Posted by: glenswatman | November 21, 2013

20131111-20 The unwelcome return of colds


MONDAY 11 NOVEMBER – Unusually we have the radio on and are both aware of the time and date when the 11am 2 minutes silence starts. We stand together in the kitchen reflecting and remembering the wars and what we have to be grateful of. At Airedale Mr Leggetter says my foot is coming along nicely and the nurse must take the stitches out. I mention our planned move to Norwich, where he says he has lived and is really nice, and ask if my next appointments can be brought forward. He’s really accommodating and gives me my follow up for 2nd December and will do the other foot operation early in January. The stitches are very difficult to get out as Mr Leggetter is famed for doing tight ones to produce a neater scar. I end up with a few cuts along the way and need a dressing but once it has settled down I should only need to wear a sock underneath the special support boot. Sandra & Keith arrive for lunch. My bread maker has produced a lovely seeded brown loaf which goes down well with the soup. Unfortunately the cottage pie is not as good as the lentil mince seems to have soaked into the potato topping and it appears that is all mash. At least the apple pan dowdy pudding redeems me. As usual we find plenty to talk about until they leave late afternoon.

TUESDAY 12 NOVEMBER – The warmish weather is hanging in there so Steve walks up to the Tarn but says it was far too windy to walk around so he just sat on the seat and watched all the birds. At 1pm we arrive at Temple Row centre to meet Joan who runs the U3A Scrabble group. There are 10 of us in all and by picking tiles the letters dictate which team you go in, one of 4 and 2 of 3 with Steve and I being separated. Doreen, Judith and Caroline are interesting companions and although I win the first 2 games and marginally lose the 3rd it is good fun. Steve is banned from returning as he wins all 3.

WEDNESDAY 13 NOVEMBER – We pop out to ASDA then call in to Sainsbury’s to pick up a DVD that Mom wants, Mrs Brown uncut. Spend the afternoon watching our travel photos of Africa and USA and again marvelling at just how much we have done – and how much we have forgotten!

THURSDAY 14 NOVEMBER – Steve walks to town and calls in at the Keighley Well Living centre and gathers information on some other activities that might suit us. Claire comes for the night and tells us Daniel is in Paris on work experience. Along with a few other peoples they went by train and are staying together but going their separate ways in the day, Daniel to a boulangerie so I hope he learns how to cook croissants and other French delights.

FRIDAY 15 NOVEMBER – I’ve been battling a cold for sometime but today it seems to be getting the better of me and I can’t stop sneezing and blowing my nose. Luckily Steve has arranged to go out to snooker with Richard. I spend the morning in the kitchen making scones, carrot cake and bread. I’ve sent Steve out with a shopping list including cream cheese to make the carrot cake frosting and clotted or fresh double cream for the scones. Unfortunately he returns with cheese spread and elmlea which is a diabolical processed imitation cream. This now leaves me with a dilemma and he can see I’m not happy so we head out together and as luck would have it they have now stocked up the shelves and cream cheese and clotted cream are now available!

SATURDAY 16 NOVEMBER – Netty & Ian arrive at lunch time. They’ve brought some more stuff up from Mum’s and tell me there is very little left. Someone has been in to Mums this week decorating and it is going to be put up “to let” and will either be sold or rented out depending what offer completes first. Netty and I compare notes about our bunion operations and ongoing gall bladder operations – think it must be a sign of us getting old in that there is so much medical talk. They head off to Leeds to stay over in a hotel before their 10km run tomorrow.

SUNDAY 17 NOVEMBER – Ian left his phone behind yesterday so we make a plan to all meet at Claire’s and hand it back. Steve’s now starting to catch my cold but as I can’t drive he has to go over with me. Netty & Ian ran well and beat last year’s time. In the afternoon Steve overcomes his cold to go down to the pub to watch the Liverpool match.

MONDAY 18 NOVEMBER – Hard to decide which of us has the worst cold, of course I can’t really compete with “man flu”. Interestingly mind is more of a congested then runny nose whilst Steve has a hacking cough again – what a pair. Nancy hasn’t picked up our messages crying off so arrives for a meal in the evening. Steve manages to stay chatting until 8pm then retires to bed leaving me to chat. Haven’t seen Nancy for a couple of months so plenty to catch up on including the unfortunate news that her daughter Jenny has gone bankrupt from the pub she was running.

TUESDAY 19 NOVEMBER – Today I have my appointment at Airedale with the specialist about my gall stone problem. Registrar Dr Gul has looked at the scan results and basically gives me the choices of putting up with the problem and controlling it by diet, putting up with it until it gets too bad and then having my gall bladder removed or going on the waiting list straight away to have it removed. He says it will not get better and no matter what I do it will most probably get worse in time. Given that we fully intend travelling again where it won’t be so easy to control my diet I opt for the operation as soon as possible. My GP asked me to speak to him about my enlarged spleen that also showed up on the scans but he says that I must go to Leeds to see someone about that. I say that maybe I will just forget about it as it was not under investigation and the problem was found by chance but he says it really needs checking out with it being so enlarged. The nurse tells me the waiting list for the gall bladder operation is 6 – 8 weeks but when she phones through to ask how much notice you get she is told 6 – 16 weeks wait. I explain we are moving to Norwich on 1st March and ideally would like it done before then so she puts me down for a cancellation and says to call in once I have the date for my second bunion operation as I can’t have the two operations too close together. Hard to believe that we can go away travelling for 15 years and hardly have anything wrong with us and here I am back in England needing 4 and maybe 5 operations in the space of 18 months. Karen & Milos have just had a couple of days away in Malham and call in on the way back for a chat. It’s interesting to get Milos’s opinion on the new NHS strategies about elderly patients having a named Doctor and patients being able to register at any practice – needless to say he is not impressed. It is the U3A Scrabble group this afternoon but Steve is not well enough to venture out and I can’t drive so we have to give it a miss, reckon they will be thinking we have given up on them after last week’s efforts.

WEDNESDAY 20 NOVEMBER – Steve takes himself off to Bradford Royal Infirmary for his consultation with Mr Radcliffe about his shoulder. Expecting an X-Ray Steve is rather surprised to find that Mr Radcliffe is really pleased with his progress and movement and discharges Steve from clinic. Claire arrives for a sleepover. Instead of putting all the vegetables with the meal I have created stuffed peppers are starters filled with peppers, onion, tomato and cream cheese and they are delicious. After dinner Claire wants to nip to Morissons as they have a fantastic offer on mixer drinks at 3 for the price of 1. Steve picked some up earlier but by the time we get there in the evening there is not a bottle left in store. Shame they don’t have the American system of giving you a rain check voucher to get the goods at that price once they come back in stock – either that or a limit per customer in the first place as Steve saw people completely filling trolleys with bottles. At least I get chance to buy some cough medicine and sweets to make us both feel better whilst we battle with our colds. Know it doesn’t help in the long run though.


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