Posted by: glenswatman | October 11, 2014

20141001-10 Happy to be home in our cosy caravan

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WEDNESDAY 1 OCTOBER – We’re surprised to wake to a warm sunny morning which spurs us on. I sort out the garden whilst Steve stamps down the mole hills. With all the washing done we sit out enjoying lunch and commenting on how unexpectedly welcome the Indian summer is.

THURSDAY 2 OCTOBER – It’s warm again so I wash the car and vacuum inside. Pick up Janet & Richard who are joining us at the “pop up” Gourmet Restaurant at Norfolk and Norwich hospital. Chef Richard Hughes and a team are putting on a 2 course lunch and you pay what you think it is worth with 25% of the money going to the radiotherapy appeal. The main courses of eight hour cooked beef cheek in red wine or sea bass are both lovely but the desserts are a bit lacking. We all agree it’s worth £10pp. At ASDA I pick up my new replacement Galaxy S4 Zoom. On holiday I noticed that shooting into clear skies on zoom mode showed up a small chip within the lens. Fortunately by purchasing from a supermarket I can buy a new one, take it home and transfer info (easier said than done I know) before getting a refund on the faulty one.

FRIDAY 3 OCTOBER – I spend much of the day transferring info to my new phone, even with apps and Google storage it is still easier said than done. After a cool start it warms up enough for us to sit out enjoying lunch. By evening I feel a cold coming on starting with a sore throat. During the night it gets pretty cold and I end up getting up to put on another duvet.

SATURDAY 4 OCTOBER – The cool starts means the portable gas fire gets an outing just to take the chill out of the air. Manage to walk out and pick up our mail before the rains start and boy does it rain, pretty much all day.

SUNDAY 5 OCTOBER – The nice weather is back so we first play boules with Bill then another longer game with a whole gang of us. Sit out eating our Sunday dinner before joining Nigel and family in the club house for an afternoon of cards – cribbage, president and shit head – all good fun.

MONDAY 6 OCTOBER – The rain is back but we wander out for the mail and to visit Di and Derek who are have sold their Tingdene and clearing contents. Unfortunately they don’t have an oil filled radiator that we want but I do pick up a few things I didn’t know we wanted!

TUESDAY 7 OCTOBER – In Drayton we pick up a couple of oil filled radiators that I found on Craig’s list, should keep us nice and snug. Return my faulty phone to ASDA then continue in to Norwich. First we visit John Lewis for our free coffee and cakes, luckily they have a gluten free flapjack – or unlucky for Steve as he doesn’t get two. At the bus station we buy a “senior coachcard” for £10 which will gives you 1/3 off all fares for 1 year (they even guarantee that if you don’t save at least the cost they will refund the difference). We save on our first booking of return coach Norwich to Stansted airport £20 for Steve and £30 for me. I buy chia seeds to complete my list of supplements recommended by Sophie. I have now replaced lanzoprazole with Digestizyme, Actimel with the stronger Acidophilus Extra 10 and Ispaghula Husk with soaked chia and linseeds. Don’t want to speak too soon but I am starting to feel better and prefer natural remedies. We’re early for Steve’s appointment so call in to the Big C centre. Get chatting to one of the helpers and mention this is Steve’s last chemo. She produces a help sheet “After the treatment finishes, then what?” by Dr Peter Harvey. It really hits the nail in the head in terms of how we have both been feeling. Kind of sums it up when he says that living with the aftermath of cancer is like the phrase “See you tomorrow unless I get run over by a bus”. The difference between those living with the threat of cancer returning and those free from it is that you have seen the bus coming and don’t know whether it will stop in time. Essentially you need to give yourself time to fully recuperate, convalesce and rehabilitate. Fortunately with Steve’s treatment spreading out we have already started on some of this but conversely our lives have been taken over for almost 3 years which is longer than many cancer treatments. With the lumbar puncture complete it will just be regular checks and blood tests, initially every 3 months. Get Steve back home and tucked up in bed and spend the rest of the day at his beck and call.

WEDNESDAY 8 OCTOBER – Rain has returned so we shall both have a Dr Doolittle day. We’ve been having a problem with the boiler and whilst on the phone to the engineer Steve makes the mistake or trying to be helpful, by taking the cover off to get the plate number, and does his back in.

THURSDAY 9 OCTOBER – Another opportunist day with sun so I crack on with washing. Steve’s feeling grotty with headache, backache and sickly but sticks to the paracetamol and massages. Chris from TJ gas calls back saying a new boiler will be £365 + VAT plus fitting and the annual check. I negotiate a total price of £600. Out of interest I check out boilers on line and find the exact same one for £295 Inc Vat at Spirit Leisure. Call Chris and manage to get the original cancelled. Spirit Leisure is run by Shane who was fed up over overpriced caravan and motorhome parts and bad service so set out to do better. He supplied Amazing Spaces George when he was renovating a static caravan. Unfortunately at 4.30pm I’m an hour too late for delivery tomorrow. The weather has changed to torrential rain including hail stones so glad we have our new oil filled radiator to keep us snug. Shane calls back to say he has managed to get the boiler on for delivery tomorrow.

FRIDAY 10 OCTOBER – I get a phone call at 8am to say FedEx will be here in 5 minutes to drop off the new boiler – how’s that for great service? We’ve been offered a cancellation on treatments at the Big C and arrive early. I head off to visit Dee who is on the ward, turns out she has become allergic to penicillin but they are now on the case. Steve has reflexology whilst I really appreciate a full back massage. On the way home we stop by the recently ploughed potato field where Steve finds a load of tiny left over spuds whilst I gather sweet chestnuts from the nearby tree fall. I roast the chestnuts, share some with neighbours and also add a few to our stir fry to go with a delicious piece of steak.


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