Posted by: glenswatman | April 22, 2014

20140411-20 Visitors and a day trip to the coast

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FRIDAY 11 APRIL – With sun forecast all day on the coast we head off towards Great Yarmouth just over half an hour away. First stop is the National Trust Elizabethan House where the audio tour makes it more interesting. Walking along the quayside and the back streets we find many nice buildings and some interesting sculptures. Between the river and the sea we walk through some rough looking council estates are hear lots of foreign languages spoken. Suspect many are Eastern Europeans who are over her to work in the fields. In the Arcade we stumble on “Revival” cafe which is packed out and offers very reasonably priced meals so we are sold. Relocating the car to the sea front we find lovely gardens with water features at the North end whilst the central area onwards is like a mini Blackpool, or could it be Las Vegas with casinos names such as Golden Nugget, The Flamingo and Caesars Palace? Our Merlin annual passes get us into Sea Life but it’s not the best and full of noisy kids. After a good stroll in the fresh air we head out of town and pass the racecourse where we are amazed to see that the Caravan Club has fantastic sites in the middle of the racetrack itself. At Caistor on Sea it is actually difficult to get to the sea as it is backed by housing estates with dead end roads. We’ve seen enough anyway so head home.

SATURDAY 12 APRIL – Finally get to explore the Longwater Shopping Centre where we check out The Range (where I buy some storage boxes), Staples, Boots (electric toothbrush, sunglasses and make up) and Next Home. There’s also Argos, a Pet Store and bed shop. Steve is pleased to see that Pizza Hut do a buffet during the week and there’s a Marstons Pub behind it that has a carvery. After our usual over shop at Sainsbury’s we head home. Considering we only really went out to buy a newspaper it was a pretty expensive one. With Steve glued to sport on TV I rearrange my kitchen cupboards with the new storage boxes, don’t get any more stuff in but what is there is now easier to access.

SUNDAY 13 APRIL – It’s a cool morning so I spend time on line. Checking out travel insurance options it is quite a shock to get an initial quote for the 2 of us to go to Spain for 2 weeks coming out at almost £400. I’m gutted and thinking that although we may be able to afford to go abroad the insurance is going to cost more than the trip. Further research using All Clear Travel produces a better option of an annual multi trip policy for Europe at £468 for both of us. However taking it a stage further I get another shock to see the same multi trip worldwide including USA, Canada and Caribbean leaps to £1405 but knock out USA, Canada and Caribbean and it is a reasonable £655 and includes our beloved Australia. Hopefully all these premiums will drop next January when Steve has finished his treatment and has been in remission for over 3 years but the situation following my splenectomy will remain the same. Steve visits The Silver Fox pub in Taverham to watch his football and says it had a good atmosphere and could become his local. Whilst he’s out I prepare chicken fajita mix for tea and bake a carrot cake. I reach another stage in my recovery progress as tonight is my last injection. I’m really pleased as my belly is quite bruised and it is hard trying to find a spot that isn’t already sore or lumpy.

MONDAY 14 APRIL – Greig and Corrina drive over from Kings Lynn in their motorhome accompanied by their 2 German shepherd dogs. It’s another sunny day, although a cool breeze, so we are able to sit out to chat then eat lunch. Greig and Corrina seem very impressed with our set up here and enjoy a walk around the park. The dogs particularly like the dog walk area complete with instructions for using the provided flickers for flicking dog poo off the path. Steve has had a couple of late night staying up watching football so has a sleep as soon as Greig and Corrina leave.

TUESDAY 15 APRIL – At the Doctors my wounds are redressed after the Doctor has checked them. She says the remaining discomfort is from the internal stitches that are designed to dissolve in about 8 weeks. We’ve just time to nip home for lunch before heading to hospital for Steve’s appointment. Dr Isabel Gow does the lumbar puncture and chemo and is very gentle. After a brief rest Steve appreciates the short journey home rather than the long drives from Leeds. He knows the routine so stays flat out for the rest of the day.

WEDNESDAY 16 APRIL – Steve’s doing really well and still hasn’t got the usual headache. It gets really hot around mid-day and for the first time I get the sun lounger out for a wallow.

THURSDAY 17 APRIL – Reluctant to take extra medication Steve’s lumbar puncture headache and back ache has caught up with him so he gives in a takes paracetamol and has a relaxing day although I do coax him out for a walk in the woods during the afternoon. Neighbours Fay & Tony arrive, we know because we can hear Fay with a racking cough in the night, the downside of living in a tin box close to your neighbours, luckily they are only holiday visitors.

FRIDAY 18 APRIL – It’s Good Friday and technically the start of the holiday season here so no surprise that Barry & Jill arrive in front of us. It’s a bit of a miserable day so I crack on with the tax return. I also bake some sunflower seed brown bread using the cheat ready mix formula from Lidl. I have to say at 99p for a bag that makes 2 loaves with only the addition of water it is pretty darn good. Steve has a bit of backache and a headache but nothing to stop him pottering around a bit. At the evening quiz we do really well and win 4 of the 6 rounds and the overall quiz. Think that should secure our place on a team in the future.

SATURDAY 19 APRIL – On the far side of Norwich at the prison is Britannia Cafe run by prisoners. “Meet Norwich” group are gathering here but the tables with their sign on are empty. I join the massive queue to order our drinks meanwhile Steve is approached by someone who explains “Meet Norwich” group has moved to a larger table at the end but that is now full so she directs Steve to a small table with 3 ladies and a man. The place is heaving with lots of families and at one point a tour coach pulls up. They are really not coping very well and the guy tells me this is the busiest they have been. Once I sit down Steve is chatting to Peter who turns out to be a fellow nomad and travels a lot on his motorbike with a tent. Due to all the surrounding noise I find it quite hard to follow much of a conversation with the ladies as do they so we all head off soon after. It’s a great location directly opposite a park with picnic tables, walks and areas where you get a good view over Norwich so we will definitely come again with visitors but in the week. In order to explore a little more we return a different way and find Tesco’s in Taverham, big enough to stock most groceries but far more manageable then the superstores. It’s a windy afternoon when we take a walk around the park. Call in to see Debbie and Andy and get invited for a drink and are then joined by their neighbours Stan and Ann who brings over clotted cream scones. There’s a band for the evening function and they are really good. However neither of us can hear to talk when music is so loud and we aren’t fit to dance so settle for listening to it at home. My Goodness we are starting to sound like a real couple of old farts.

SUNDAY 20 APRIL – It’s a pleasant day so I do laundry whilst Steve potters around before heading off to the pub at lunchtime to watch Liverpool. As it is still warm mid afternoon we sit out to enjoy the pork schnitzel meal I have prepared.


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