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201401-10 On the move.

201403 SATURDAY 1 MARCH 2014 – En route to Claire’s we detour to see the new home that she and Richard will be renting in Clayton Heights. As she has said it ticks more boxes than others but is still not quite perfect. Richard and Steve head off to the Bradford City v Stevenage match. As Claire and Richard now know where they are moving they know what furniture is surplus so I help by getting it photographed and put on the Internet. The response is fast and we soon have things lined up for collection tomorrow. Claire is on a special diet and cooks the meal for all of us. The baked fish and salsa is delicious. KEIGHLEY SUNDAY 2 MARCH – The selling frenzy continues but with much time wasting. How can someone who has commented Hm (apparently this means how much) say they were first to express an interest and should have been given first refusal! There are lots of time wasters and Claire finds it an interesting social experience delivering to one area where neighbours had a horse in their front garden! Mick & Lisa call round in the evening, getting a bit short on seating so poor Lisa ends up lying on the floor to chat to us. KEIGHLEY MONDAY 3 MARCH – We give notice on our bungalow. The girl at the office says we can’t leave as we are such nice people! It’s brilliant that with a council property you don’t even have to give much notice and when I mention that I am busy filling holes and painting she says there is absolutely no need, they are not the army. KEIGHLEY TUESDAY 4 MARCH – My washing machine, cooker and fridge/freezer should be going tomorrow so we plan our last couple of meals to take this into account and I also wash everything in sight. After Scrabble we call to see Mum. She looks much more relaxed as she is getting a break whilst Dad is in respite. I make use of the huge washer and dryer to get my duvet done and make a few phone calls. If I had been able to pick a new date for my operation I would have gone for Monday 17th so am delighted when they tell me this is the date and the surgeon will be Mr Smith. I ask if I will need to be there for 7.30am again, which I do, and mention we have a 4 hour drive so will come up on the Sunday. She then tells me they will book us into the patient hotel on the Bexley Wing for the Sunday night and there is no charge but £25 a night if Steve wants to stay on after that. Now I realise that the 19th is 6 weeks since my bunion operation and I should be seeing a consultant in Norwich around that time. A few phone calls later I establish that Norwich have not received a referral from Airedale so I must contact them tomorrow to get them to fax it over before I can make an appointment. Again I get a very understanding receptionist who says they will do their best to get my appointment for next week, before my operation. Finish the day by returning home and packing up a few more boxes. When I rub “bio-oil” into my foot scar I notice a lump at one end and inflammation. Close inspection with glasses and a poke around with tweezers reveals 2 bits of string a bit like dental floss. Pulling on one doesn’t pull the other bit through just makes it all hurt and when I let go it the string begins to shrink back inside. Yes I know I should have left well alone in the first place. KEIGHLEY WEDNESDAY 5 MARCH – Concerned about my foot I get an early appointment with Sister. She says it is a dissolvable stitch that hasn’t dissolved and will have to be cut out. This is a little painful as she has to pull the strands out then reach in to find a knot to cut. She says I did the right thing dealing with it as it would not have got better left alone. It’s a busy medical morning as Airedale fax my records to Norwich and after speaking to Norwich they will get back to me tomorrow to see what they can do about my bunion follow up appointment. I do a bit more packing up and by evening we have also had all our white goods collected so a good day at the office. We’ve actually ended up with more money then we spent on buying the second hand stuff in the first place! Interestingly the person who bought the washing machine didn’t have a car so they walked around, moved the washing machine onto the pavement then phoned for a people carrier Taxi, pretty smart really and way cheaper than a “man with a van”. KEIGHLEY THURSDAY 6 MARCH – It’s been a bit strange packing up just a box or two each day. Thinking back it we haven’t moved from one house into another since we bought the Post Office way back in 1985 and then we had furniture to take as well, this time the static caravan is furnished so it’s just the contents we are moving. David & Donna come over to visit and we meet at The Beeches for the carvery lunch. David really wants to have a trip down memory lane watching the old home videos on the TV so drops Donna at her friends so she doesn’t get bored silly. It’s really nice to look back on amazing family holidays in Canada, America, Thailand, India and Africa. Gee our kids were spoilt! Claire lets me know they will be getting the keys to their new home on Wednesday giving them over 3 weeks to get it decorated and gradually move in at their leisure. Mum’s sale of her old bungalow should go through next Friday so it’s all change for everyone. Really good to know how happy Mum is in her new apartment, hard to believe she has been there for 7 months already. KEIGHLEY FRIDAY 7 MARCH – After packing the last of our stuff we head out to lunch with Mom. The meal at the Lord Rodney is lovely and we call back at the flat for a drink afterwards. Back home I put the last few things together then we while away the afternoon watching TV, a pretty chilled and laid back removal preparation all in all. Just after 7pm Claire and Richard arrive in her works van. In no time at all the boxes are loaded, I’ve vacuumed the house and we are off. Notice a few twitching curtains across the street – they must think we are doing a midnight runner ! Claire and Richard head out to the pub leaving Steve and I at home with Daniel so we take the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bath. WYKE SATURDAY 8 MARCH – It’s about 10am by the time Natasha has been collected from a friends and we have off loads our double bed in exchange for a single mattress to be used on our lounge floor when we have extra visitors. I’m in pain and not feeling great, I have a bit of a stomach ache so think I may have overdone it lifting all the boxes to the front door last night. Natasha travels in the car with Steve whilst I am in the van with Daniel and Claire. I soon realise that I am having a gall bladder attack, confirmed when I throw up. Luckily Claire had made smoothies before we left and the large empty cup makes a suitable receptacle. Unfortunately things don’t get better and after a couple of “sick stops” I get into the car with Steve to stretch out a bit whilst I grin and bear it. The pain is awful and I hope to goodness I don’t have another stone stuck in the bile duct. Our planned lunch stop goes out of the window as I just want to get to the caravan and then hospital. Fortunately the Co-codamol tablets kick in and by the time we arrive at ¼ to 2 I feel quite a bit better. Under strict orders my only help is to direct the others where to put everything. By late afternoon about half of our stuff is in the proper place and other stuff stashed away for future unpacking although I am not sure it will all fit in. The nearest supermarket to us is Sainsbury’s and it is huge – probably the biggest one I have ever been in. Needless to say there is a great range and plenty of organic stuff. We buy a few essentials and the makings of sandwiches for the kids to take on their journey tomorrow. Nearby is The Village Inn at Little Melton is a Crown Carvery. Not surprised it is busy with classic meals at £3.79 and carvery £4.19. You can even round it off with bottomless ice cream at £1.49. It’s not surprising that we see other from Merryhill, I reckon we could well become regulars at these prices especially as the food is really good. Back home Claire and Natasha are sleeping in the spare bedroom and Daniel on a mattress in the lounge. PLOT 30, MERRYHILL LEISURE, HONINGHAM, NR NORWICH SUNDAY 9 MARCH – It’s a lovely morning and we are soon sat outside enjoying the warmth of the sun. Once the family have left we strip off into club uniform to make the most of the temperature with a high of 20C. I flit in and out unpacking a few more things and trying to get the TV sorted. Maureen has left her Skybox with freeview and with a little help from neighbour Nick, who sorts out a lose cable, we are able to watch TV but will need extra cables to link in our hard drive for recoding stuff. Think I may have overdone things again as in the evening I have a bad headache and nose bleeds, some people never learn. MERRYHILL MONDAY 10 MARCH – At the site entrance is a small shed inside which people have mailboxes. We label our box and pick up mail that was left on a table. In the nearby town of Mattishall we register at the local Doctors surgery. We are near to Dereham where we pick up the required TV cables and a shallow pine bookcase from Argos (£29.99) which will fill the wasted space behind the kitchen door. Back home I cook lunch before doing more unpacking a rearranging. I manage to connect all the TV, Skybox and hard drive cables but the system is not working correctly and without Internet I am unable to figure it out for now. MERRYHILL


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