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20150311-20 Visit from Mom

WEDNESDAY 11 MARCH – In Norwich we visit Vue cinema in the Castle Mall complex. Notice a 2for1 deal flyer and get that sent through to my phone enabling us to buy 2 senior tickets for £5.75 to see Theory of everything. It’s the life story of Stephen Hawking, very moving and well done. At Revolution we enjoy our lunch and by joining their Privilege club (£3) we get 50% off our meals as their Wednesday special. Return via Broadlands where we get to look inside an old caravan they have for sale. Not a patch on the one we have at Merryhill but it would be very cheap and the set up at Broadlands could make a good base for us. Really not sure which way to go but Merryhill is already changing.

THURSDAY 12 MARCH – Ian pops round for a chat in the morning then after lunch we head to the dentist. Begin to think it is the up sell when she suggests I have special toothpaste with extra fluoride to help the exposed enamel where my gums are receding. It turns out it comes on prescription and because I’ve bought a season ticket it is free. Back on site I take an afternoon stroll and stop at Anne’s for coffee. There’s a meeting at Merryhill tomorrow and I want to check that we can mention a coffee morning we are planning as a fundraiser for Anthony Nolan via Claire who is running the marathon.

FRIDAY 13 MARCH – Steve’s a bit down and it is starting to affect me. I don’t think the situation at Merryhill is helping but at the moment Steve isn’t well enough or able to consider alternatives unless they are a fait accomplice. Whilst he is out on his Hope course I research motorhomes with an idea that maybe we could find a really nice one but keep it on a naturist site for this summer and still use the car as a runabout. He arrives back and tells me everyone on the course, including the instructor, has had a down week – now what kind of hope is that! Many people attend the evening Merrymakers meeting and it is quickly decided to let the people who ran the bar keep the small amount of surplus stock. The biggest area of contention seems to be between those who don’t want members organising any extra social functions (as this would make the club seem good and increase the chances of it being sold or the price it would command) whilst others say we are already paying our club fees so we should make the most of everything and pretty much carry on as before. We’re too new to voice an input but I’m inclined to agree with the latter and if they are intending selling then the sooner the better as new owners couldn’t be any worse.

SATURDAY 14 MARCH – Steve’s up really early unable to sleep. Playing on his mind is his situation, the fact that on the course only one person was in a better position than him, our personal situation and where we go from here, Merryhill and more. Sue & Ken arrive early afternoon so I am sure we will enjoy their company in the coming weeks. We visit Debbie & Andy in the evening and have a really nice time. She’s prepared a lovely meal, prawn cocktail, beef dupiaza then trifle. It’s nice to be with people our age and to have a really good chat.

SUNDAY 15 MARCH – Manage to speak to both the Mum’s for Mothers day. We only play one game of boules as it is bitterly cold, almost feels like it could snow. I’m in luck when I pop out to Tesco’s and find packs of 4 gluten free bread rolls reduced from £2.22 to 22p although I do have problems fitting all 6 packs in the freezer.

MONDAY 16 MARCH – Steve’s feeling a bit under the weather so lingers in bed. It’s a bit of a concern as he has had a headache for a few days and now says he thinks his glands are swelling but of course won’t entertain going to the Docs at this stage. We’re lucky to catch an old black & white movie called “The Malta Story” and recognise many places we visited last month and also learn a bit more about the effect of WW11 on the country. Early afternoon the sun breaks through so I manage to get washing done and fit the new wipers on the car. I’ve realised that baking kills two birds with one stone and warms the caravan nicely so late afternoon try out a new recipe for gluten free orange and almond cake. It looks great but is a bit soft and stodgy and more like a pudding, unsurprising as I had forgotten to add baking powder. It still tastes yummy served with chocolate sauce. Frank pops round early evening to ask whether the Police took a statement from us when he was arrested and as they didn’t would we be willing to give contact details so they can get in touch. He tells us a more about what is going on but in truth this is exactly what we don’t need as we are trying to put it all to the back of our minds. Funnily enough he tells us he was arrested because of the way he spoke to Jenny and not his nudity (that she was complaining about) so we would have looked pretty silly if we had all stripped off in support of Frank!

TUESDAY 17 MARCH – Mom’s journey gets off to a bad start with the bus breaking down even before it gets to Keighley. National Express arranges a taxi to take her to Bradford where she catches a bus to Leeds. As she boards the London bus someone gives her a “sorry” card containing a code for a free trip in the future which seems very fair. Ian pops round in the afternoon and brings me a bag of groceries to make scones for the fundraising coffee morning we are holding at Easter. Mom connects with the same bus from London to Norwich. Rendezvous at Thickthorn Services at ¼ to 9. Considering she has been on the road since 10am she is in great spirits. Unfortunately the weather is now poor, cold and misty and not due to improve much but she finds the caravan plenty warm enough.

WEDNESDAY 18 MARCH – It’s a hazy day but we head towards the north Norfolk coast. Driving along the country lanes we spot baby deer in the woods. The small town of Holt turns out to be a little gem. There are wonderful buildings made of traditional Norfolk stone, lots of attractive courtyards and interesting shops. Join the coast at Blakeney which offers great possibilities for walks. Mom’s amazed by the unusual coastline as we head to Sherringham. This is another lovely time and after lunching on the pensioner’s special fish & chips we wander around. It’s mainly a bit chilly and misty but when the sun does break through it’s a really pleasant day. Think the exercise and fresh air has tired Mom out as she heads to bed at 9pm.

THURSDAY 19 MARCH – We leave Mom at home as we head to Horsham St Faith crematorium for Dee’s funeral. The car park is overflowing and people are parked all along the road. There’s another funeral at 9.05am before Dee’s at 9.30am. Brian did say they had a back lock so maybe they are booking them in closer together. Requested to wear or carry something yellow there’s are some interesting ideas. Our mutual friends John & Shirley make us laugh. When they visited Dee in hospital Dee said she fancied a banana. They have turned up with a giant stuffed toy one which also meets the yellow criteria and can later be played with by Dee’s granddaughters. A tin of sweetcorn and one of custard also make an appearance. We’ve been a bit more conventional with Steve wearing a yellow hanky in his jacket pocket and me with a scarf with bits of yellow and a daffodil. Although there is a light hearted reading about Dee the rest is rather sombre music with poignant words which leave Steve quite distressed. Everyone retires to Brian’s local “The Otter” which is a nice pub and one Steve might try out for his football. There’s a good buffet but it’s hard to get stuck in at 11am. We enjoy sitting and chatting to John, Shirley and their daughter Danni as we know no one else. After returning and sorting Mom’s lunch I take her for a ride to Dereham. She can’t resist picking up books in the charity shops whilst I have a good browse. I’m still on the lookout for “disposable” clothes to take on the long cruise and a black cardigan for 50p fits the bill.

FRIDAY 20 MARCH – There’s a full eclipse of the sun today but initially it is blocked by clouds. We are lucky enough to have a breakthrough just as the moon is moving onwards and get a really clear view through sunglasses. A FB friend jokes that he was told to look through a colander but it strained his eyes! We drop Steve at the Big C for his “Hope” course and head to Solutions Salon at the College for our treats. Mom has her hair done with a conditioning treatment £6, whilst I enjoy a full body Swedish massage, £10. Book myself in for an Indian head and back massage next week. Spend an hour in the Big C before Steve emerges. Judging by the mood it has been a slightly more light hearted gathering this week. After a quick tea we leave at 6pm to follow other Merryhill Members to Lyng where there is a Country evening at the Lakeside Country Club. Members Darren & Fay work there and staff and acts are donating their time free as it is a fundraiser for dementia. 15 from Merryhill attend. It’s not really our scene and they play few songs that we know but Steve does get up and dance a couple of times and I join the girls for a line dance. After 3 hours Steve has had enough so we head home.


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