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20140201-10 A bunion bites the dust


SATURDAY 1 FEBRUARY 2014 – It’s a lovely sunny morning and we realise that the sun comes straight into the lounge and warms you when you are sat on the sofa.  In fact with windows on 3 sides of the lounge you should be able to have a sunny seat all day.  Forced to use the showers in the leisure centre we reckon we might just carryon on doing the same once we move in as we can shower together in plenty of space.  Our static has 2 bedrooms and the spare room has a single bed.  We suspect all our visitors will be couples.  Maureen has told us the original 2 skinny single beds are under the van.  With help from neighbour Nick we pull them out and realise they are like new and perfect for either using as singles or pushing together with a mattress topper to create a double giving much more flexibility.   In the opposite direction to Norwich is the smaller town of East Dereham.  Off the dual carriageway we immediately see a large Tesco and Lidl and caravan dealers where we’ve been told we can get things for the static.  Heading into town are numerous other stores including Morrisons.  All parking in Dereham is free and the traditional town centre seems to have all the shops and services we might need and plenty of places to eat including Wetherspoons.  We opt for a Chinese take away and it is delicious.  Whilst the caravan has been left clean I spend the afternoon doing a bit more of a thorough clean with anti-bacterial wipes whilst deciding what I will put where when we bring all our stuff down.  Still can’t believe how lucky we have been to get this exact van, it’s an ABI Brisbane 2000 model 35’ x 12’ and with the loose furniture that Maureen added and all the extras such as a washing machine, tumble dryer, extra fridge and deep freeze in the shed, Aussie BBQ, and outdoor furniture we reckon we got a great deal at £6000.


SUNDAY 2 FEBRUARY – We are meeting friends for lunch in Kings Lynn so opt to take a few back roads to explore a bit more of the area.  Last time we were down we were picking up potatoes that had been dropped off trailers; today there are carrots on offer.  Greig and Corrina meet us at The Brewers Fayre.  The £9.99 carvery includes 2 meats plus all you can eat veg also unlimited soup and salad.  I’m amazed that Greig and Steve have room for dessert but at 2 for £2 it has to be done.  We break up the journey again in Wakefield and visit Auntie Pamela.  She is doing really well after her bypass surgery and goes to the gym to improve her fitness.  She tells me she had her gall bladder out many years ago and has no problems at all since.  Karen calls in giving us chance to catch up on her news as well.   Finally stop is Claire’s.  Natasha is pleased to see us and with the carrots for the rabbit.  We talk through with Claire things she may want from the static and our bungalow and what we want to take and I am sure it will all work out nicely.  We’re pretty weary when we get in just before 9pm but Steve still manages to stay up until the early hours watching the Superbowl final.  A sure sign of how much he is improving.


MONDAY 3 FEBRUARY – Whilst I drive out to the dentist in Silsden Steve sets out walking.  With a bit of fine tuning the new crown fits beautifully.  I was a bit late going in for my appointment and Steve is just walking into Silsden when I leave, reckon he has walked about 5 miles which is a huge improvement.  There’s just time for a quick shop and lunch before I head off to Airedale Hospital for my pre operation assessment.  I’m in good shape but the nurse wants to check with Mr Leggetter that I am OK to have the operation just 19 days before the other one and also wants me to get back in touch with St James who haven’t confirmed with me that they are happy.  At home I call Leeds and like both calls last week am promised a call back.  Airedale calls to say they are happy for the operation to go ahead and have Emailed Leeds as they know that if I have to make a choice the gall bladder and spleen removal would come first.  Steve heads out for a game of snooker with Richard in the evening.  Can’t believe how much Steve has improved this last week and long may it continue.


TUESDAY 4 FEBRUARY – We are both feeling well so walk to and from Scrabble.  Keith & Sandra call round for a bit to eat and a long chat that goes on until after 11pm.  After hearing our excitement about the static caravan and think they will be reconsidering one in the future.


WEDNESDAY 5 FEBRUARY –   I’ve had “Farmer Giles” in residence for over a week and calling in to the chemist yesterday that said that after this length of time I should consult the Doctor.  Holycroft surgery do me proud again offering me an appointment half an hour after I ring up.  Dr Sarah Jundi is very thorough and asks about other medical problems.  After an examination she thinks the problem may be connected with the haemangioma in my spleen reducing the blood circulation within my bowel.  She prescribes suppositories and unless it gets much worse I shall put up with it until my operation 2 weeks on Monday.  Call in to Mom & Dad’s to defrost their freezer and after a quick shop at Aldi I’m back home in time for Steve to drive me to Airedale.  On Ward 20 I am being treated as a day case to have my other bunion removed.  I must be last on the list as it is ¼ to 5 before they walk me down to theatre.  The anaesthetist says he now uses a leg numbing block to relieve people from pain but as I wasn’t too bothered by pain last time I refuse this with his agreement.  Therefore it seems a little strange that when I wake up in the recovery room my foot is completely numb.  Back on the ward the nurse says that Mr Leggeter may have put in a local block and it will wear off soon.  I’m well enough to go home when the ward shuts at 8pm.  I’m feeling fine other than the strangeness of my numb but tingling foot which bothers me quite a lot through the night.


THURSDAY 6 FEBRUARY – My foot is still completely numb so I phone the ward where the nurse says it can take up to 24 hours to wear off, even though it is not something I had last time or requested but that it might be wise the speak to my own Doctor.  I arrange a call back from my Doctor who is beaten to it by Airedale calling back saying the nurse has spoken to Mr Leggeter and he did put quite a lot of local anaesthetic in and so long as I can move my toes and they are pink but go white the pink again after being pinched then not to worry.  Dr Ward calls a few minutes later and confirms the same.  I just wish someone had told me what they were going to do in the first place.  Steve walks up to the Tarn and does 2 laps whilst I spend the day as a couch potato being careful to keep my foot raised.  Ray calls to visit in the afternoon, he’s having his bunion done next Wednesday so I can tell him all about it.  It takes until evening for the numbness to wear off and be replaced by pain whilst walking but I’m fine with my foot up.


FRIDAY 7 FEBRUARY – Steve has his regular check up at Leeds.  He returns to tell me they are very pleased with his progress and will now pass on his information to Norwich ready for our move.  We get another afternoon visitor, Neil Wilson who used to be our GP.  He’s been following our medical escapades through my blog so has a keen interest for more info but we also talk a lot about what we are all doing to fill in our time now we are retired.  My foot is almost pain free other than a slight ache when I walk so I don’t need any further pain killer which is good.  When we were in Russia in 2009 my feet got soaked one day and I had to buy some dry socks and they were marked Sochi 2014 so it is interesting to now be able to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics from Sochi.


SATURDAY 8 FEBRUARY – Mom wants to buy a riser recliner chair as she finds it difficult to get up out of an ordinary one and would like to be able to put her feet up on a foot rest.  Steve takes her to the different places in Keighley but they are all closed so ends up at HSL at Guiseley (next to Wetherby Whalers).  Although there are special offers on the ones she likes are over £1000 so Steve suggests checking other places on Monday.  Steve goes to the pub to watch football in the afternoon and is delighted with a 5-1 win over Arsenal.  Watch some of the Olympics in the evening with very unusual snowboarding courses.


SUNDAY 9 FEBRUARY – With help from Steve I busy myself in the kitchen making a venison dinner, a batch of soup and some bread.  I must admit that whilst the breadmaker is fine for the 70% wholemeal grain loaf I still like my basic Aussie damper recipe for white bread cooked in the oven.  It’s so simple, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar, any extras such as herbs or nuts, roughly 3 cups of self raising flour to 1 can of beer.  I start with a couple of cups of flour mixed with the dried ingredients then add beer and more flour and beer until it forms a ball.  Of course if you get the perfect consistency soon enough it makes sense to drink the left over beer !  I then literally throw this onto a baking tray and cook for about 10 mins at 20C then lower to 180C until it is done.


MONDAY 10 FEBRUARY – We’ve had a frosty night but once the sun comes out Steve is inspired enough to walk up to and around The Tarn.  He takes Mum out in the afternoon to check chairs in Keighley and she has found one at Howdens that she likes at just over £600 but now wants one for Dad as well. Steve thinks it needs more research so puts her off making a decision until tomorrow.



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