Posted by: glenswatman | June 1, 2015

20150521-31 An unexpected test result

THURSDAY 21 MAY – Make the most of the lovely day getting washing done, the car cleaned inside and out, garden weeded and tomato seeds planted. We get a message to say the X-Ray is showing nothing untoward which is good news. Sue & Ken call round for coffee, since we left 10 days ago another 3 caravans have been sold, unfortunately buyers of the one in front of us have 2 big dogs that barked a lot when they came to view it. Receive a phone call from Dr Moshin at Leeds late afternoon. The results from Steve’s throat swab show he has Para influenza type 3 virus and they want him in hospital straight away. He will be in for 5 days with thrice daily nebulizer treatment. I explain we are in Norwich and Steve has shared care at the local hospital but they say that the isolation room Steve needs may not be available here. However they will make contact and find out for us. Suzanne’s answer phone is on so the only other thin I can do is Internet research. It seems that type 3 is linked with bronchitis and pneumonia, a big killer amongst post transplant patients so this is serious. Dr Moshin calls back to say there’s a bed for Steve on Mulbarton Ward at NAN hospital now. Steve’s not a happy bunny so I ask again whether the antibiotics would cure the problem or if there is any other option and am told not. Pack a bag and arrive on the ward just before 6pm. The room is still being sanitized so whilst we are waiting Dr Collins checks Steve over and doesn’t think he is too bad and considers he could go home and see whether he can get over it without treatment. She phones Leeds to tell them how well Steve seems overall and they agree for him to go home for now. However she does advise an immediate admission should he get any worse. Call in to Sainsbury’s to stock up on fresh fruit and veg so that we can isolate ourselves whilst Steve gets through this blip.

FRIDAY 22 MAY – Now I know Steve is really ill I am no longer pushing him to exercise etc and suggest he listens to his body and does whatever he feels like. Consequently he stays in bed until lunch time but this does seem to prevent him coughing.

SATURDAY 23 MAY – There are lots of campers on site; many have come for the Radio 1 festival in Norwich. I take my daily walk to the bins and mail and chat to a few people on the way and get the latest Merryhill gossip. There’s a band in the clubhouse in the evening but we’re playing safe and just listening to the music at home.

SUNDAY 24 MAY – Typical bank holiday rainy weather, poor campers. Steve’s ear has started popping so I poor warm olive oil in to help him then plug it with cotton wool. Good job I do not need to shout him to help with jobs as he can’t hear much at all!

MONDAY 25 MAY – Steve’s starting to feel a bit better even though his ear is still popping. He has a short walk out late afternoon and seems to finally be coughing less. It’s a chilly afternoon but the campers are determined to enjoy the bank holiday and lots of people have BBQ’s. Think we will save ours until we have better weather.

TUESDAY 26 MAY – Steve’s feeling quite a bit better after almost a week on double antibiotics. John delivers us a trout, so fresh it is almost wriggling as it was only caught 3 hours ago. Steve enjoyed his short afternoon stroll around the park and suggests and outing to Norwich tomorrow – definitely on the mend.

WEDNESDAY 27 MAY – Not sure whether it is the antibiotics, rest or a bit of both but Steve is feeling better and keen to go out. We call in at the Big C to book sessions for relaxation and massages. In Norwich we enjoy our free tea and cakes at John Lewis; they even have a delicious gluten free chocolate cake. The SADACC (South Asian Decorative Arts & Crafts Collection) is held in the old Ice Skating building, an interesting structure in its own right. The exhibition includes furniture, balconies hung on the walls, clothing, jewellery and small objects and the only thing that makes you realise you are not in Asia is that fact that it doesn’t have that Asian smell! On the way back we pop in to Marks & Spencer’s (supposedly the second biggest outside London) and the food hall is huge. We’ve dropped lucky and it is tasting week so we have a grazing lunch of strawberries and ice cream, crisps, different breads, ham and drinks. Steve’s a bit weary so happy to sit out in the afternoon whilst I do a bit of gardening at neighbour Barry’s to give him a good start. His wife Jill died last year and he’s just sold his home and should be arriving here this weekend.

THURSDAY 28 MAY – Steve’s keen to do a short walk but our planned circuit doesn’t work out. Arriving at the woods behind the site we notice a new sign saying it is private property and no entry. Fortunately we turn back as going up the hill Steve suddenly feels weary.

FRIDAY 29 MAY – The poor weather is back with heavy rain on and off all day and a cool enough morning for me to put the heating on. Anne & Nigel call down for evening cards. They show us a letter from Merryhill warning them that if any of their family are seen anywhere on site naked they will be evicted. Apparently Nigel nipped onto the drive to his car to get something and was spotted by Management! We have three terrific games of Canasta which as much closer as in each one it is down to the last round but either luck or skill prevails and we win them all.

SATURDAY 30 MAY – We’ve had poor phone and internet reception for some time so I take the laptop up to the mail room to connect to the Merryhill signal. It’s still slow but at least I get stuff done and also realise what a great social hub the mail room is. By the time I’ve done my Emails I’ve also caught up on all the Merryhill news! I continue to Sainsbury’s to do some shopping then return to find Steve staining the fence surrounding our patio. I quickly get lunch ready and call him in to eat which prevents him from overdoing it. Whilst he watches the afternoon football on TV I get stuck in and finish a first coat on all the rest.

SUNDAY 31 MAY – Neighbour Dominic would not take any money for mending our car door so I offered to cook him a meal. At lunchtime he joins us for his favourite meal of fillet steak, home cooked chips, homemade apple pie and ice cream. Whilst we are away on holiday next month he is also going to service our car and deal with the MOT for which he will accept payment. Early evening Barry arrives and fills us in on his news. Last year they attempted to sell their house but due to shoddy decorators had to delay putting it on the market. In the long run this has done him a favour as he has just sold it for about £50,000 more than he would have got last year. A clear indication that the nearer to London you are the faster prices are going up. He’s hoping that prices here have not gone up much and he will get much more for his money now.


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