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20140821-31 Bits and pieces

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THURSDAY 21 AUGUST – We’ve both slept badly due to the shock of Jill’s death. Mid morning I get a phone call about my ASDA delivery. I’ve ordered a new phone/camera combo on the recommendation of guru nephew Bobby. The Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom was on offer at £169. It’s amazing how much it looks like just a camera on one side and just a phone on the other and should suit us perfectly once I get it all figured out. Good job we have 3 weeks before our holiday.

FRIDAY 22 AUGUST- I have a morning in the kitchen and bake bread, ginger biscuits and damson and pineapple cake before cooking a Chinese stir fry for lunch. On and off I spend time transferring information to my new phone. I bought the new one to update my old one but it is frustrating that my old one is so dated that the application to transfer the info over won’t work on it! I contact Allclear travel insurance to add my recent minor problems of diverticular disease, hiatus hernia and thrombocytosis and end up with an extra £88 to pay. The evening quiz is good fun and our team win the general knowledge but lose the overall with 1 point less than the winner’s total.

SATURDAY 23 AUGUST – Steve’s not fussy about going out so Sue joins me for a drive over to Tesco. I’m still using the FODMAP list to ensure I buy the right things. Throughout the day we get some really heavy downpours. Dave & Denise arrive with their new BBQ and insist on christening by standing out in the rain under big umbrellas. At the evening function we manage to get a seat in the bar where it is just about possible to hold a conversation. Steve joins me for a number of dances and doesn’t get restless until 11pm but stays until half past. Funny how when we get home I notice football has been on TV since 11pm!

SUNDAY 24 AUGUST – It’s lovely to be able to sit out again and shortly after Graham calls round to see if we are playing petanque. He’s recently been invited to join the C club and it’s nice for us to be able to help him by answering some of his many questions. He’s only just left when Dee & Brian arrive. Dee has lost even more weight as her mouth is sore whatever she tries to eat. They now have their house on the market and have been out and about looking at different options to downsize to. I take Brian over to look at one of the Tingdene lodges on the park and I think he is surprised and how much bigger and more like a home it is to caravans. Of course this doesn’t take away the downsides of how they de value, annual park fees and leases. In the afternoon Vee & Michael are having a deck warming party. Michael has built a lovely deck around the static they recently moved to. He’s done a terrific job and topped of the poles with hand turned acorns. Again we meet a few more people we haven’t seen before. A couple of girls at the party have been nominated for the ice bucket challenge and agree to take it up. It’s started off with people challenged to pour a bucket of icy water over themselves or make $100 donation to ALS charity for neurodegenerative disorder (£48m raised so far). The soaked person then nominates others. Now people are donating themselves regardless and to many different charities.

MONDAY 25 AUGUST- Making use of the heavy rainfalls Steve nips out and shampoos the side of the van by our neighbours with wash and wax. It rains all day so we are surprised to see Dave & Denise rock up for anther BBQ under the brolly. Steve heads to the Silver Fox for his footie match. He returns later to say he will have to find a new pub, previously a pint of lime soda was £1 but this week the landlord had put it up to £2. Considering this is soda out of a spray they were probably making more profit at £1 than on a pint of beer so they are being greedy. Fortunately the Swan was showing the match but Steve needs to find a new regular as they doesn’t always have the sound on.

TUESDAY 26 AUGUST – I have another success with my spelt cake, this time topped with pineapple and blueberries. Ken & Sue come round for coffee and we have a really good chat and get to know them better. We have much in common as they first discovered naturism in the South of France ran their own business and have been to India. I actually find it a bit uncanny to learn that Ken originally worked in chemicals as he looks and sounds much like my Uncle Ken who worked for ICI. The sun comes out in the afternoon so we sit. Today the camera case, SD card and screen protectors have arrived for our new phone so I can complete the set up.

WEDNESDAY 27 AUGUST – Finally it’s a nice enough morning for me to get washing done. It’s amazing how much there is even living in a naturist park. We don’t want to get dressed to go out so set about an afternoon walk within the park and I devise a route that avoids doubling back but covers over 1 ¼ miles. It’s 2 weeks since I started the FODMAP diet and so far it has had little effect and is almost too restrictive to be worth it so may look at modifying a few things.

THURSDAY 28 AUGUST – After a Sainsbury’s shop we explore the nearby area and discover a massive housing estate down the hill. It’s so big that there are presently 6 companies building on there and that’s on tops of the existing part. Visit the Village Inn for lunch and I attempt to be healthy and order the nut roast. It’s really boring and dry and I enough to put you off healthy eating! Graham calls round for a chat in the afternoon and cheers me up with news that he is having a load of teeth out tomorrow, the knock on effect of him having taken iron tablets – something else for me to look forward to. I get a letter from the hospital concluding that the CT scan does not show adhesions or anything else and they suggest IBS is now explored as a possible cause of my discomfort. Lucky my Doctor was ahead of them and has already put me on the FODMAP diet.

FRIDAY 29 AUGUST – Tourist day so I drive us over to the small seaside town of Gorleston on sea on the opposite side of the river to Great Yarmouth. What a contrast, immediately we find free parking and a much quieter place. Walking along the river bank leads us to the pier overlooking a beautiful deep sandy beach. Along the pier fishermen abound, one tells us it beats being at home with his wife and kids! There is a really long promenade behind the beach and we even spot a free outdoor swimming pool. Given how wide the beach is this would certainly save a long walk to the water. At the end of the promenade we return along the cliff top Marine Parade with some magnificent houses, from £380,000. The Cliff Top Hotel is very plush and has a nice conservatory giving superb views over the bay. Ambling the back streets it takes a while to find the High Street. It’s quite busy with plenty of cafes and all the shops you might need. Returning to the car we agree on what a nice surprise Gorleston has been.

SATURDAY 30 AUGUST – In Dereham we both have Specsavers eye test appointments, free with our vouchers. My optician turns out to be a chap from South Africa and by the time my consultation is over he has given me his Email address with the possibility of us house sitting at this place in Somerset West! Steve doesn’t need any glasses other than for reading whilst my prescription for driving glasses has altered. I check the price of changing the lenses and with the anti glare it is going to come out at over £100 so I pass. On the way home we call in to The Victoria pub at Hockering and find out they will be showing the Liverpool game tomorrow. On the Internet I find glasses at goggles4u and order a completely new pair with anti glare lenses for £13.99. In the afternoon we meet Dan and Emma in the clubhouse for some interesting games of cribbage, shame we have only just found out that they play. Pass a couple of hours in the clubhouse bar in the evening.

SUNDAY 31 AUGUST – We drive to Hockering and I leave Steve with the car whilst he goes to the pub and I begin to walk and intermittently jog back home. I still find it really hard to do the jogging bits but do manage to cover the 4.8 miles in 1hour 11 minutes so a good bit of exercise and it should help with my pre cruise target of getting under 10 stone. Steve returns and says it was a basic but friendly pub and a little embarrassing as they had run out of soda for his lime soda so he just had lime cordial with water and they insisted it was free. In the evening I get a message from Netty to say she has just done the ice bucket challenge, donated to Anthony Nolan, and nominated me – it was only a matter of time.



  1. Interesting times. We stayed near Somerset West when we worked on the animal reserve in Cape Town- infact the reserve was at Somerset West. We loved it!
    Enjoy the cruise- looking forward to hearing about it!.
    Now it is cooling down a bit, I should concentrate on my own blog! Juggling community issues , changing my driving licence to a Spanish on is another time user! Excuses excises!

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