Posted by: glenswatman | February 3, 2014

201401 Our first visit to our new home

MONDAY 20 JANUARY – Over the weekend Steve had a chunk of tooth fall out.  I call the dentist when it opens and Steve gets an appointment for 9.30am which is excellent.  Within minutes the dentist has assessed the damage and filled the broken section.  It is quite a pleasant morning so easy to encourage Steve to stop off at the Tarn when he does one lap and I do two including a bit of jogging.  It is quite hard trying to think of tasty food that is no or very low fat.  Today’s lunch of dry roasted parsnip, sweet potato and normal potato chips served with mushrooms in garlic and black pepper crème fraiche and venison go down a treat.  I’ve also bought lots of things like meringue nests and fat free sponge biscuits but of course the downside of these is that they have higher sugar.  Sandra and Keith call round in the afternoon.  They are off to Tenerife for all of February so we may not get chance to see them again before we move.  Steve is getting really fed up with the shingles pain and has a pretty bad night.  If this goes on much longer I think we will have to go back to the Doctor to try some other medication as nothing works so far.  At least I am on a roll of feeling great.


TUESDAY 21 JANUARY – Steve only seems to really get comfortable in the morning after I have got up so I let him wallow whilst I begin sorting a few things that we will take to Norwich on our first trip in a couple of weeks time.  In the afternoon we go to the Scrabble group and this time Steve only manages one win.  Calling in to check on details of handing notice in on our bungalow I am pleasantly surprised to learn that tenancy terminates on a Sunday but I don’t need to give notice until the beginning of that week.


WEDNESDAY 22 JANUARY – I have to go out and get blood tests done so Steve comes with me then we go along to Cliff Castle to check out the recently refurbished museum.  For a freebie it is excellent.  It holds some beautiful rooms set out in all their splendour plus varying displays from geology, natural history to interesting facts about Keighley.


THURSDAY 23 JANUARY – We call in to visit Mum then have a brief walk to town.  I decide to start walking back and hot foot it up the hill immediately realising how unfit I have become.  At the moment all I am doing is “planking” each night (now up to 60 seconds) and a few chair steps.  In the afternoon the sky turns dark and we get a blast of snow covering the road and car but an hour later disappearing.  I’m quite sad as it was rather nice being cosy indoors and looking out at it.  St James ring and tell me my double operation is scheduled for 24 February unless they get a cancellation before that.  When Dr Swagger calls about my blood test results (not back to normal but coming down nicely) she says she will make arrangements for me to crack on with my pre splenectomy injections.


FRIDAY 24 JANUARY – Mom takes us out to lunch at the Lord Rodney.  I thoroughly enjoy my leek and potato soup and the prawn linguine that they specially prepare in a fat free tomato sauce.  It’s still pretty hard going watching Steve and Mom tuck into sticky toffee pudding and hot chocolate fudge cake.  To make up for this we call in to ASDA where I stock up on fat free chilled chocolate desserts.  Interestingly I am eating loads but still not gaining weight so fat free seems to work even better for me than low calorie.


SATURDAY 25 JANUARY – I spend the morning in the kitchen cooking bread, baking a carrot cake for David’s birthday and making a roast beef dinner. David arrives in time for the early afternoon football match.  There’s loads of veg left over so I blend it all with the remaining gravy to create a “Sunday dinner” soup for tonight.  David chuckles when I take out his slice of carrot cake with a musical candle.  It’s really his birthday on Monday and Donna has given him a 4 day trip to Benidorm as a present and they leave on Tuesday.


SUNDAY 26 JANUARY – We spend a quite day with me sorting a few more things to take to Norwich.  We are thinking that the first weekend we get when we are both feeling well and the weather is good we will head over.


MONDAY 27 JANUARY – David’s 35th birthday, my how the years have flown by.  At the surgery I get “Pneumovax” against pneumonia and “Menveo” meningoccocal injections.  The problem now is that the next lot are not due for 1 month which is the exact time I am due my operation.  There’s been a bit of a mix up on Steve’s repeat prescription and I am lucky enough to be able to see Dr Ward straight away.  I explain that nothing is working to relieve Steve’s shingles pain and he suggests adding Gabapentin 300mg to the mix.  After a quick lunch Steve heads back to the dentist about his uneven filling but the upshot is that the tooth is on its last legs and really needs a crown so this is the best that can be done in the interim.   Folwells of Market Drayton call to say the couple who viewed Mum’s on the first day have now sold theirs and want to put in an offer that after consultation with Netty and Mum we accept.  The people buying their property are already living in rental so at least there isn’t a great big chain.


TUESDAY 28 JANUARY – I speak to Maggie from Incommunities and she confirms that we only have to give notice at the beginning of the week during which we want to leave and anything we decide not to take can be left in the bungalow and there will not be a penalty for having it removed which is brilliant.  I have a noon appointment at the dentist for him to get cracking on my root canal work.  Not only does he get cracking but spends almost 2-hours working on it.  I almost get jaw ache but by the end the canals have been filled and I have a temporary crown and should have the permanent crown fitted on Monday.  Both the dentist and assistant work through their lunch hour to help me out which was much appreciated.  Airedale hospital call and have had a cancellation and can do my bunion removal operation next Wednesday and the pre operation assessment on Monday.  Bring it on I say.  Contact Leeds just to confirm that I can have 2 general anaesthetics 19 days apart and someone should call me back tomorrow to confirm.


WEDNESDAY 29 JANUARY – If I’m having my foot operation next Wednesday then it really makes sense for us to go to Norwich this weekend.  I go through all the kitchen cupboards packing up the things I know we definitely want there and shouldn’t miss in the interim.  Steve has had his best night’s sleep in months and says he is feeling quite a bit better.  Now this may be due to the new tablets, the others that are now kicking in or simply time but at this point we are happy for him to keep taking everything and enjoy the improvement.   Leeds don’t get back to me so going along with the assumption that I am having the op next week and will figure out whether to have the next injections pre or post operation later.


THURSDAY 30 JANUARY – It has been another good night for Steve although he is still happy to linger in bed in the morning.  Keith and Sandra pick us up for a drive over to the Boars Head at Long Preston.   It’s a little strange arriving there not to find Jean & Arf waiting for us.  As usual we get a terrific meal and using our 2 for 1 gourmet cards the bill is very reasonable.  Steve and Sandra had lunchtime light bites and their meals worked out at only £3 each.  The chef caters for me with coq o leekie soup, swordfish with mash and veg and fresh fruit and lemon sorbet for dessert.  In the evening Claire tells me she can borrow her works van on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th May to help us move things to Norwich which makes life much easier as we don’t have to plan so far ahead and can make the decision on that date for our move.


FRIDAY 31 JANUARY – We are both feeling really well so get the car loaded up to head over to Norwich.  Claire has asked us to call in and let the gas man fix her boiler and he pulls up the moment we arrive and is finished in half an hour.  Steve is happy to drive most of the way whilst I put in the last hour whilst he snores beside me.  At this stage the only downside of moving to Norwich is the sheer distance from everywhere else but it is not a difficult 4-hour journey just long.  En route we notice a distinct change to flatter landscape with vegetable farming and pigs.  Although it is supposed to be about the driest county they have had some rain and at one point we get a horrible stench from rotting Brussels sprouts in the fields.  We arrive at Merryhill Leisure at 2.30pm and pick up the keys from Jenny to head into our “new home”.  We put the gas fire on and by the time we have unloaded the car it is comfortably warm.  As I put things away Steve relaxes in one of the 2 leather sofas and comments on how at home he already feels.  The caravan has been winterised so we head to the leisure centre to fill jugs with water and use the toilets.  Maureen, the previous owner, is visiting a friend on site and calls round to welcome us and point out a few things.  With husband Dave they have lived in the caravan seasonally for many years and seem to have thought of just about everything we might need.  In the evening we head over to the leisure centre as the bar is open.  You can buy reasonably priced drinks or take your own so long as you don’t actually sit at the bar to drink them.  We chat to a number of 12 monthly residents who are in the lodges and glean a lot of information.  Steve is pleased to hear there is free pool in the building each Tuesday and Thursday evening and during the day on Thursdays people go to Dereham where it costs £5 for 3-hours ten pin bowling.  They also have card nights and lots of functions and quizzes.  It certainly sounds right up our street.  We both keep commenting on how great it feels and how much nicer the caravan is to what we remembered viewing.  With the bedroom initially warmed with a fan heater then an electric duvet to keep us warm we have a really snugly night.



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