Posted by: glenswatman | February 21, 2014

201411-20 A busy time but good progress all round.

TUESDAY 11 FEBRUARY – On the internet I learn that Mum needs a dual motor chair as the single motor ones mean that when the foot rest comes out it automatically reclines and she doesn’t want this.  After Scrabble we take her back to Howdens and I quickly note the chair make and model and find it much cheaper on the Internet.  I take full measurements and suggest we go back to check for space.  This reveals a huge problem as the chairs need to be about 2’ away from the wall in order to recline.  There are some called “wall huggers” that don’t have to be away from the wall but even so the lounge would be too crowded so the decision is made that the sofa bed has to go regardless and I end up photographing it in order to advertise on line.  We get quite a few snow flurries that cover the car but it is still damp and the road remains clear.  Claire calls round for an evening visit and gets roped in to vacuuming for us.


WEDNESDAY 12 FEBRUARY – Mum’s had a couple of enquiries about the sofa and agreed to sell it to a lady called Mave from Burnley who will collect on Saturday.  She wants it for in her static caravan so her grandchildren can stay over. We need to get rid of our sofa bed before we leave so I offer it to the second people and also decide to advertise on line.  I need to change our mobile phone network to get a better signal when we move to Norwich.  O2 offer the best coverage and my research has told me that “giffgaff” use the O2 network and offer the best rate for pay as you go.  I’ve received my SIM card and spend about an hour on line changing it all over.  By evening we have sold our sofa bed for £40.  We’ve got the money and the people are picking it up tomorrow.  It’s been a wild day with lots of strong wind affecting parts of the country. In Blackpool winds got up to over 90 mph and there’s been a lot of damage.


THURSDAY 13 FEBRUARY – Once the sofa bed has gone I re arrange the lounge and leading on from that pack up the pictures and other things that are going to Norwich.


FRIDAY 14 FEBRUARY – We’d debated going away or going out for a meal for Valentines.  However with my foot in a boot I couldn’t use any hotel leisure facilities and would need to be careful to get fat free food so opted out.  I crack on with packing up stuff in the bedroom but get waylaid sorting paperwork, advertising things for sale and others on freecycle etc.  In the evening we really enjoy a Chinese take-away and even become little devil’s and have a glass of wine each.


SATURDAY 15 FEBRUARY – Head up to Nancy’s in the afternoon.  Since we saw her at the end of November she has spent Christmas in Fuerteventura with her daughter and had a great time.  Rod has family near Norwich and Nancy still visits them so we should be able to catch up once we have moved.  She goes out of her way to cook up a fat free meal for me and it is delicious, steak and kidney, Yorkshire puddings, new potatoes and veg.


SUNDAY 16 FEBRUARY Finally we get a dry warm day enabling us both to go outside and empty out “Fred” our name for the outdoor storage cupboard.  With everything out we can decide what we are taking to Norwich and how to dispose of the rest of the stuff.  This then leaves space for us to move the packed boxes from our bedroom into Fred for removal.  All in all a good mornings work.


MONDAY 17 FEBRUARY – At Airedale they X-ray my foot then remove the stitches.  The Doctor says it is looking good but as the stitches have come out a week early (I will be in hospital next Monday) he suggests the nurse puts on some stera strips and a covering for the next few days and suggests I go steady with it.  I explain that I would prefer my follow up appointment in Norwich and whilst I am there he dictates a letter to make the arrangement – very efficient.


TUESDAY 18 FEBRUARY –I have noticed my foot is sore so instead of packing I sit at the computer doing a few change of addresses.  After Scrabble we pop round to visit Mom and Dad on our way home.  She’s jumping on the bandwagon with me putting things up for sale and has me photograph her shopping trolley to go with the sofa I am already selling for her.


WEDNESDAY 19 FEBRUARY – I get an Email from Merryhill to say someone was walking past our caravan this morning and found a skylight cover on the floor.  After going in to investigate it seems it has blown off from the bathroom roof vent.  Contacting Orchard Caravans they want £282 to replace it but can’t come out until Monday.  JRT quote £270 but can’t get out until mid week.  Jenny from Merryhill puts me on to Ray who is visiting the park next week to do work on a touring caravan and will take a look at ours even though he normally only deals with tourers.  Theoretically we could claim on insurance but there is an excess of £95 to pay and they want 2 quotes in before they authorise work.  Luckily the skylight is above the shower so if does should rain the water should just drain away.  Mustn’t grumble though – the lady who was going to buy a sofa bed off Mom had to back out as her static caravan had the roof ripped off in the storms.


THURSDAY 20 FEBRUARY – Turning my phone on I get the superb news that our friends Pete & Carol have a new grandson, Dylan John, born to their daughter Verity.  It’s their first natural grandchild so a very exciting time.  More good news in the afternoon when a lady comes and leaves a deposit on our washer/dryer to be collect a few days before we leave.  This is followed up by Claire telling us that they have found a 6 bedroom house to rent in Clayton Heights.  So a good day all round.



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