Posted by: glenswatman | April 1, 2015

20150321-31 Wintery weather

SATURDAY 21 MARCH – its Mom’s birthday so as soon as I hear her stirring I get up and prepare her a breakfast tray. I tap on her bedroom door but find she is already up (and packed) so opts to eat at the table with us. She leaves from Norwich bus station at 12.45pm but wants to be there in plenty of time. Wasn’t really necessary as there is plenty of room on the coach and she gets her favoured front seat behind the driver. We visit “Merge” for their Asian buffet with dishes from China, Japan, Singapore and Korea – not that you can really tell which is which. Excellent value at £7 and I’m delighted with the ice cream bar with sweetie toppings and a chocolate fountain. It’s a bitterly cold day so we opt to head home to get the caravan warmed up and relax.

SUNDAY 22 MARCH – The sun is through by 8am but there’s ice around so it has been very cold. I quickly get a load of washing on. Steve goes to The Otter to watch his football whilst I enjoy the afternoon swimming session.

MONDAY 23 MARCH – It is a beautiful morning and perfect for sitting out and taking advantage until it clouds over at lunch time. In the afternoon we go on our first proper walk and comment on how much more you can see with the hedges cut back and no leaves on the trees. Call in to Ian & Pauline’s on the way home.

TUESDAY 24 MARCH – Serena comes round to do my hair. Having worked at Toni & Guy in London she is really good and in fact when she cut our Aussie friends Bev’s last year Bev said it was the best cut she had ever had. No dramatic change with my bob but she does even it up nicely and sort out the wispy bits at the back, very reasonable too at £15. All morning I’ve had an upset stomach and felt queasy. Just before Debbie is due to arrive for lunch I’m in the bathroom throwing up. Debbie arrives and Steve suggests it might be best to put off lunch until another day which she agrees. Mid afternoon I’m feeling a bit better and enjoying a walk to the mail box before sitting out.

WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH – Still feel my stomach is not settled and that I have somehow got out of synch. The afternoon relaxation class at the Big C helps a bit. Talking with Steve afterwards it turns out we both went to numerous beaches when she was talking us through our beach walk as each scenario made us think of an even more appropriate one to fit the scene. Think this just confirms what beach bums we are at heart. Steve makes me a hot water bottle in the evening which certainly takes my mind off my stomach ache. It leaks and spills hot water on my belly but lucky I realise quickly enough and only have a small burn and 1 blister. Looks like the rubber has perished near the neck so I’ve been really lucky that it didn’t all come rushing out at once.

THURSDAY 26 MARCH – It’s a foul day with heavy rain. Debbie texts to say she is not feeling well and won’t be joining us for our re-scheduled lunch. Hope it is not Steve’s turn to be ill the next time we plan it. We’re both happy to have a duvet day and not get dressed at all. By afternoon the rain stops and heavy winds come making the trees behind us sound like ocean waves crashing on the beach – bit of wishful thinking there.

FRIDAY 27 MARCH – We start to clean the patio, scrubbing the moss and mould off the tubs and paving stones and it comes up really well. After dropping Steve at the Big C I visit Norwich College for my Indian Head massage, £7. It’s nice but difficult to get comfortable leaning over a table on to a pillow. I get my back, shoulders, head and face massage but overall prefer the full body massage with oil. Stop and chat to Emma when picking Steve up and everyone sounds more cheerful this week.

SATURDAY 28 MARCH – It’s a horrible morning with winds and heavy rain. Visit Janet & Richard for coffee and a real good catch up having not seen them since September. They are very positive about Merryhill and will be staying here regardless which cheers us up. When the rains stop the winds get stronger and it is interesting to watch how much the trees sway in the wind. Spend the evening at the clubhouse playing “shit head” and then a board game “Logo” with Anne, Nigel, Emma and Dan.

SUNDAY 29 MARCH – What a day, strong winds, heavy rain and to top it all hail. It’s so bad we take the car up for our afternoon swim. I’ve not been too well this last week and finally concede that I really need to get to the bottom of whether I have celiac disease or not. The first step is eating a diet containing gluten for 6 weeks before having a blood test so I begin today and must confess it is rather nice to eat normal foods. So nice I bake homemade seeded bread. Have a feeling that the next 6 weeks may not be much fun once the gluten effect kicks in though.

MONDAY 30 MARCH – With poor weather forecast for most of the week we make the most of the half decent morning to head to Cromer. There’s a lovely stretch of the Norfolk Coast walk heading east along the cliff tops towards Overstrand with fine view from the lighthouse and a section through the Royal Golf Course. Back in Cromer we indulge in fish and chips and take them out onto the pier to eat. I haven’t been able to have battered fish for 8 months and boy does it taste delicious. At the pier cafe I can’t resist their banoffee cake and a coffee deal. Feel like a naughty girl let lose in the sweet shop! Steve holds out until he spots a local church offering a pot of green tea with free hot X bun. He takes great delight in pointing out only £1 whilst mine was £3.50! Ken & Sue are back in the park and I pop round to ask a question and end up staying chatting for ages. Overnight the heavy wind and rain return. The wind seems to get under the shed roof which is behind our bedroom and it rattle like crazy making sleeping difficult.
TUESDAY 31 MARCH – I manage to use enough pegs to hold the washing on the line and it dries in now time. Good job too as the rain returns early afternoon. It’s a good day for baking, clearing out cupboards and doing odd jobs. We’ve noticed little of interest most of the time on TV but often a 3 way clash at 9pm. I succumb and order a Bush free sat system off EBay (£56.99) so we can record and watch what we want when we want in the future and hopefully watch better quality TV and not greater quantity!


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