delicious.  Jean & Arf have both made progress with medical problems but are still awaiting further appointments before they can leave the country but optimistic of getting away before Christmas.  With that in mind we book to return on my birthday for a last meal together as there is a lovely Christmas menu in December.  Having put the world to rights we head home just before it gets dark, so strange with it being dark by 5pm



SATURDAY 9 NOVEMBER – Stan & Judy are coming to stay overnight and have offered to take us out for a meal but in case they change their minds I do a bit of cooking.  Sandra and Keith are coming for lunch on Monday so I figure if I make a big pan of lentil and mince mixture I can use some for a cottage pie and the rest as a pasta bake.  The U3A leaflet arrives and there are lots of activities that will suit us including Scrabble each Tuesday.  Stan & Judy are avid travellers and have just come back from a trip to Turkey and have a tour booked in Burma in February so lots to hear about.  Stan & Judy want to treat us to a take away so we order on line from The Ranch.  3 of us opt for Chinese and Judy has a curry.  It’s not outstanding but more than acceptable and very reasonable.  Stan’s a football fan so Steve gets a good fix of sport chat.



SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER – Stan & Judy head off after breakfast.  It’s another glorious day so Steve suggests a ride over to Leeds to visit Lisa & Mick.  In fact it is such a warm day that we sit out on the patio having a sandwich at lunchtime and don’t even need coats.  Now if all winters were like this in England we would be really happy.




  1. Love reading your blogs, you have a very good social life. Sounds like Steve is able to do a lot more so happy to hear that. Hope it’s not too long before you can walk without pain, take care. Nicole xx

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