Posted by: glenswatman | April 11, 2015

201401-10 Fleeting days of summer

201504 ENG
WEDNESDAY 1 APRIL 2015 – Steve has a regular check up at Norfolk and Norwich hospital. I leave him to go in alone and he tells me he has negotiated 6 monthly check ups rather than 4 months. He also told them about our 6 month trip to Australia with the 6 week cruise and initially they thought this was not a good idea but cleared it with specialist Matt. As always we push the boundaries but equally take extra precautions to compensate and do need to get life back on track. Take a short walk down near the University Lake to blow the cobwebs off us.

THURSDAY 2 APRIL – It’s such a nice morning we crack on and I stain the brown woodwork outside whilst Steve finishes off the patio and cleans up some outside chairs. We enjoyed a walk through part of Mattishall Village which looks to be pretty up market judging by the types of houses and how well maintained everything is. Steve has his 2 ½ year old diphtheria, tetanus and polio combined injection which means he should be OK to go to playschool. Next one is at 5 ½ years so he thinks he has a good spell without jabs. However it is recommended he has Hepatitis A for Caribbean and South Pacific and we both need Typhoid before we go which really displeases him. I’ve succumbed and ordered a Freesat recorder on EBay (£56.95) and get a call to say the driver needs a signature so can’t drop at Merryhill. Luckily he is heading to Mattishall and meets us at the surgery. As soon as we get back from Lidl I unpack it and am pleased to see the Bush recorder is really small and neat. After tea I get it set up and do our first test recording. I loads quicker than the Skybox and has a better way of filtering and listing channels so I am sure we will be pleased with it.

FRIDAY 3 APRIL – We have a morning wonder around the park and stop in for coffee at Anne & Nigel’s. Spend the afternoon baking for our coffee morning and knock up 40 plain scones and 8 cheese ones. Nigel and Anne come down in the evening and they are excellent scholars learning Canasta and we have a couple of really good games.

SATURDAY 4 APRIL – Tesco at Dereham have offered us some goods for our coffee morning but we are stunned to find a whole trolley full with coffee, tea, squash, doughnuts, Danish pastries and biscuits. It is a cold drizzly morning so we opt to move the venue into the clubhouse. We’re amazed by just how many people turn up, estimate over 40. Its nonstop making drinks but many people pitch in to help with that and also the clearing up. Fellow A.L.L. sufferer and transplant recipient Emma and a friend join us as do Dave & Denise who used to have the caravan in front of us. We’re delighted to find that over £130 has been raised to go on to Claire & Catherine’s Anthony Nolan marathon fund raising. Knock around at mini ten in the afternoon with Nick & Anne. I’m pretty hopeless but that probably means I get the most exercise in terms of picking up balls! There’s a band in the clubhouse in the evening and we enjoy the event and do quite a lot of dancing.

SUNDAY 5 APRIL – Steve is feeling remarkably well after such a busy day yesterday. In the afternoon we head to the swimming pool. I try a new strategy and instead of just plodding up and down I try to do a few laps at full pelt then take a rest before repeating the process. It certainly feels like it is doing me more good but time will tell. Colin & Eileen pop down for coffee afterwards and to help with eating some of the surplus food. Think we may have to have people in for drinks all month to get through it all and perhaps we should have auctioned it off yesterday but we did feel people had already been very generous and didn’t want to push our luck and those that could took what they wanted away with them so everyone has had a share. I’ve now had a week of eating gluten and overall haven’t felt too bad with a little bloating and a few delays in the toilet department!

MONDAY 6 APRIL – It is Easter Monday but with Norwich having the coldest weather in the country (high of 10C) the campers are soon packed up and off. Have to pop up to the mail shed to get phone and internet reception and it feels like sitting in a fridge. Do hope that last year’s weather was the normal and this is unusual rather than the other way around!

TUESDAY 7 APRIL – Steve decides that we shall walk to Sainsbury’s and back believing it to be about 3 miles one way. I’m not convinced but happy that he has suggested it. Unfortunately most of the walk is down country lanes avoiding cars and then on a footpath beside a main road. We gain sustenance from the purchase of half price Easter eggs which probably negates and calories we have walked off. Steve’s already weary as we set off back but with no buses to Merryhill we have no choice but to plod on with an odd rest stop. Arrive back to hear my Endomondo tell me we have done 8 miles which is really way too far for him. Far better to do a couple of miles each day I’d say. We have another cracking card session playing Canasta with Anne & Nigel in the evening. Unfortunately Nigel works so this won’t be a regular occurrence as invariably the games go on for hours.

WEDNESDAY 8 APRIL – Unsurprisingly Steve is quite weary but I do understand his need to push himself when he has really good days even though he pays the price later. Luckily we have a relaxation class at the Big C which is most enjoyable.

THURSDAY 9 APRIL – Cashing in on the nice weather I wash the net curtains and a few other things as a spring clean. I make a massive pan of mushroom soup and we sit out enjoying a bowl for lunch along with some homemade seeded bread.

FRIDAY 10 APRIL – The last day of forecasted good weather so again I get stuck in with the washing. We sit out enjoying the warm sun having put up a windbreak to create privacy. Steve goes alone for his massage and Hope course. A couple of our sort of age are being shown around all the caravans for sale in the park and settle on the one behind us, assuming they don’t have kids this will suit us nicely – children are prone to be heavy footed and race around inside caravans creating quite a lot of noise. It’s Tony’s birthday today and 14 of us meet at “Namco Funscape” ten pin bowling lanes at Bowthorpe. We buy the £10 per person 2 games and a drink package each and set about playing with the 7 women on one lane and men on the other. Neither of us has played for about 3 years and I’m a bit concerned about Steve’s collar bone. He starts gently then increases the oomph and ends up being the best male with 150. I’m second in the females and just clear 100 with 101. With 7 on a lane it is quite sociable as you have plenty of time to chat between bowling. In the second game Anne again wins the women’s with me second and Steve wins the means but with a slightly lower score as his shoulder has started to ache and his bowling has suffered. We’re invited back to Chris’s for pizza but knowing we are out tomorrow night we opt to go home. Notice a Police car on site at the clubhouse so no doubt the jungle drums will fill us in tomorrow. You can’t say life here isn’t exciting.


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