Posted by: glenswatman | October 23, 2014

20141011-20 An Indian summer and hail storm

SATURDAY 11 OCTOBER – We’re still getting a nice warm spell in the middle of the day when we are able to sit out but payback comes in the form of thunder, lightening, hail and heavy rain early evening. 20141011 The hail stormThis puts a damper on our plans to take up Fred’s invite to his BBQ. Chris and his son Dylan arrive to fit the new boiler and do the annual service and gas check. On top of the bill for £195 he tells us we could do with a new regulator and that will be a further £80. Suddenly we appreciate the benefits of living in a rental property.

SUNDAY 12 OCTOBER – We’re the only ones to show up for boules but as we finish Ian arrives and comes back for a coffee. He’s just sold his place in Florida and needs to book a flight over and also fancies a cruise. I end up going round in the afternoon to show him and Pauline a few websites with deals.

MONDAY 13 OCTOBER – The rain is back but we have a pleasant morning with Janet & Richard round for coffee. Steve came across a cappuccino machine in the clubhouse with a sign saying “free to a good home, in good working order” so we test it out.

TUESDAY 14 OCTOBER- It’s such a nice morning that we delay our planned walk in order to sit out and enjoy the warm sun. Our afternoon Geocache hunt, the first cache has been removed, the second by the river is inaccessible along a flooded track 20141014 Ringland flooded river and the third in area that is severely overgrown. At least we get a good walk for over an hour although Steve is jiggered once we get home. Pop over for the evening pool and a chat.

WEDNESDAY 15 OCTOBER – Spend the morning sat out spotting the RAF planes on some sort of manoeuvres above us. It’s very reassuring to see how expertly they handle them. In Dereham we have a go on a Geocache treasure hunt but have to use the final clue to find it within a video case in the library. 20141015 Dereham library GeocacheI have an afternoon Doctor’s appointment and she is happy for me to continue with my new regime of supplements and reintroducing things off the fodmap list. She suggests I later try adding gluten and if this is a problem they will then re test for celiac disease.

THURSDAY 16 OCTOBER – Barry arrives back for his first visit since Jill died. He’s had a good journey with cat Ginnie sleeping most of the way. We’re thinking ahead to our winter break working through the drain down procedure but can’t find the mains stop cock for the water. Site owner Alan can’t remember where it is, Nick the maintenance man doesn’t know and the previous 2 owners stayed through the winter under special circumstances. We poke around the grass trying to see if it is grown over and move all the cupboards and slabs but to no avail so give up for now. Pauline and Tony run the bar and have asked for some help. Call round and our offer is appreciated. We hope to help out in the bar and organise different types of quizzes. Barry joins us for a curry lunch which we are able to sit out and eat. With Jill they planned to sell up and move to a bungalow near here and he thinks he will now carry on with this plan as most of his friends are in this area. Our busy day continues with 3 very close games of boules against Stan and Graham and in spite of being well down in the 3rd game we pull back a win.

FRIDAY 17 OCTOBER – Another amazingly warm day and with the washing out we are able to sit out reading. This is perfect weather for Steve as the sun isn’t too hot but pleasantly warm. We’re just settling down after lunch when Steve asks me what time his Doctor’s appointment is. Oops, it is in 7 minutes time and at least 10 minutes drive away so we scurry to dress and set off. En route I realise the mistake, my new Samsung Galaxy phone gives a 5 minute warning of calendar events as default whereas my old one was 1 hour. No matter we arrive before Steve gets called. He first has his MMR 2year old injection then the annual flu jab. I also get my flu jab, in my own right this year being without spleen. We follow on with a Doctor’s appointment updating all Steve’s medication and getting a prescription for his eyes. Steve previously had dry eye problems but this improved however the air conditioned environment on the cruise and the plane has triggered it off again.

SATURDAY 18 OCTOBER – We’ve both got achy shoulders even though the flu jab isn’t supposed to have repercussions. Rod pops round for a chat in the afternoon and throws out an invite to visit them after they have moved off site. Some of Barry’s family have arrived for his “deck party” and it’s well attended giving us chance to meet some interesting new people. Barry has arranged the evening event with Dave Glover (ex member of the group Slade) doing a one man band show. He plays songs from the 70’s and 80’s taking only a brief pause to swig a drink between songs. No idea how he keeps going for 3 ½ hours but whatever he’s on I’ll have some. Pauline puts on a nice buffet including some gluten free pizza and sausage rolls for me. We both enjoy a good number of dances other than me getting cramp in my calf from wearing high heels!

SUNDAY 19 OCTOBER There’s a meeting about the Merryhill buyout in order to keep it as a naturist park. At this stage it sounds promising which is very good news and in the long term could lead to this becoming one of the best clubs in England. We enjoy our last game of boules for the season. Pop round to Dee & Brian’s in the afternoon. Dee has perked up quite a lot and we are pleased to hear that our mutual friend John & Shirley are coming to visit later in the week.

MONDAY 20 OCTOBER – It’s a windy day but dry so we take a walk then call in for a chat at Ian and Pauline’s. Pauline asks for my help with her packing as it will be their first cruise whilst they are away in Florida. She realises most of her clothes are the wrong time of fabric for easy washing and drying so we agree to go on a shop together tomorrow.

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