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20140601-10 Feels like we are on holiday the weather is so nice

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SUNDAY 1 JUNE 20140 – It’s such a lovely morning that we are up and about before 8am.  After breakfast sat out we take a walk around the site.  We both go up to petanque and play Graham and Stan but after one game I can tell it is pulling me so leave them to it.  Steve comes back and hour or so later to report that the outdoor swimming pool is pleasantly warm.  He’s right it really is pleasant and although I find I am unable to swim I can at least exercise by walking in there.  We enjoy a BBQ lunch then a visit from Ian followed by one from neighbours Mel & Sue who we have not met before.  They have a motorhome and run a hairdressing business in Drayton which makes for good conversation.  Needless to say we have our usual unsettling influence on them as they do want to do more travelling. 



MONDAY 2 JUNE – Medical hats on today as we make our first visit to the dentist at Taverham.  They’ve messed up and don’t have us booked it so in the end the owner of the practice (who normally only treats private patients) offers to see us.  We both have thorough check ups and although Steve wants to delay having his temporary filling replaced she insists we need to see a hygienist.  Totally understand this when she explains that is an extra at £45 each but she says it should be a one off if we follow the advice offered so we pay that on top of the basic £18.50 NHS fee and are booked in early July.  Call in to see Dee who is doing really well at the moment.  She’s about 6 months behind Steve with her transplant and seems to draw inspiration from how well Steve is doing.  We have lunch at The Cock in Drayton enjoying the 2 for £10 deal.  Sat out we get afternoon visits from Ian and Ann. 



TUESDAY 3 JUNE – Tourist hats today.  Near Swaffham we spot the “Green Britain” centre and call in for a quick visit.  They have boards describing how to conserve much of the energy we waste and displays of  the worlds’ fastest wind powered car plus a solar powered one.  In the gardens you can pay to go to the top of a wind turbine but Steve is happy enough just to stand beside a disused blade to show how huge it is.  Nearby National Trust Oxburgh Hall is a magnificent crenulated house surrounded by a moat.  In the gardens there are lots of scarecrows in different outfits and poses.  Inside the building has a quirky side with many hidden doors and a priest’s hole.  Return via a country road near where we live and just 3 miles away pass a triangle of a road junction with a war memorial and British and American flags.  By chance someone has just cut the grass and tells us he is a guide for American relatives who come to see the memorial to the Attlebridge American airbase.  He tells us a few stories and explains the base is now used by Bernard Matthews and houses turkeys.  We get a phone call from Fodens in Newport to tell us about the 3 applicants to rent Salter’s Hall Cottage and settle on a young couple with a 3 year old.  All being well they should be moving in about 2 week’s time so that will be one less worry.  Back home Steve begins to tackle a tricky 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle which certainly keeps him out of mischief.  Nick has almost finished dismantling an old caravan and looking around we can see why they are not heat efficient as the stainless steel outer walls are only lined with about 1” of insulation before the plywood interior walls are fastened on. 



WEDNESDAY 4 JUNE – It rains pretty much all day so being lazy we don’t bother to get dressed.  Steve spends a lot of time doing the jigsaw whilst I flit between TV, reading, laptop and knock up a batch of scones.



THURSDAY 5 JUNE – After my regular breast screening appointment we continue into Norwich.  First stop is Lewis’s for our free coffee and cake.  We want to explore different areas so head into the Castle Mall which leads us to the castle itself.  It’s free to visit the cafe and shop and watch an introductory film.  Stairs lead up to a special military exhibition and this leads on around the central rotunda to displays of stuffed animals, costumes, art and more.  The section with the history of the area is interesting linked to the Iceni trips and Boudicca.  We are amazed to see an ancient coin hoard recently found at Honingham which is pretty much where we live.  Eventually we reach some steps and these lead to the castle itself, oops think we should have paid as everyone else has a sticker labels on their clothes.  Do we nip out to the pay desk?  Nah, we take our coats off and fold them over our arms in the hope that any staff will think the labels are on there!  It’s an unusual castle with some interesting stories of when it was used as a prison, probably worth the £2 lunchtime or last hour admission but not the £7.99 + £5 for the special exhibitions.  Heading on to The Forum we check out the BBC offices and library.  After an enjoyable amble we head home.



FRIDAY 6 JUNE – It’s a fabulous day and we spend a lot of time sat outside.  After having a stroll we pop into the clubhouse to play a bit of table tennis.  In the afternoon quite a few people sit by the pool and we even enjoy a dip or two.



SATURDAY 7 JUNE – For a change we shop at ASDA.  I need to buy some “alien” foods in preparation for my colonscopy on Monday evening.  Feel rather guilty loading up with white pasta, white bread, tinned fruit and other normally rejected items.  We return by country lanes but other than one interesting house it’s not particularly exciting.  Once it brightens up in the afternoon we enjoy a game of petanque with Brian and Sue and a sit around the pool including a dip or two where I can’t swim but can do lots of walking.



SUNDAY 8 JUNE – Wake up a bit later than normal and realise the family next door are not home, so no early morning elephants stampeding around the caravan.  It’s another lovely morning in paradise so we have our holiday hats on.  Steve plays pentanque whilst I cook up my “special” meal that must be eaten by noon – fish, potato carrot and parsnip – or my variation which is a fish pie.  Jill tells us the family have moved out into the big house as the sale fell through and Silvia figured her son and family might as well be there in the interim.  Bliss for us as we don’t get the noise and the holiday caravan is normally hardly used.  Afternoon by the pool and a couple of walk are about as much exercise as we do.  Take my first sachet of “Picolax” then have a final meal of 2 slices of white bread and a little bit of ham, not only is this a frugal diet but it seems seriously unhealthy. 



MONDAY 9 JUNE – Have to get up early for my last Picolax before 7am.  Head back to bed but not for long as the effects kick in!  All I can say is thank goodness there are toilets at the club house for Steve to use.  Unable to eat anything today and only allowed drinks until lunchtime there’s no wonder my stomach rumbles all day.  They are very efficient at the hospital and I’m soon on the ward then being wheeled into theatre.  The procedures go well and within half an hour I’m in recovery.  Before leaving Steve is called in with me to hear the results.  They don’t find anything serious just a hiatus hernia found in the gastroscopy where they did 3 biopsies and from the colonoscopy discover diverticuar disease of the bowel.  However none of this explains my anaemia or pain after the spleen op so it’s back to the GP.  Having not eaten since last night I’m starving so we stop off at the Crown Carvery for fish and chips.



TUESDAY 10 JUNE – I join Jill for a ride out beginning at Taverham Garden Centre.  Little did I know there was a courtyard of shops behind it and for future reference for me one selling discounted Pavers shoes.  At the cookery shop I pick up some spelt to use in place of flour.  Trying to get my iron levels up I buy liver, spinach and broccoli at Sainsbury’s – should go well with the coffee cake and cherry pie.  Spend the afternoon relocating our tomato plants.  Margaret and Peter brought us a cherry tomato plant kit as a house warming and they outgrew the original pot but didn’t like their new small pots.  At the garden centre the ice cream shop was giving away loads of square ice cream tubs so our tomato plants now have larger homes.  Walking back from the showers Steve sees a baby rabbit run behind a shed a get stuck.  He goes to the rescue as the bunny is caught up in some chicken wire, what a hero.  It’s been a lovely day leading into a balmy evening and we both enjoy games of pool over at the clubhouse.



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