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20140421-30 Getting fitter

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MONDAY 21 APRIL – As mutual friends of John & Shirley we have been put in touch with Brian and Dee who live close to Norwich.  Dee has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and has had a stem cell transplant.  In fact as we get to know them we learn she has had her own stem cells as a transplant then after 5 years ago the cancer came back and she had a matched unrelated donor transplant last March.  Taking all that into consideration she is doing really well.  We do manage to chat about many other things but inevitably medical moments do crop up and it’s good for Steve and Dee to compare notes so to speak.  The beer damper with chives, cheese and black pepper goes down a treat along with the ubiquitous homemade soup.   Plums poached in pomegranate juice with star anise and cinnamon served with ice cream rounds off lunch.  Surprisingly they stay until 5.30pm and suggest that next time we go round to them for an evening of Canasta.  We’ve had new neighbours move in opposite us so we introduce ourselves to Dave and Denise.  They live about 10km away and came down last weekend intending to be day visitors but couldn’t resist the deals on the statics.  As they have a couple of difficult to manage rescue dogs that have to be left at home they will be unlikely to stay overnight but use for day visits, that’s a heck of an expensive and luxurious “beach hut”. 



TUESDAY 22 APRIL – There’s been a max exit and there are few vans now occupied in our section.  It’s actually really nice to have people coming and going but quiet spells in between.  At the Doctor’s the nurse says my wounds have both improved sufficiently for me not to need them redressing, however I’m not off the hook from my weekly visits as I am due an HRT check up next week.  Back home I am eager to try out the “one shot instant” drain unblocker on our kitchen sink.  After carefully reading the instructions I poor the specified amount directly down the plug hole.  Seconds later the whole plastic plughole shatters and melts.   In the end we follow the instructions through to get the pipe unblocked then consider what to do next.  I pop round to ask Anne where I would buy a new plug hole and she takes me up to one of the caravans that is being scrapped and tells me to salvage the metal plug hole from a kitchen sink.  Job sorted.



WEDNESDAY 23 APRIL – Barry & Jill come round for a drink in the morning.  We learn all about their “Ice Age” toy named Rattie who gets taken to various places to be photographed.  Barry & Jill are getting their Kent home ready to be sold in order to buy a bungalow in Dereham where property is much cheaper.   They tell us of a few interesting place to visit in this area.



THURSDAY 24 APRIL – Heading north towards the coast we know it’s closed but can’t resist going up the drive of Fellbrigg to look at the National Trust House.  Upper Sheringham Village is lovely with houses made from the local flint stone.  The National Trust Sheringham Park is a massage area hugging the coast.  We complete the Reptom walk taking us through the forest with wonderful displays of magnolia and other flowers brought on early by the mild winter.  The bluebell glades are fantastic.  We emerge to views towards the sea on the North Norfolk coast then detour to the High Gazebo.  Unfortunately this is up a lot of steps and by the time we get to the top I cannot face the last climb up into the High Gazebo.  Steve goes up and tells me it is too misty to see far distance views.  We back track and pick up the main blue trail to take us back.  It’s supposed to be 2 miles and 1 ¼ hours but we reckon that excluded the detour to High Gazebo, either way it was more than enough for us at the moment.  In Cromer we wander through the town then pick up fish and chips for me and Cromer crab for Steve to take to the benches overlooking the sea.  Follow this up with a large whippy ice cream.  After a stroll along the promenade we return to the car to our final National Trust stop of the day at Blickling Hall, probable home of Anne Bolyn (depending which birth year is correct!)  It’s a really impressive building and has some nice features inside.  In the kitchens they have cooked pigeon casserole and apple scones to traditional recipes and offer us samples.  Both are really nice.  Final stop on the way home is Taverham Garden Centre which I quickly realise is so vast that it may be worth a visit in its own right at another time. 



FRIDAY 25 APRIL – It’s raining heavily when we get up and when that stops it remains a dull and misty day so no reason to leave our snugly home.



SATURDAY 26 APRIL – Trip to Sainsbury’s where our trolley has the conflicts of organic healthy food and reduced price chocolate Easter eggs!  Nigel and Ann have organised a cards evening in the club house.  They suggest playing a version of “chase the ace” with each person starting with 3 lives at 3p each.  When you lose a life your 3p goes into the kitty and winner takes all.  There’s almost no skill involved but it is a bit of fun.  After about 1 ½ hours I’m uncomfortable from leaning over so mention that even if I scoop the pot this will have to be my last game.  Guess what, I win the lot. 



SUNDAY 27 APRIL – It seems we have the best weather in the country today and make the most of it.  After getting a couple of loads of washing done I stain the BBQ then paint the wrong coloured original flowered fabric panel that goes below the wall cupboards that are above our bed.  I had intended covering it with plain cream fabric but I had an inspired idea to try the easier option of painting it first and it works a treat.  Steve’s feeling a bit out of sorts as there are few problems I am dealing with and he is unable to blank it all and gets stressed too much whereas I just let it breeze over me.  It doesn’t help that Liverpool lose and important match.  Debbie & Andy call round for a chat and we arrange for them to come down to us for a meal on one of the pool nights. 



MONDAY 28 APRIL – Steve’s starting to struggle and bit with pain in his collar bone and no get up and go.  He’s weaned off all but one tablet of the drugs given for the shingles and as one of them was also an anti-depressant I am wondering whether this is the reason and they were helping his mood and other pain.  At least he gets out for a walk up to do the mail and bins in the afternoon. 



TUESDAY 29 APRIL – Serena, who lives in the park, is a hairdresser and calls round to give me a cut.  Along with partner Simon they both used to work in a salon in London but have moved here as her brother Alan runs Merryhill.  She really takes her time and does a good job, cutting it whilst wet then fine tuning again once it is dry and straightened.  Once I do it again myself I will really be able to comment on how good it is.  After lunch we set out to explore some of the public footpaths in the area starting with a track at the back of the park going through the woods.  When we emerge from the plantation forest we are opposite a huge pig farm complete with the biggest pigs we have ever seen.  The field is scattered with lots of shelters and it almost looks like a piggy campsite with each family having their own section and a load of hay as their front garden.  We return to Merryhill along the country lane spotting lots of interesting houses that we had overlooked when in the car.  I’ve tracked the walk with “Endomondo” and it turns out we have covered just under 3miles.



WEDNESDAY 30 APRIL –   My delivery arrives, a complete set of thermal cream curtains for the lounge, £125 from EBay.  It’s really fiddly getting the old ones down so I take a break part way through in order to help Steve cleaning the car inside and out.  It’s a lovely sunny day and too nice to be indoors so we head off on a walk after lunch.  This time we take the track to the right which passes through woodland with fabulous bluebells.  We see a field full of sheep and every single one is black, no danger of anyone feeling like the black sheep of the family.  Walking back along the lanes we get a bad smell then come across a small deer that has obviously been knocked over and thrown onto the grass verge.  This walk is just over 3 miles but towards the end we both feel a little weary so need to build up gradually.  Finish doing the curtains and feel a little disappointed as they were advertised as being excellent quality and the packaging says the block out most daylight whereas the reality is that you can see the pattern on the net curtains through them. 





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